Ibis Ambassador Hotel Busan

  • Room Type : Double Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I stayed at "Ibis Ambassador Busan City Center" for the purpose of business training in Busan. The company arrange this hotel considering the location and the price.

Exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

First of all, I was surprised that the hotel was beside the busy market and in front of the subway station's elevator. Starbucks is next to it as well.

The first floor of the hotel was not on the reception but on the 17th floor. Due to the company arrangement, I did not have any procedures for check-in, but at other overseas hotels sometimes you are asked to pay some fee.


Front view

elevator hall

Guest room corridor

Double standard room

The room was a double standard room on the 10th floor. The guest rooms are from 10th floor, and below 9th floor there are conference rooms and such. Room was with autolock card , and my room felt bright because of sunlight. I felt that the cloakroom was a little small, but the desk was large and there was a sofa so it was not a problem to organize my stuff. I think that it is too large enough to stay alone, and that for two it will be just right.

There were four pillows including decorative ones. They are all the same hardness. It is slightly soft. I think that the bed itself is a little hardened, but the comfort is good. There is only one cover.

Inside the guest room


There is no bathtub but shower only. The floor and wall are tiled, only the doorway is glassed. I think the lights are a bit dark. I was a little troubled with how to use the shower. I did not know the temperature adjustment. Hot water or cold water comes out by twisting the lever to the left or the right, but I didn't know how it works. There is no particular inconvenience once you get used to it. I felt the water pressure was strong enough.

shower room

A lavatory

The amenities in the room are few. Please remind that each toothbrush is taken at the front, not served in the room. Amenities in the room are the following things. Shampoo, rinse, body shampoo, soap, shower cap, hair dryer, iPhone and Android type charging cable. There is nothing that can put pajamas, body towels, suitcases and luggage. However, it is also possible to purchase amenity including detergent in the vending machine, and iron is avaialble in the laundry room on the 10th floor. Also there is a convenience store on the first floor so you can purchase there in any case.

Room facilities

There are two bottles of mineral water in the refrigerator for free. Instant coffee packs and tea are provided. There was also a kettle so I did not feel any inconveniences. You cannot expect high quality though. I recommend to use mineral water for drinks. Cloak space is a little narrow. There are four hangers. There is also a shelf so you can put things there.

Safety box can contain 13-inch laptop. It is a PIN type. Although I used it once, but the inside of room became hot and I became a little worried, so I quit using it after that.

Safety box

Restaurant and facilities in the hotel

Starbucks, convenience store, and restaurant are on the first floor. It seems that there are parking lots in B3 floor, and from 2nd to 8th floor are used as conference rooms.

I went to the restaurant once for dinner. Dinner is in a buffet style, with everything from Western to Asian. There was desert too. I went there in the middle of a weekday, but all the seats at the window were taken with reserved seats. Meat dishes, authentic kimchi and Chinese were delicious. The price is 35,000 won. I think that it is a little expensive.

Dinner information

Laundry on the 10th floor, vending machines, restaurant on the 17th floor and other small conference rooms.

Amenity vending machine

Laundry room was widely equipped with about 3 laundry machines and ironing board.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the market is very close, it is very crowded with people in the daytime. Police car sirens could be heard often at night because of the heavy traffic. There are many local people around the hotel. However, there is a convenience store on the bottom floor, if you walk a little, there are pharmacies and restaurants, and there are a lot of traffics, even for female walking around by midnight until around 22 o'clock would be fine. However, as there are many locals, I tried not too look stand out.

Around the hotel in the night

Staff & Customers

The staff were polite and felt they were very organized. People on the 1st floor are better than people on the 17th floor, and if you ask for taxis or recommended places they will tell you kindly.

It seems that the customer is consisting of business people and tourists. It seemed that we could also reserve optional tours at the hotel. Many people from China, Europe and Japan were staying there. There were people from Korea, India and Russia for business use.


It takes 30 minutes by taxi from the airport. I think you do not feel troubled with transportation because it is near the Bujeon station of the subway. The Bujeon market is very near and it was crowded with many people.

Going to the basement floor, you see lot of shops selling fashion accessories. As you can walk to the station on the west side, you can walk to the Lotte Duty Free Shop without getting wet even it rains. I think that the location of the hotel is perfect for sightseeing as it's close to the subway station.


To summarize, I think that this hotel was good. As I stayed Korea for business training, I could not do much sightseeing, but still I could go to sightseeing places because the station is near. Convenience stores and cafe are in the same building, I could get to department stores by walking…there are many advantages of staying this hotel. Because the price is not high, I feel it is a good hotel.

If I have to pick some negative aspects, the amenities were not many and the traffic around the hotel was very busy. However, if there is a chance to go to Busan, I think that I would like to stay here again.