InterContinental Bangkok

  • Room Type : Executive room
  • Stay Nights : 2 people
  • Stay Num : 4 nights

We decided to stay at "Intercontinental Bangkok," because it was located a few minute walk from Chit Lom BTS which covers Bangkok city and within walking distance to the next station Siam and Big C supermarket. Before staying at InterContinental, I stayed at Holiday Inn Bangkok, but I decided to stay here because if was in front of Holiday Inn. Intercontinental is a hotel of the same series as the Holiday Inn, but I decided to stay this time because I thought that I would like to stay once because it is the highest grade as a rank.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance is gray and chic and the building is high, so you need to look up to see it. In front of it there is one statue of eight gods in Bangkok. It's a totally upscale feeling.

Hotel exterior at night

The staffs are standing near the entrance and will open the glass doors as you approach.

Entrance view from the hotel

There is a big chandelier inside and there is a sofa under it which will make you feel luxurious.

There is a staircase from the second floor to the first floor at the far right, which is spacious. Bellboy's booth is also in the back right.

On the left side, there is also a concierge desk.

There is a front desk at the back of the entrance. The front desk always has 3 to 4 staffs.

Front desk

If you become a senior member of IHG, you will be checked in at the booth next to the Concierge (even if you are at the front desk, you will have to move to the booth with the front staff).

There is also a staff in elevator hall.

The elevator is mirror-mounted.

Touch the floor with a dedicated card and press the floor number button.

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Room floor elevator

Guest room floor corridor

What is an Executive Room?

Corridor near the room entrance door

Guest room entrance door

There was a bathroom on the right side and a closet on the left side.

Two things that I thought in the room. wide! And there is a lot of storage space! There were two suitcases and two carry cases, but it was so wide that I could walk in the room with room to spare even with all four luggages open. The atmosphere was a color that calms down even if was chic.

The beds were soft and there were two pillows, but they both felt soft and fluffy. There were two beds, but both were double in size and I was able to stretch my arms and legs widely and sleep. However, I felt pain in my back after a while, so I consulted with the cleaning staff, but since I adjusted it by the next day, I was able to spend comfortably.

There was a TV opposite the bed. There was a lot of storage space under the TV.

The desk was big, but I was a little worried about putting things on it because it was made of glass.

There was also a sofa for single use at the window.

The view of the room seen from the window

There was a window in the room.

The view from the room was a very good with no shadows.


The bathroom was spacious with a bathtub on the right, a sink in front, a shower room in the front left, and a toilet at the far left.

There was also a shower in the bathtub.

Bath towels were prepared above the bathtub.

When going to the shower booth after having a bath, be careful not to slip as you walk on the marble for about 3-4 steps.

The shower booth is a glass door and there is a towel rack handle on the outside, which is convenient. The water pressure was pleasant, but the bathroom itself is large, so it doesn't warm up very much, so I had to take long showers. Overall it was old fashioned.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the shower room. Shampoos and conditioners are very useful in hard water as the hair gets wet and moist.



Amenity was prepared on the sink. There were toothpastes, toothbrushes, toothpicks, T-shaped razors, shaving cream, some pieces of cotton, hair caps, hair rubbers, cotton swabs, nail polish sets, sewing set and lotions. Since the sewing set also prepares various colored threads, it was convenient when the button had to be frayed or sewed occasionally.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a big closet on the left side of the room.

The closet was equipped with bathrobes, slippers, hangers, umbrellas, shoehorns and Schmidt. There were about 7 hangers, but because the closet was wide, I could use it separately and according to the category of clothes. The slippers were very comfortable to wear.

There was an iron, ironing board and a safe box in the closet.

The safety box was a common type of setting a 4-digit security code.

Inside the safety box

Mini bar cafe

When the drawer under the TV stand was opened, five types of alcohol such as whiskey, and five types of potato chips and peanuts were beautifully arranged, making it a display that you want to take a picture unintentionally.

The electric kettle was kept clean and the water was also boiled at a reasonable time.

There were glasses, cups, ice buckets, napkins, coasters, etc. but it was easy to take out.

A refrigerator was also installed.

Various drinks were prepared for fee in the refrigerator.

Restaurant in the hotel

The hotel has 4 restaurants, 3 bars (including a poolside bar), and 1 café.

I had breakfast at "Espresso".

"Espresso" is an all day buffet dining.

Bread corner

Drink corner

You can also make a smoothie.

There is also a live cooking corner.

View of the restaurant.

You can have a variety of dishes such as Thai, Mediterranean, Chinese and Japanese food.

There was "BALCONY LOUNGE" near the front desk.

There was no partition wall with the entrance, so it had a very open and easy-to-enter atmosphere. No matter which seat you sit in, there is also a piano in a form that overlooks the whole place, so I think it will be an atmosphere where you can enjoy alcohol while listening to live music at night.

I had a drink.

There is also the Italian restaurant "Theo Mio".

It seems to be open from 11:30 to 23:30.

The Theo Mio also had a terrace.

"Fireplace Grill and Bar" seems to be open from 12:00 to 22:30. They seem to have a  private room as well.

"HUMIDOR CIGAR BAR" seems to be able to enjoy cigars and rare scotch whiskey.

"DELI" seems to be able to enjoy freshly baked pastries, healthy sandwiches and desserts along with coffee and tea.

Shops in the hotel

There was a small shopping mall inside the hotel. There were shops selling jewelry, photography, carpets, etc., and shops selling souvenirs from Thailand.

Souvenirs from Thailand handled a wide range of items from Thai silk to Buddha statues and were operating in a very wide space.

Photo studio

Stores that sell bags

There was also a watch repair shop.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool exclusively for guests on the roof of the hotel. The pool itself is small, it is built so that you can walk around it.

People who have bad feet may be difficult because they have to go up the stairs about 10 steps before going to the pool.

There were deck chairs around the pool, and there were many people who were relaxing sitting on a sofa or chair.

Towels were also provided.

Because it is on the roof, you can also enjoy the view from the poolside. The surroundings are covered with glass and can be overlooked. It is not a sunset like watching in the sea, but I think you can enjoy it enough.

The swimming pool at night was completely different from the daytime, and blue, red, green, pink, light blue and light-up changed, creating a bewitching atmosphere.

It is also recommended to take photos and videos as the color of the light changes. The people swimming seemed to be relaxing in the light. I stayed in the middle of the summer, but it was a bit windy after swimming because and I felt cold if I was outside.

There was also a fitness center.

It seems that guests can use it 24 hours a day.

Towels were also provided.

There was also a spa facility.

The spa also sells various goods.

A business center was set up between the two hotels for common use with the hotel next door, Holiday Inn Bangkok.

There were copy, fax, and computers in the business center.

There was also a meeting room on the right side where about six people could sit. If you are a guest, you can use it for 24 hours, but since there were no staff present except during business hours (8 to 18), you need to get in touch via the phone at the entrance.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel was well-accessed, and were a lot of cars on the main street, but I did not find it particularly inconvenient or unpleasant. We could go to shopping centers and supermarkets, McDonald’s, sightseeing spot within walking distance, and the sidewalk were easy to walk on. The upper sidewalk connected from the station had many people, but the lower one had less people. However, even walking at night, I was not particularly scared. From the hotel, the nearest BTS station is Chit Lom, which can be reached in 2 to 3 minutes on foot. From Intercontinental, there is an ascending escalator in front of the hotel. However, it is necessary to go up the stairs about 3 steps before getting on the escalator, so people with leg issues may want to use the elevator in the direction of Holiday Inn.

Shopping center opposite the hotel

Power spots within walking distance of the hotel

Power spot in front of the hotel

Staff & customer base

There were many opportunities to talk with various staffs during the stay, I did not get a very friendly impression. When you check in at the front desk, there are many people who speak English quickly and it is not an atmosphere that speaks slowly and easily, so people who are not good at English need to rehearse and understand it. It seems that the cleaning staff are not familiar with English, so communication needs to be done by gesture. The Concierge has made a reservation, told me the location on the map, and responded very kindly. What was inconvenient is that it took quite a while to get what you asked for (I think there are a lot of rooms, so there are a lot of requests).

There were many people staying for business. There were no group customers, as it was 60% for business use, and the rest of the trip was for the wealthy people of Asia.


The access from the airport was very good. From the airport, I changed to the airport link and BTS and arrived at the hotel. It took less than an hour to move, and even with a suitcase, I did not feel inconvenient because the elevators were both at the Airport Link, BTS transfer, and places to get off. There was no danger in the area around the hotel even if I was walking around 10 o’clock at night, but since the street shops have been restricted since the old days and the street shops are gone, the traffic may be less. There is a supermarket called BIG C near the hotel, but I think that the Isetan department store is also about 5 to 7 minutes on foot until there. There is a department store called AMARIN PLAZA in front of the hotel, and there are McDonald’s, food courts, foot massage, and lounges of JCB, so it is not a problem for shopping. If you want, you can take the BTS from Chit Lom station, which is 2-3 minutes on foot. I think the access is very good.

AMARIN PLAZA in front of the hotel

Power spot opposite the hotel


If I am asked if I want to stay at this hotel again, it would be a NO. I paid a lot of money, but the bed was too soft and the bathroom was too cold because it did not warm up quickly enough.  There is a dedicated staff at the elevator on the front floor, but I felt that it would be meaningless because people would come to the front of the elevator and press a button after all, so they would wait in the end. As there are four elevators, it is not in a system that it is always possible to push one at a time when customers come in. Room is two people one room, but as sofa is for one, one will be have to relax on the bed. Even if you buy a meal and eat it in the room, you will not be able to spend much comfort in spite of the large room as you move the glass desk and one person will have to use the bed as a chair.

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