Hyatt Place Shanghai Tian Shan Plaza

  • Room Type : City side twin room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The location of the Hyatt Place Shanghai Tian Shan Plaza is in a town where many Japanese live. THis hotel was made just off the nearest station on the subway, so I made a reservation because curious to see what the hotel was like. Moreover, this hotel has free breakfast (may be included in the price ...). The Hyatt itself is a luxurious hotel, but this branded hotel seems to be a low priced hotel among them. But, the concept is the same as Hyatt, so I had high expectations.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The exterior is a very high risen building, but the hotel is part of SOHO Tianshan Square, and the hotel is up to the 5th floor.

I realized that hotel itself was not so high and that it was unexpectedly low.

Hotel sign

From the basement to the ground, I turned to the left and arrived at the entrance. Pass through the revolving door and entered the hotel. There is neither a doorman nor a bellman at the entrance. There was one worker standing in front of the hotel, so I asked the man to find me a taxi, but he told me to find one myself. It seemed that the man did not work for the hotel, but worked for SOHO Tianshan Square.  

When you enter the entrance, the lobby lounge is in front of you.

The lobby

Front desk

The front desk responded immediately. Behind the reception is a restaurant serving as a breakfast room. It is an open restaurant with no walls. There is also a shop next to the front desk, so it seems that you can pay and buy at the front desk. We used taxi after check-out, but when we asked at the front desk, they arranged for a taxi using a smartphone application. I thought it would have been better to ask at the front desk from the beginning. The front staff were also smiling and their responses were good.

Front floor elevator hall

the elevator

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Guest room elevator hall

Art in the elevator hall on the room floor

The elevator halls on each floor are very spacious.

The room floor corridors leading to the elevator hall are also spacious.

Corridor near the room entrance door

What is a room on the city side twin room

Guest room was on the top floor of the hotel, which was the 5th floor.

There was a bathroom on the left.

Evacuation route map

There was a full-length mirror on the right side of the room.

Air conditioning adjustment panel

The room was new and clean, and very large.

The bed was large and spacious. I got a good night's sleep. There were four pillows on each bed and I felt comfortable.

The bedside table had a phone, a note pad, an alarm, and etc.

There was a TV, desk and chairs opposite the bed.

the desk

There is also a sofa next to the bed. The sofa seems to be an extra bed.

The windows were very large, but I could not step outside. The low floor on the 5th floor also faces south, so the light came in enough and it was a bright room. There were two types of roll screens on the curtain, and there were types that can be lighted and types that can be shaded.

The garden side is more expensive room, but personally, I think it was good on the city side.

It is not a wonderful view, but by chance the autumn leaves were beautiful, and it is interesting to see the people going through the town.


There was no bathtub in the bathroom and only the shower.

The shower was a removable and a height adjustable hand shower. Hot water came out of the shower quickly. There was a laundry loop in the shower room, which seemed to be convenient to dry.

I also had a towel hanger in the shower room to dry the bath towel. The shower room can be closed with a glass door so there is no need to worry about water splashing.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the shower room.

The toilet is in the bathroom and on the left.


Inside of the bathroom seen from the shower room

Towels were prepared under the sink. There was also a hair dryer and a scale under the sink as well.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, toothbrush, shaver, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap, comb, and soap amenities were prepared on the washstand. The brand was "Barney Kenet, MD" and I had no problems with it.

Hair dryer

Closet and safe

There was also a closet by the window.

There was an iron, an ironing board, slippers, a gown, a paper bag, and a safety deposit box in the closet, and there seemed to be more hangers than other hotels. There was also an extra duvet and a fire gas mask.

Slippers and paper bag

Spare duvet and gas mask for fire

The safety box was a common type where you set a 4-digit PIN.

Inside the safety box

Mini bar cafe

In the cafe corner, MINGS drip coffee (Decaf 1 and espresso 2), Twinings tea bags (jasmin, darjeeling and ceylon), cream, white sugar and artificial sweetener were prepared.

There was an ice bucket, but I was worried about whether it had dust or not because it was placed near the floor.

A refrigerator was also installed.

Nothing was in the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

We had breakfast at the hotel. It was a restaurant with an open atmosphere.

I did not expect much from it because on the official website it said that breakfast is free, but it was very good.

Breakfast was buffet style.

Because many Japanese people live in this city, they also had Yakult.

The omelet and beef noodles made on the spot were good, and the mini cheese tart was delicious, and plenty

After-meal coffee is also self-made by the machine, and a paper cup is also provided, so it was good to be able to take it back to your room and drink it.

There was also a lounge immediately after entering the hotel entrance.

The lounge seems to have drinks and snacks.

There was a small store next to the front desk. The hotel has no restaurant, lounge, and shop other than this shop, but there is a shopping center on the opposite side, so you will not have any problems.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an indoor pool on the second floor of the hotel. It seems to be available from 10 am to 10 pm. The pool itself is small and may not be enough to swim seriously. As the water depth is 1.2m, it seems that small children can not enter. I do not know if the swimwear is sold or rented, but there was also a corner where colorful swimwears was displayed.

Chairs and deck chairs were also available around the pool.

There is also changing room and shower room. It looked very clean.

There was also a fitness gym on the second floor.

The fitness gym seems to be available 24 hours a day.

There was a big table opposite the front desk and there was a personal computer there, so it could be used as an internet corner.

Environment around the hotel

I think the environment is good in the bustling town station. It is always busy with businessmen’s banquets on weekdays and with families on weekends. As it is safe to walk outside at night, it is also recommended for tourists. It is an area that is not widely covered in the guidebook, but think you can have a good time here

The hotel is located in SOHO Tianshan Square.

Staff & customer base

The front staffs attended me with a nice smile. The lounge staff spoke to us after check-in and explained to us where the open restaurant was and showed us how to work the  coffee machine. It seems that the welcome drink was free.  I asked the pool staff to visit and take photos, and they were very friendly and I got permission. they seemed to be well trained. There is no inconvenience if you do not understand Japanese, but there is a sense of security if you do. I think it will be a future issue of this hotel. You can ask for a taxi at the front desk. People outside are not the staff of the hotel, but the staff of SOHO Tianshan Square.

I think that there were a lot of Westerners and Japanese families with children (I come to see my father alone). Surely if you went to the breakfast room early in the morning, maybe there were a lot of Japanese business men. There were still few customers coming as tourists.


From Hongqiao Airport, get off at Subway Line 2 Loo Sang-Jok Station, and it’s easy to get there via the underpass, so I think it’s a very easily accessible hotel. There is a shopping center called “Nam Toyoshiro”and  in the opposite direction, a shopping center called Vitton Building in the south, a shopping center with Apita if walking on the west, and the Baisheng department store in front of the station. Because there are many people walking on the streets, the security is good. The underpass has stairs, so it is convenient for rainy days, hot days, and cold days, but beware of people with large and heavy suitcases. We did not use it this time, but there are a lot of shopping centers so we were not troubled with food. Also, because there are a lot of bikes in front of you, you can travel by bicycle instead of taxi, which is convenient and cheap. 30 minutes 1 yuan. It took about 20 minutes by bicycle to reach the starry sky square.

'Nan Toyoshiro' shopping center opposite the hotel


There are many other hotels around the hotel, but I think it was lacking in needs, as it was a dilapidated, a condominium-type hotel for long-term residents, or a 5-star class luxury hotel. This hotel is easy to use as it is a low priced hotel among the Hyatt. It was a hotel I wanted to stay from when it opened. I think that the pool is also open and its utility value is rising. Breakfast was free, but there were many types and it was satisfying. I just pray that the price will not rise. I was very grateful for the hotel to be in such a convenient place. Even though it is near the station, there are not many swimming pools or hotels in this area. This is also the first hotel that had Yakult for breakfast. I would like to stay here with my family next time.

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