JW Marriott Miami

  • Room Type : Standard Room 7th Floor
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We stayed at "JW Marriott Miami - JW Marriott Miami" in downtown Miami. When traveling to Miami, what I thought about location and safety of the hotel. Also, the access from the airport was convenient, and I wanted to stay at a famous luxurious hotel. Speaking of Miami, Miami Beach is famous, but there are reviews that young people are make noise while drinking until the dawn in order to go from the airport, so I decided that it was not a good idea to go there. I heard that this hotel has developed recently such as being known as "Manhattan in the South" also known as "Brickell", so we decided to stay. This is what our stay was like.

Check the exterior and entrance of the hotel, front desk!

The outer wall is a cream color and is drawn in front with "JW MARRIOTT HOTEL" with gold letters. In order to get to the entrance, we needed to climb about 20 flights of stairs. Because the hotel was high up, it was not visible from the road and the sidewalk.  

There are always two people at the entrance that open the doors.

The wall inside the hotel is brown and gave me a sense of profound feeling.

When checking in, if you are sitting in the lobby waiting, the staffs bring water to you. This gave me the impression that this hotel has a great hospitality service.  

The front counter looked luxurious.

What is the standard room?

Room doors

The wallpaper and the color of the carpet are a calm yellow and it is cuter compared to the lobby. The furnishings are unified with the color brown.

One king size bed and one one-seat chair

The bed was a king size bed, and the sheets were clean as well, with no damp and bad smells at all. It was fluffy and comfortable. There were four pillows, but I slept with only two, and they were soft and easy to sleep on.

Bedside table had a phone and remote control

There was desk and chair and the room was bright because it was facing the road.  

There is one big shelf with a TV on the wall above it.

The entrance door seen from the room. The room felt very clean.

Spacious bathroom

The bathroom was built with a toilet on the left side, a sink in the front, a shower on the right side and a bathtub.

The large marble sink looked luxurious.

I was glad that there was a bathtub. The water pressure of the shower was also strong enough and I had no problems with it at all. The bathtub partition was not a curtain, but the shape of the glass door covering the entire surface, so the water of the shower did not get out of the bathtub and the floor did not get wet.

The was also a scale in the bathroom, but I was not able to use it because it seemed to be broken. There was no washlet on the toilet

Aromatherapy shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap was in the shower room.

In addition, one body lotion, shaving, shower cap, dry cotton swab, and mouth wash were placed one by one on the sink. It was disappointing that there were not toothbrushes and slippers and that there was only one amenity even though there were two of us staying. The Aromatherapy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash al smelled very nice.  

Room minibar

There were two free mineral water in the minibar and the glasses lined up.

I drank coffee in the morning, and it was delicious. I also had some tea as well.

The inside of the refrigerator was full, and it had a wide range of soda, beer and whiskey.

Nuts and snacks were also placed on a shelf near the TV.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was big enough because there many hangers prepared.

The safety box was the type that you enter a 4 digit number as your PIN number.

View from the terrace of the room

The terrace was large, with two tables and a chair. All the balconies on the same floor were connected and they were all visible. I could hear the voices of the neighbors, but I did not see them even once. The fences are not very high so it would be easy to climb over it .

You can see the Miami skyscrapers right in front of you.

I can look down the street in front of the hotel.

Because we stayed in the room on the east side, we could not see the sunset from the room.

In the evening, the night view was a magnificent view as it faced the US-1.

Hotel restaurant

You can have breakfast at Isabela's buffet restaurant on the second floor.

For lunch and dinner, there was a restaurant called La Terraza Cafe & Bar that serves international dishes.

There was Drake's Bar on the same floor as the front desk.

Spa and pool at fitness center

Fitness center on the 7th floor

The pool was like an oasis in the city because you can enter while watching the buildings around you. Also, the day we stayed was not open, but is also a bar. There are also many benches and tables, and despite being a large area, you can relax  because there are only few people using it.

The fitness gym is also on the same floor.

There is also a locker room with bath towel so you do not have to take it from the room. Lemon water and apples were stacked in individual packaging.

In addition, facilities located in the hotel

Concierge Desk

Business center

Hotel surroundings

Because the US - 1 is running in front of us, it is always bright and there are lots of traffic, so we it seemed safe.

There are many restaurants and cafés in the vicinity such as Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese and fast food, so you do not have to worry about restaurants without having to eat at the hotel. There is also a 24-hour drug store called CVS opposite the hotel, and a 7-Eleven on the back, which was convenient for buying small drinks and snacks.


To Miami there is a train running at 10 – 15 minutes intervals with a one-time fare of $ 2.25, called Metro Rail, running in the main city. From the airport you can go to Brickell station in the nearest station of the hotel in about 20 minutes. It is about 10 minutes on foot from the hotel to Brickell station. In the vicinity of Brickell station there is a large shopping center called BRICKEL CITY CENTER where they have luxury brands lined up. Also, if you take a free trolley, it is convenient because you can go to the tourist spot both north and south. It is about 20 minutes on foot to downtown. On the way back we used Uber from the hotel to the airport which was about a 15 minute drive.

Staff's situation

While waiting for check-in at the sofa in the lobby, the staff brought a bottle of mineral water and when I asked where the restroom was, the staff said “follow me” and took me there.The hospitality was very nice. This time I stayed for 3 nights, but actually I forgot to make a reservation for one night and booked a room for another night at the front desk right away.

What is the guests' guest base?

Because it was a weekday, or because it was off season, I did not have much opportunity to meet with the guests. Also, I did not see many small children as well, which gave me the  impression that it was calm, with more elderly couples and adults only.


We were very satisfied to stay at this hotel. First of all it was nice to have access to wherever you go. From the Brickell station to Metro Rail south you can go to the fancy town called Coconut Grove and visit Vizcaya Palace, one of the bigest shopping centers and sightseeing spots like Shopes and Merrick Park. There are also many free metro movers and trolleys, and the nearest metro mover station is a 3-minute walk away, and the trolley stop is conveniently located in front of you. The hotel is also clean and luxurious, and you can spend time there comfortably. According to Brickell ‘s US 1, luxury hotels such as W Hotel and Conrad were lining up, but this hotel was affordable among luxury hotels and was comparatively small, so people who want peace and quiet I would recommend if only adults stay. We would like to stay here again if we have the opportunity to come to Miami again.

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