Imperial Hotel Taipei

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Imperial Hotel Taipei" because the hotel's review was good, the location was perfect, and so on. I was planning to save travel expenses for this trip. I started searching hotels on the Internet about 4 months before and decided to take a tour offered by a travel agency. I had several options, but this hotel was rated the best and seemed to be convenient for getting around the city center of Taipei by subway and taxi.

Exterior, entrance and reception

I had received impression that this is a fine hotel by the exterior.


There is a concierge desk on the left side of the entrance.


There is a front desk on the right side of the entrance. It is a comfortable space with a feeling of openness overall, in a bright atmosphere.

There were three staffs at the front desk.

Open ceiling

When you go upstairs on this stairway, you will find a buffet restaurant for breakfast.

There was also a big object.

The first floor

Painting on the first floor

There was a grand piano.

Elevator hall on the front floor

Inside the elevator

Button panel

Elevator hall on guest room floor

Room floor corridor

Looking down from the 4th floor

Room entrance door

Twin room

Room entrance door

Guest room was slightly smaller than I expected, but it had enough space and closet to store things, so there was no inconvenience. There were some tiny spots and dirt on the walls and doors, but that's not something make you worry. You turn on the electricity by inserting a card key at the entrance, but a card was already in it when I arrived the room, so air conditioning was working and the room was cool enough.

Because the air conditioner was originally set with a strong wind of 25 ℃, I felt cold inside the room.

The bed comfort was exactly right. It was not too hard nor soft, it was just perfect. Two big pillows were prepared. It did not get too high even when piled up the two. I turned off the air conditioner and just had a cover on me, but I could sleep well until the morning.

It seems like a hotel that is friendly to the environment, and in case you are staying for several nights, you need to write a note for asking the changes of bed sheets.

There are two free water bottles on the bedside table. It was very helpful because you cannot drink tap water in Taiwan.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

Next to the TV, there was a desk and a chair.

There was a big window.

From the window you can only see the roads in front of the buildings and the hotel on the opposite, so the view was not very enjoyable.


The bathroom was on the right side, seeing from the entrance. There was a bathtub on the right side, a toilet in the front, and a wash basin on the left side.

Seeing the bathroom door from inside. There is a hook on the door so you can put towels.

The bathtub seemed to be big enough for relaxing, but I didn't take a bath because several hair was on the bathtub, which is probably from someone used before me.

The shower is fixed on the wall and the water pressure is weak. It took quite a while to wash off shampoo when I was washing my hair. I also felt inconvenience to wash my body with the fixed shower. You can adjust the temperature. I set it to the hottest but felt it just perfect. Unfortunately, there were some stains on the shower curtain.

Towels were available.

The toilet had a washlette function.

Washing basin

There was also an arm mirror beside the sink.

There was a scale also under the sink.

There was also glasses.


Amenity was also on the washbasin. Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, milky lotion, toothbrush, hairbrush, shaving, and shower cap. The shampoo and the shower gel were well bubbling and the fragrance was also nice. Things used or opened were replaced with new ones on the next day.

There was also a hair dryer in the drawer.

Hair dryer

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet had two doors and was large enough. The door part was also a full body mirror.

There was a safety box on the upper left.

There was also a drawer.


Hangers and a laundry bag

A baggage rack

Safety deposit box could be used with 4 digit numbers for password.

In-room coffee

On the TV stand, there were snacks and conversion plugs (for charge).

Instant coffee, green tea packs, oolong tea packs were prepared in the drawer under the TV table.

There were coffee cups, glasses, spoons, and bottle opener in this drawer.

In the bottom drawer, there was were a electric kettle and and ice pail.

There was a refrigerator under the TV table.

In the refrigerator, beer, carbonated drinks, water etc. were provided for a fee.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We had breakfast at the buffet restaurant on the second floor.

It was crowded with guests in the morning.

Not so many Taiwanese local food were there, it was like a regular breakfast buffet at a business hotel.

On the first floor of the hotel, there was a bar "Front Page". It is a British pub style, and it seems that you can enjoy sports live broadcast all day.

There was also "Imperial Steak House" on the first floor .

There was a bakery cafe on the first floor. You cannot see the entrance clearly from the hotel side, but it is easier to enter from outside the hotel as you can see the inside of the cafe.

There was a shop dealing handicraft items on the first floor, and it was a miscellaneous feeling even from the outside of the shop. There was a clerk in the back of the store.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness gym on the 12th floor. The reception was just in front of the stairs to the gym.

Hotel surroundings

The nearest subway station is located about 5 minutes on foot. In addition, there were convenience stores such as Seven Eleven and Family Mart. A supermarket is near too. There was also a night market and massage shops which are about 5 minutes on foot. There is a street with cars even at night, but the sidewalk is fairly dark. It was a bit scary to walk alone at night and you better to take a taxi and it’s easier to take one.

Supermarket near the hotel

Bank near the hotel

Circumstances around the hotel

Staff & Customers

It was said that Korean and Indian tourists are on the rise, but I did not see them much at the hotel. There were few families with children, most of the guest are adult couples and friends groups.


It is about an hour by bus from the airport. The nearest station of the subway is around 5 minutes on foot from the hotel. From the nearest subway station, you can go to sightseeing spots such as Yongkang Street in about 30 minutes. You need to change trains, but it is not difficult because it is color-coded for each route. It is less than an hour by subway to Taipei 101. I think that it is easy to access anywhere in Taipei if you use a taxi.


It was good that I stayed at “Imperial Hotel Taipei”. The inside of the hotel was clean and luxurious. Because there were a lot of staff, it was easy to ask for help when I needed. Also, supermarkets and convenience stores are around, the accommodation fee is cheap, so I think it worths more than the price. Good access to sightseeing spots. If you want to enjoy night out such as night market, you might feel the hotel is a bit far from the station as the last train is very late. In addition, the toilet in Taiwan often does not allow paper to flash, but you can do it at Imperial Hotel.

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