J7 Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin Beds
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 4

I chose to stay at the J7 hotel, because I had plans to go to Siem Reap. It was my first time going oversea, so I wanted to stay in the right place. Also, friends from who lived there for a year also were not so far from the airport, the market is close, and it is recommended because it is beautiful. It is beautiful but a bit expensive, but cooking etc A friend who went to Cambodia recently also decided to stay at this hotel because other cheap hotels have insects and told me that this hotel is better.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

It is in a place which is in an alley where there are miscellaneous so-called "Southeast Asian" images such as the market. As an impression, the hotel did not stand out so much.

When entering the hotel, it is calm with a feeling like a beautiful hotel, and I feel like I can spend time peacefully. The front desk was also beautifully arranged, but because I completed the procedure easily in the lobby, almost no exchange at the front was necessary and they guided us to our rooms right away.  

The color of two-tone cushion is cool with created an Asian atmosphere.

There was also a simple bar.

Just set up the chair as well.

Go through the courtyard to the room.

What about twin bed rooms?

The guest room was mainly made of wood, and it was relaxing. WiFi is also fully equipped in each room, so the internet environment is enriched. Space other than bed was wide, there was space to work comfortably, there was also chairs to relax in, and it was very comfortable.

The bed. There was free coffee. There were drinks in the refrigerator, but they were charged. The stuff came to add more free water.

There was also a chair. The closet was very spacious and was large enough to hang the clothes I wore. In addition, the safety box is an auto-locking type that allows you to freely set the number, and it was large enough to store wallets, cell phones, passports and anything you would like to keep safe.


We were able to spend a lot of comfort in the bathroom.

The bathtub was long in the length, and I was able to soak my whole body in the bath.

The shower was inconvenient because there was no break between the toilet and the sink, but it was good because the water pressure was strong enough and the temperature control was free. (In other hotels, I heard that there are times when hot water does not come out.)

The toilet. Amenities included toothbrush, razor, shampoo, shaving lotion, body soap, conditioner and hand towel. Body soap and shampoo did not seem so good. Eventually, I bought my own shampoo and soap at the market with my roommate. You can get good quality ones for a few dollars at the market.

Restaurants in the hotel

In the restaurant, the menu was mostly Western food for the foreign tourist. There were not many guests, so you can enjoy the quiet space. The staff's friendly atmosphere was good, so we talked to various people, and enjoyed our meal comfortably. The taste was slightly bitter (such as spice), but it was delicious.

Beer and pizza is the best!

We also had steak.

Terrace seating on the poolside is also a good atmosphere.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool in the courtyard is a design integrated with the garden and there is a hot and cold water jacuzzi so you can enjoy it at night as well. Because the weather was bad, we did not get in, but the bottom seemed shallow. Although there are some deep areas, it did not seem deep enough to swim in.

According to the story of one who stayed together, the pool water is not disinfected with chlorine. It seems to be a salt water pool. When staying in the room on the courtyard side, there is a terrace facing the pool and it seems to be a relaxing area.

It's like a palace-like courtyard.

The garden tree is taken are of well and the contrast with the white wall is beautiful.

A table set that makes you want to sit down for a while.

Hotel surroundings environment

In the surrounding areas, there is a big supermarket where I walked about 10 minutes, a market that took about 10 minutes by tuktuk, Angkor Wat that took about 20 minutes, Tonle Sap lake at about 30 minutes, sightseeing and food. Everything was relatively close, and it was a nice environment. Basically, if you go to the market, there are a lot of tourists, there are many shops late at night, and you can also enjoy drinks until late at night.


Access to shopping and destinations can be reached by tuk-tuk, even if it is far away from 10 minutes to 15 minutes and you can get there with only a few dollars. It was convenient because they would pick us up in front of the hotel.

Staff & Customers

The staffs were very kind, and they responded to my requests right away. They also explained about the rooms carefully which was very helpful. It is best to communicate with the staffs in English.


I did not get the chance to talk to the other guests, but I had the impression that many Europeans were staying. Also, there seemed to be many couples staying.


Access from the airport was good as the transfer from the hotel came to pick us up. It is about 10 minutes by car. There are many shops and markets near the hotel.  


It was nice to stay to stay at this hotel. The reason was that I was worried because my friend who stayed at another hotel told us that there were insects and also the food was not good, but the hotel that we stayed in not only did not have insects, but also had very friendly staffs and the hotel was kept very clean so I was very thankful. If I have the opportunity to go to Cambodia next time, I would definitely stay at J7 Hotel again.

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