Inspire Villas Phuket

  • Room Type : Pool Villa
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Inspire Villas Phuket" because it is located in a quiet place, the rooms are large, there are kitchens, TVs, private pools, and can be accommodated within budget. While staying in Thailand, I was looking for a place to stay in the hotel all the time. There were many other similar villas, but the price was expensive and the budget was over. At that time, this villa was selling on an online travel reservation site. Even when I searched on the Internet, the photos of the guest rooms came out so much, but since it was good, it decided immediately.

What is the exterior of the villa? Check around the entrance!

There is no whole entrance, a total of 10 villas are lined across the street, and as soon as entering a small street we arrive at the villa. The road in front of the villa was beautiful with cleaning properly done. It is quiet all through the day because it is in a place that is a bit far from the big street.

Villa entrance door. Because there is no front counter, people of staff come directly to guest room and check in.

There was a parking space on the side of the villa entrance door. There was a electric door in the parking lot.

Parking lot

There was a storage space in the parking lot.

Villa entrance door

A state when opening the entrance door

There was a doorbell.

Passage to building

Living / dining room

When entering the entrance, there is a living / dining room in front of you and there is a kitchen on your right.

There was a storage shelf (shoe box) on the left side wall immediately after entering the entrance.

There was a living room on the front left side of the entrance. In the back of the living room, there is a second room at the end and there is a bathroom (second room) in front of it.

The living room / dining room / kitchen is in a series and air conditioning is in place.

There was a remote control next to the kitchen counter.

Living room. Overall, it was unified with white and brown and the window was big and bright.

There was also a spacious sofa. It was such an impression that art is hanging on the wall, lighting fixtures are stylish, and sticking to each one.

TV set

TV channel table

View from the living room

There was a dining room / kitchen on the left side of the entrance, and there was a master bedroom in the back.

Dining table

Looking at the living / dining room from the kitchen

All the rooms are like to surround the pool in an L shape.


The state of the entire kitchen.

There was a 4 mouth IH cooking heater in the kitchen counter.

There was also a large refrigerator / freezer.

PET bottle water (500 ml) was prepared in the refrigerator.

There was also a microwave oven and an oven.

There is also an electric kettle and a toaster. The inner surface of the electric kettle was a little dirty, so I cleaned it several times. Also, instant coffee, powder milk, sugar etc. were prepared, but the taste was thin and I drank only once. The villa was also luxuriously constructed, the interior was beautiful but the cafe corner was somewhat disappointing.


There is also a draining rack.

Cup and glass

The trash can only be found in the kitchen and the toilet, which was inconvenient.

Pots and pans



Chopping board and glove

Cloth width and lunch mat

Balls and plates

Coffee cup

View from the kitchen

Master bedroom

There were two bedrooms, and there was a bathroom in each bedroom. Each bedroom is locked from the inside.

I saw the interior from the entrance of the master bedroom

Because I wanted twin, there were two semi-double beds in the master bedroom. The bed was soft and very comfortable. There are two types of pillows, rigid type and soft type, available in each bed, so you can use whichever you like.

Chairs and tables are also available.

There was desk and chair, too.

There was a dresser besides the desk.

There is an outlet receptacle in the dresser.

There was also a big closet.

Several hangers were prepared in the closet.

There was also an iron / ironing board / safety box in the other closet.

There was also a storage shelf in the closet.

Safety box seemed to be very solid with thick opening door. Because there is no explanatory note, the staff member orally tells how to operate, but it was complicated and hard to understand.

If you mistaken the operation you did not use it because you had to call the staff and reset with the exclusive key.

From the bedroom you can exit directly to the private pool.

View from master bedroom

Master bedroom bathroom

I entered the master bedroom and there is a bathroom on the far right side (Photo shows how I saw the interior from the bathroom).

There was bathtub in bathroom of master room, too. There was also a separate shower room. Very spacious bathroom, cleaning was also beautiful.

I saw the shower room from the bathtub side

In the shower room, there were two kinds of rain shower and hand shower which can be removed and height-adjustable. The shower water may come out in a strange direction whether the shower head is dirty. There was no problem with water pressure. The flow of drainage was good, but every time we took a shower it smelled like sewage from the drainage ditch.

There was a towel rack next to the shower room.


Bathtub is large enough for two people to enter.

There were two sinks in the sink.

There was a drawer under the sink, there was storage space.

There was a receptacle outlet in the sink.

Amenity is only shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and commercially available items were placed as it was. There was absolutely no amenity in the second bathroom. Shampoo was good foaming. There is no problem with conditioner or body soap. After checking in, the owner bought the toiletries, so it may not be the same thing every time. Because I did not have hand soap, I bought it by themselves. I thought that I wanted to put hand soap as amenity.

There was also a hair dryer.

Second bedroom

In the back of the living room, there was a second bedroom at the end. The door in front of it is a bathroom door.

I saw the interior from the entrance of the second bedroom

The second bedroom was also equipped with air conditioning.

There was one king size bed in this room.

There was an elephant towel art here.

There was desk and chair also in this room.

There was a big closet in the back of the room.

Inside the closet, are spare sheets? There was also.

There was a door in this bedroom, which can go out to the private pool.

View from second bedroom

Second bedroom bathroom

There was no bathtub in the second bedroom, it was only shower room. Because the second bathroom was less than half the size of the bathroom of the master room, I thought that it was good if it was a little bigger.

There were also two kinds of rain shower and hand shower which can be removed and height adjustable here.


Vanity top

Looking at the side of the bathroom door from inside the bathroom

Courtyard (private pool)

In the courtyard there was a private pool and a jacuzzi. The depth of the pool is about 1 m in shallow places, about 1.5 m in the deepest place. I think the length is about 5 m to 7 m. Because I did not have the indication of the depth, I was surprised because it gradually became deep. You can borrow a big float of Unicorn. At the time of check-in, it floated in a bulged state already.

The jacuzzi was also in the pool, but the water pressure was weak. Something like a small waterfall circulating water was stopped by time and sometimes stopped and moved.

There were two deck chairs on the poolside.

There is also a sofa space.

A view of the pool from the sofa space

There was a rain shower on the poolside.

In the evening the pool and the poolside are lighted up, making it a fantastic atmosphere. I could not hear the sound of the car, it was very quiet. I stayed at the end of September, but it was a little cold to swim at night. Because the roof is attached to the sofa space on the poolside, I think that you can spend comfortably even on rainy nights.

Facilities and services in the villa

There was a washing machine in the storage space next to the parking lot.

You can also borrow a barbecue set for free.

We enjoyed the barbecue at the poolside. There is electricity in the room, so it is bright enough to enjoy meals outside.

You can also rent a bicycle for free.

We did not use it, but breakfast can be ordered by room service.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because there are not big hotels and sightseeing spots in the vicinity, it is quiet all day and I think that it is perfect for those who want to relax inside the villa. As we go to the big street for about 5 minutes, we have houses. Every time we passed, my local friend greeted me well and I felt it was very friendly. The way from leaving the hotel is a bit thin, so you should be careful when you pass by the car. There are many doubtful roads and the roads are undulating. As I got out on a big street, a lot of cars were passing and I was also speeding up, so I was a bit scared driving a bicycle.


Staff & Customers

I never saw other staff except meeting with the owner at check-in. Owner is kind, and if you have something please contact LINE to exchange. Because there is no front counter, we will exchange all at LINE. If you want something, we responded immediately as soon as we contacted you. I can not communicate in Japanese. The owner speaks English. When checking in, I will explain the structure of the room and explanation of the key, but I could not remember everything because I told lots of things in English at once. The explanation of the safety box was complicated, so I asked back many times. I thought it was good if there was explanation written.

I have not met most of the other guests, but I saw one pair of villa families opposite the last day. Because the room is also wide, it thinks that there are many families as it is a villa. Also, since there are two bedrooms and the room can be locked, I thought that it was good for a group of friends.


It is approximately one hour by car from Phuket Airport to Villa. It was 1250 baht using the dispatch service application. Because you can not enter the car of the dispatch service within Phuket Airport, it is necessary for the user to walk outside the airport by walking. It is about 5 minutes on foot to pick up point. I think that security around the villa is good. There is a convenience store at the store about 10 minutes on foot. The nearest supermarket is around 20 minutes by bicycle. Motorbikes can be borrowed from the hotel at 300 baht for 24 hours so I think that motorbike is more convenient for people who can drive.

A convenience store located about 10 minutes on foot


Comprehensively thought that we could stay at this villa. The reason is that I could accomplish the purpose of being slow in the villa during my stay. Particularly good was the pool. It was a rectangle so I could swim well. Also, the sofa relaxed much slowly. It was also very nice to have a barbecue set for free. BBQ to do at the poolside at night was the best. Because it is surrounded by a fence in the private pool, it was good that you can relax even outside even without worrying about surroundings. It was a bit disappointing that there was no trash box in the room and the dishes were dirty. The time we stayed was somewhat cheap in the rainy season, but I think that you disappointed when staying at a normal price and dishes are dirty.

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