Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The No. 1 reason for choosing "Hyatt Regency McCormick Place" is that it is adjacent to the International Conference Center called McCormick Place. This time, I went to the United States to participate in the Chicago marathon, but reception and distribution of athlete's numbers were in this conference hall. Therefore, I thought that it was convenient to move within the building on foot, and decided to stay at this hotel. Also, choosing a hotel with suitable training facilities and reasonably priced restaurants were an important conditions for me.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The appearance of the hotel was the same as the convention center so it had a sense of unity.

There is a big sign in front of the hotel.

The main entrance seen from the outside

There was a spacious space when entering the main entrance, and there was a front desk directly ahead from the entrance. As a whole, it was unified with a simple modern design premised on business use, and I had a very easy feeling in this area. The front staff worked quickly and smoothly, and I did not feel stressed.

There was a lobby on the right hand facing the front desk, with a sofa and a table. There was also a concierge desk there.

Tourist information pamphlets placed in the lobby

There was a touch panel guid in the lobby.

Floor map of the first floor

Turning further to the right you will find the elevator hall of the South Tower (the elevator hall of the North Tower is on the left hand side of the front desk).

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room Floor Elevator Hall and Corridor

Room Floor View from the window in the elevator hall

Evacuation route map

What is the room of the twin room?

Room entrance door

Room entrance door seen from the inside

There was a whole-sided mirror opposite the left side of the room and there was a closet beside it. There was a bathroom opposite the closet.

Guest room was based on white, with a simple modern designed, and I received a very cozy impression. I was able to spend time in a quietly environment with good sound insulation. All the facilities were clean and well maintained, and there were no reasons to feel uncomfortable at all. In some places photos and paintings with motifs representing Chicago were casually decorated.

The beds were a good size, with nice height and hardness. I was able to sleep comfortably. There were no issues at all.

The bedside table had a phone, iHome alarm clock, and etc.

There was a luggage table, a TV, a desk and a chair opposite the bed.

The side of the TV seen from the bed  

The remote control of the TV was placed on the TV stand together with the channel table and the hotel guide.

Luggage table

The desk was very spacious because there are many people staying for business. I was very impressed.    

There was another chair beside the desk.

There was also an air conditioning controller at by window.

There was a big window in the guest room. Since a solid blackout curtain was installed, we were able to eliminate jet lag in our own pace without being disturbed by the morning sun.

The view from the window was McCormick Place, so I only saw the outside wall.

When I looked a little far away I saw the edge of the buildings in downtown Chicago, a little bit of Michigan Lake, but I did not stay at this hotel for the view, so I did not mind.


When I entered the bathroom, there was a sink in the front.

There was a bathtub and a toilet on the right side of the sink.

The size of the bathtub was enough for one adult to lie down and was separated by a waterproof shower curtain.

The shower head was fixed on the wall. The water pressure was sufficiently strong, and I was not particularly dissatisfied at the time of use.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and soap were prepared on the bathtub.

There was no problem with flushing the toilet.


There were 3 kinds of towels (bath towel, face towel, and hand towel) under the sink, and towels for the number of people staying.

On the right side of the washstand there was a tissue bok, glass and soap.

Amenity was prepared on the left side of the sink. Body lotion, toothbrush, comb, swab and so on.

There was a hair dryer under the sink.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was also a closet.

In the closet there was an iron, an ironing board, extra blanket, baggage rack, laundry bag, cafe corner and a safety box.

The safety box was of a type that sets a 4-8 digit pin number.

The size is not that large, but it is just the right size to keep wallets, mobile phones, passports and laptops.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner in the closet with a coffee maker so I was able to drink instant coffee. Coffee was supplemented the next day as much as it was consumed.

On the desk, there was an ice bucket and 500 ml of plastic bottle water (charged).

There was a refrigerator under the TV, but there was nothing inside. Also, there was no mini bar.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There are dining options such as “Sixes & Eights” which serves Asian cuisine, ‘Third Star” where you can enjoy international cuisine, “Arc Bar” in the first floor lobby, and café & convenience store “Market” on the first floor.

"Arc Bar" on the first floor.

I ate a couple of times at "Arc Bar",where I was able to order hamburgers, steaks, and etc, as a so-called American casual restaurant.

Chicago's specialties; Buffalo chicken

Tuna sandwitch

"Market" on the first floor. We bought snacks such as sandwiches, and also breakfast as well.

Starbucks Corner in "Market"

At "Market" you can also purchase daily necessities and souvenirs.

Drinking water corner. Alcohol is also being sold and I think that it is substantial.

Facilities in the hotel

There was also a fitness center on the 4th floor which seemed to be available for 24 hours.

There were various machines in the fitness center.

They also rent out towels at the fitness center.

The fitness center was also equipped with a locker room with locks and a shower room which could be used comfortably.

There was a sauna in the locker room.

Next to the fitness center there was also an indoor pool as an attached facility. The size was around 4 lanes that was 20 meters long. You can switch to a swimming suit at the locker room at the fitness center and move to the pool side. The pool is made to exercise rather than like a resort pool. Because it is indoors, I think that it can be used safely even in winter.

There was an ice machine and a vending machine installed on each guest room floors.

There was a laundry room on the 4th floor with four washing machines.

There were four dryers.

I needed a 25 cent coin to use it, but there was also a currency exchange machine. There was a microwave oven next to it.

There was also a detergent vending machine, so it is okay even if you forget detergent.

There was also a vending machine in the laundry room.

Next to the front desk on the 1st floor, there was a business center where personal computers and etc were installed.

Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel is located in the south of downtown. There are also many new buildings around the area, which makes a very beautiful impression. However, there are areas that are said to be dangerous several blocks away, so I do not recommend walking alone in the evening. The area around the hotel is designed to use a car even if you only move a little. Some guests were walking from the hotel to the walking path along Lake Michigan, close to Lake Michigan and daytime during the day. It is also directly connected to the railway station, so you can go downtown by train at 2-3 stations.


McCormick Place

Traders Joe

Staff & Customers

We were involved with people at the front desk, room service, doorman and bellboy, and everyone was friendly and courteous, and I felt the hospitality suitable for first class hotels. Everyone was well trained and received I had the impression that they were professionals.

I felt that many hotels, such as researchers participating in businessmen and academies, stayed at the McCormick Place hotel which is the largest convention center in Chicago. Of course, I felt that many people attending the Chicago marathon stayed here at this time of year.


It is 30 minutes to 40 minutes by taxi from O’Hare Airport. It is possible to travel even by train. Although it is around the hotel, there seems to be no restaurants within walking distance. It is also located just south of downtown and is also close to a corner in Chicago which is said to be a dangerous neighborhood. Access to major tourist attractions is less than a few minutes by car and I think that it is very convenient. Taxis can also be called immediately, and vehicles with car distribution services also come to the entrance.

Millennium Park

Buckingham Fountain

Cloud Gate

The Chicago Art Museum


This time I went to America to participate in the Chicago Marathon. On Friday and Saturday there was a athletes number distribution at McCormick Place, so we chose this hotel which was close to the venue. This time was my first stay, and I think that it was very good. The furniture of this simple modern hotel was the best in my taste and I was able to spend the night very comfortably. Also, restaurants and shops were full of products, and it was nice that I did not have to leave the hotel. The athletes number distribution was a main purpose for staring here, we could go to the venue without going outside using the exclusive passage from the hotel. It was raining, but of course there was no worry of getting wet. For people who like McCormick Place for business or academic purposes, I recommend this hotel.

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