Humble House Taipei

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • New and very clean!
  • Taipei 101 within a walking distance
  • Surrounded by contemporary art!

"Humble House Taipei" has a new style of concept that combines art and culture. Even from the exterior of the hotel, I feel its unique design. Various artworks are exhibited in the hotel, taking advantage of the characteristics of the wide space. It seems that nearly 600 works collected from all over the world can be seen at the hotel. The hotel is located within a walking distance to Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei 101, National Museum of National History and many other sightseeing places. The hotel building is a complex building including shopping mall "Breeze", and from 5th to 24th floors are hotel part. I am going to introduce the hotel to you!

Stylish exterior, front and entrance

The building was built in 2013. It’s very new and stylish.

The hotel are surrounded by department stores but it blends in the scenery.

The wing part with glass walls is supported by two pillars, and I thought it's a sort of contemporary design.

Under the wing part, there is an entrance to the hotel. There is an elevator hall which goes to the 6th floor front. The hotel's entrance is separated one for Breeze and staff will welcome you there. Since it is a roundabout design, you can come here by taxi.

"Peony" : You can see this artwork from the window of the reception lobby on the 6th floor

The front desk space was so wide and the ceiling was open up to the seventh floor part.

Wide and spacious front desk with modern unique design.

The lobby and sofa you see from the 7th floor part. It seems very relaxing.

Look at the front at 360 ° Kuula7l9ls {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} It is a front floor with a feeling of opening when you get off the elevator. In addition there are casual artwork in places and entertain the eyes.

Many artworks are exhibited in the corridor. "The noon of the polar night" is a video art work. It is fascinating to see the fusion of mountains and city views of the world.

Work by the same artist "Moonlight"

The elevator hall is stylish and elegant.

Deluxe Room

When I got off at the guest room floor by an elevator, a quiet corridor with carpet appeared. Let's get in to the room!

There is a card key insertion port at the entrance to turn on electricity of the room.

The sun light from the large window was bright enough.

The bedrooms are 26 m², with a desk and chair by the window. There's also a simple sofa with orange color.

The bed was king size. It was very comfortable and I could sleep very well.

Artwork "Butterfly" on the wall. Theses are photographed butterflies underwater with high resolution image. You will get fascinated by it.

A television is hanged on the wall so it does not get in the way.

The desk is facing the window and you can work while enjoying the outside scenery and natural light.

When I turned around and looked at the entrance, I could see the picture of the bathroom which is reflected on the window which is a part of the sliding door. The room is not large but it is a calm and relaxing.

Look at the rooms at 360 °: kuula7l9ld {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;

Relaxing Chic Bathroom

The wash basin and wall tiles are made of marble, and the color tone of beige and white creates gorgeous atmosphere.

The toilet is also new and has a washlet function.

There is a glass wall shower room next to the toilet. It was large enough and there's no feeling of oppression.

At the shower room, shampoo, conditioner and body soap were placed. The water pressure of the shower is enough strong.

When you open the sliding door, the sun light from the bedroom comes in. As bathtub is square in shape, I could not spread my legs freely.

Glasses and a bottle of mineral water were placed at the sink.

The UK made Highland & Whitler soap. The package is cute!


In the drawer, toothbrush set, razor cream, bear brush, shower cap, and cotton swab cotton set were beautifully placed.

Look at the bathroom at 360 ° Kuula 7 l9 lv {width: 100%; height: 400 px; max - width: 100%; max - height: 100 vw;

Super stylish! In-room coffee

In-room coffee set was very cool.

The mirror wall makes the room feel spacious. In-room coffee set was on the shelf.

There is an electric kettle and a capsule coffee machine from Nespresso.

On the shelf, special cups by Ritzenhof are placed along with regular cups and I found it very fashionable.

In the drawer, tea bags and small bottles of alcohol were there (for sale).

There is a refrigerator in the lower cabinet.

These are for sale but some beer, soft drinks and snacks are available.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There is a closet near the entrance.

There are two bathrobes made with velvet in the closet. Several hangers are available too.

There are also a safety deposit box, slippers, laundry bag and so on.

Safety deposit box is the basic simple one to lock with digit codes.

Check the view from the room! Taipei 101 is in front of you

From the room on the 20th floor, you can enjoy the view of Taipei 101 building.

The view you see from the desk is nice; Xinyi District and Taipei 101 building are in front of you.

Next to Taipei 101, there is an office building which is currently under the construction. This is also a quite tall building, but if you compare it with Taiwan 101 it might look short.

Night view was also beautiful , especially Taipei 101 was standing out. It seems that the color of the light changes depending on the day, and it was green this night.

Restaurant at the hotel/ Breakfast review

There are a restaurant and bar in the artistic courtyard on the 6th floor.

"THE TERRACE" offers Chinese and Western cuisine with à la carte, and you can have various kinds of drinks from coffee, juice, to cocktails. "LA FARFALLA" is a breakfast buffet venue. They also offer semi buffet after lunch time, including salad bar, bread, soup, dessert, and coffee along with dish you order.

We had a breakfast buffet at "LA FARFALLA".

Restaurant's entrance

The art work "Crazy Ball" in the restaurant is an interesting electric decoration combining various classic chair models and lights.

The seats are spacious and fashionable.

Fresh juice

Serial and milk


Baguette; you cut them into a size you want

The salad bar is simple, but there are various kind of vegetables to choose from.

Cheese and smoked salmon

Hot meals

Chinese steamed dishes

Everything was delicious and I enjoyed it.

Many facilities in the hotel! Outdoor pool was cool and remarkable

The courtyard on the 6th floor is covered with glass walls, and it was literally like a natural garden in the city.

The design is very contemporary.

The banqueting room on the 5th floor has conference rooms and other kind of rooms from small to big in size.

At large event venues, you can have wedding ceremonies and other kind of parties.

On the 7th floor, there is an outdoor pool, fitness gym, and spa.

Look at the view from the pool at 360 ° Kuula7l9ly {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} The pool surrounded by skyscrapers looks like an urban oasis is.

Gym is not large but it had all the machines.

Public security is fine, you can walk around during the night.

Within a walking distance, there is Taipei 101, the King’s Buddhist memorial hall, large department stores, and World Trade Center. As you know, the hotel is in a very convenient place for sightseeing. You can walk around during the night without worrying about public security. You won’t have trouble finding restaurants and shopping either.

There was an outdoor food court in the plaza nearby the hotel. Taipei beer was available there.

This is a vehicle that remodeled Airstream and they were selling about 15 kinds of draft beer.

Access to the airport and sightseeing spots

It is a very convenient place for using any transportation in Xinyi District, Taipei City. The hotel is located in 5 minutes on foot to MRT Taipei City Hall station. It takes about 40 minutes by car from Taoyuan International Airport and about 15 minutes from Taipei Songshan Airport. Guests can use parking lot for free which is shared with Breeze. If you take a bus from Taoyuan International Airport, you can get off at the bus station of City Hall Station (1960 line). Hotel’s bus is also available.

There are newly built buildings around the hotel.

Another type of room : 'Diplomatic Suite'

We are pleased to present you another type of room ‘Diplomatic Suite’, with the cooperation of the hotel’s staff.

Diplomatic Suite

Large room of 53 m² in size. The king size bed and sofa are placed in the bedroom.

Bathroom and closet

The size of the bathroom is larger than deluxe room.

There is a living room separated from the bedroom which will be good for family stay.

There is a desk by the window and a TV is placed on the wall.

Look at the room at 360 °. Kuula7l9lr {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} living room.kuula7l9lt {width: 100%; height: 400px; max- width : 100%; max-height: 100 vw;} bedroom

Humble House Taipei : Summary

It is called as “design hotel” which is modern and fashionable . While located in the middle of the city, the hotel has surely a unique style which is different from the others, by exhibiting many art works merging them with natures as you could see in the outdoor garden. It is a shopping mall from the first floor to the fourth floor of the building, so you can also enjoy shopping.

The entrance of the hotel is on the first floor, but you might have difficulty to find it as there’s only an elevator to the 6th floor on the first floor, unless you come by a taxi. I didn’t have problem with it as doorman and concierge were there. Guest room is not so large, but it was very modern, new and clean, so I could stay there comfortably, in a room of simple layout. Being able to walk to Taiwan’s landmarks such as Taipei 101 is also one of the reasons I recommend this hotel strongly.

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