InterContinental Singapore

  • Room Type : Premier Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Intercontinental Singapore". This is my second time to stay here since I realized it is good access to sightseeing point such as Marlion in the Bay area, Chinatown and Little India by subway. Around the hotel, there is not so many luxury things like the Orchard area, but environment with station mall, reasonable restaurants, daily necessities and souvenir shops are just enough to enjoy the time. Many guests think that it is a vibrant area. Another reasons why is I have a membership of the Intercontinental Group. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Hotel exterior, entrance and front view

The exterior looks a bit old but also like a landmark.

There are two entrances. It takes about 2 minutes from MRT Bugis station to the entrance on station mall side. It can be reached passing through Bugis junction arcade and you won't get wet if it is rain.

There is car and taxi stop at another entrance. As the hotel is between main road and the station mall, there is no garden. Some green is planted at the lobby and it is well maintained.

The front desk is separated by pillars, we could talk with receptionists in calm space. The staff, in charge of  our check-in, is really considerate for us to suggest the option and gave Japanese guidebook.

The lobby

Elevator hall at ground floor

Elevator floor button

Elevator hall at guest room floor

Elevator hall at guest room floor

Premier Room

Our room was close to elevator hall but it was not noisy.

The bedroom and the living room are separated, so it is felt spacious. The lighting was bright and the room temperature was just nice.

Both of desk and sofa were big and I could relax there during my stay.


Desk and sofa


One king size bed is in bedroom. It is big enough and soft and confotable for the body. Two types of pillows were also prepared.

The whole bed

Bedside table

TV at bedroom

TV on living side

Room door from inside

Our room doesn't have terrace and balcony.

As the hotel is located in the city, we couldn't view the river and bay from the window of the room. There was the high-rise buildings such as the national library and financial company. In the evening, we could enjoy the city lights view which is from those buildings.

Cafe corner

Soft drinks, beer, wine, whiskey, sparkling water and snacks are prepared in the minibar.

You can get ice cubes by yourself from automatic ice maker with ice buckets.

A coffee maker and tea bags are prepared. I recommend to visit the bar lounge since they have more variety of drinks.  

Refrigerator is in this cabinet.



Grasses · cups


Bathtub and shower booth are separated.

Water pressure of the shower is too strong for me at most of oversea hotel. This  shower head can be adjusted water pressure with a switch. It has overhead shower as well.

There is a slight gap between the glass door and the wall, the water may get out due to the swinging of the shower head.

Bathtub is with shower which water pressure is also strong. There was no problem with the amount of water from the curran as well.

Vanity top


Shampoo, rinse, body shampoo, body lotion, soap, mouthwash, toothbrush, comb, razor, cotton swab, sponge and sewing set are prepared. The dryer is kept in the closet. Shampoo is with a citrus scent. The toothbrush head is large, and toothpaste was a sufficient amount that can not be used at once. Razors were also good sharpness.



Closet and safety box

Closet door

In the closet, bathrobe and slippers are prepared.

The closet is slightly small. And there is a chaise next to it which can be used for putting a bag or wearing shoes. There were about 8 hangers, it was enough.

I did not use a safety box.

Breakfast venue

Breakfast venue entrance

Guest hall

For breakfast, various kind of bread, main dish, Asian and Western dishes are available.

The live kitchen offers egg dishes and noodle.

They have a salad bar, but it is hard to find it because it is next to sample display and looked like also sample!.

Fruits were variety and very delicious.

Besides coffee and tea, fresh juice, milk and yogurt were also prepared.

Facilities in hotel

The pool on 4th floor opens from 7 am to 10 pm.

There were no gift shops or boutique shops in the hotel. There are lots of stores in shopping mall that's why the guest would get souvenirs there. A currency exchange machines are near the entrance of the station side.

Printing, copying services and laundry services are available. There is a fitness center available 24 hours. If you reserve the club intercontinental room, you can use the club lounge.

Hotel surroundings environment

There are two shopping malls on site across the station, and it is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Basement of the main building, there are lots of restaurant and supermarket such as Kaya Toast shops, Yoshinoya, Nodame Sho Musashi and also local foodies. On the ground floor and above, there are clothes store, miscellaneous goods shop and drugstores.

From the second floor, you can cross to the new building (Bugis Junction Plus). The new one is smaller than main building, but it is a colonnade and feels widely. Some Japanece ramen shops gathered at one of the floor. Outside the mall, there is a 7-Eleven nearby and it is very convenient.


It takes about 40 minutes by subway from the airport. From Bugis station, we arrive the arcade in about 2 minutes. There is a mall with some Japanese restaurant. Good security, you can also go out at night. Compared to Japan, the taxi fare is reasonable, so if you have big baggage, we recommend to take a taxi.

Since Bugis station is an interchange of green line and blue line, it is convenient to access sightseeing spots around. The escalator is faster than the one in Japan, so you need to be careful in getting on and off. Taxi fares are also reasonable, but it is difficult to catch a taxi on the road, so we recommend you to catch it at hotel entrance or landmark spot.

Staff & Customers

Since I made a request for early check-in to the receptionist, they seemed to coordinate with room making staff and provided us early time.  I felt that they are  adaptive and cooperative among the staff.

There was no staffs who can speak Japanese. When I asked them to speak slowly, they explained in simple English and with body language. I did not feel any inconvenience.

It seems that customer is more for business use than for families.The age group was rather high. I did not see Japanese guest during my stay.


It is a great hotel except the price is a bit high. First of all, convenient access is the first reason to choose here. Even if I have a big suitcase, it is quite easy to reach the hotel passing through the arcade. The second reason is that the shopping mall directly linked to the station and hotel. There are several Japanese restaurants, so if you ask the Japanese staff for an order, you can take a meal without any trouble. In addition, I think that the area around the Bugis station is safe. It is a good point to be able to go out at night without any worries.

The third reason is their quality of the service. When I felt some difference from my expectation and asked something at reception, they respond as much as possible. It is more comfortable and feeling secure, if they have a Japanese staff. I would like to stay here again when I come to Singapore next time.

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