Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa

  • Room Type : 2 stories owner Villa with pool
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 5-people

"Kayumanis Nusadua Private Villa & Spa" was chosen because the hotel's evaluation and reviews are good, that it is located in the development resort named Nusa Dua, there is a private villa. Since my grandmother was also with me this time, I was looking for a villa to be able to spend quietly and slowly, I advised travel agencies that there are calm adult resorts that can only stay over 18 years old. When I looked it up on the internet and the travel site, I found a word that there are good reviews, good breakfast at my favorite time and afternoon tea. Also, when I looked at the pictures, I thought that there was a sense of privacy and that it would be nice to spend it slowly in the villa.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

When arriving it may be called night, but the entrance is small and it was hard to understand. A quietly nodding feeling has brought about an adult 's hideout resort feeling.

Because the entrance and the reception were narrow, it was united. There were one or two people in the daytime and one staff at night, whenever I came in and out, they always smiled and gave me a friendly response.

When you have any requests, you can go directly to the front desk or even call from the room.

Passage to villa

2-story owner Villa What's the room with pool?

The state before the villa entrance door. It seemed like a holiday resort surrounded by nature as a whole like Bali. Because we can accommodate only 20 pairs in all, it is a quiet adult resort.

We stayed at 5 people in a villa which can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

Entrance door seen from within the villa

In the villa, there was a private swimming pool owner room (left building), a kitchen and living room on the first floor, a building with two bedrooms on the second floor (right building), and a private pool. It was my first time staying in a villa, but it was a quality that was beyond my imagination.

First floor living room

First floor kitchen

There was a dining table and a chair right next to the kitchen. There was also a service that brings breakfast to the room, and I was able to get it slowly in the room.

There was a service of afternoon tea.

Each room had a bathroom (shower, washroom, toilet). Also, in every room mosquito coils were cooked. Bed was canopy, pillow was fluffy, comfortable was good. It was two people in a bed which was slightly larger than the king size, but I could sleep it extensively.

There was TV set in bedroom, too.

There was a desk next to the bed.

From the 2nd floor bedroom, we saw a private pool on the 1st floor.

The opposite window was facing outside the premises, but I could not see anything except the green trees. Just as private villa & spa, I think that it is directing a completely private space. Because there were no buildings higher than 2 stories in the facility, I think that it is common for the entire facility. Also, there was not anything other than birds' barking sounds.

The depth of the private pool was about the height of the chest. Leaves and flowers are floating, but the water was beautiful. Towels were prepared in the room for going to the beach and the pool. Temperature was just right to enter the pool. There were deck chairs available for the number of people on the poolside.


There was a bathroom in each room, but only the owner room was installed outdoors and there was a stone bathtub.

There is no bathtub in the bathroom in our room, it was only shower room. There was a shower room at the back of the bathroom. The bathroom was barrier-free and the shower room was separated by glass doors. The shower room had two kinds of overhead shower and hand shower.

Although both temperature and water pressure could be adjusted, I thought that water pressure may be a little stronger.

Before the shower room, there was a toilet on the left side.

There was a sink in the opposite side of the toilet.

Amenity, shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, toothbrush etc. were prepared. Although it was relatively minimal, there was nothing particularly troubling. The shampoo, conditioner, body scrub was a Bali-like, organic fragrance / texture. Because it is a unique scent, there may be likes and dislikes. I brought a shampoo and conditioner when traveling, but this time I used what was prepared in the amenity. The finish of the hair became smoothly moist.

It looks like the door of the bathroom was seen from the shower room side. The bathroom was black tiled, and it was dark both day and night. Because lighting is dark, it may not be suitable for making.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a safety box and a closet in each room.

In the closet there was a bathrobe, a basketbag (for going out to the neighborhood), a hanger and a safety box.

Safety box was standard, there was nothing troubles especially with operation.

Inside of the safety box

Mini bar / cafe

A refrigerator was installed in each room.

In the refrigerator, there was always a refrigerator in any room where diet cola (can) × 2, sprite (can) × 2, bintang beer (can) × 2, water (bottle) × 4 was kept. Another room water (bottle) × 1. You can ask yourself if you do not have it, and will replenish it when cleaning it twice a day.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We used "Piasan Restaurant" in the facility for breakfast.

Entrance to "Piasan Restaurant"

It is a very fashionable restaurant.

I was able to choose as much as I wanted from the abundant menu. Western and Indonesian cuisine, both were delicious. Salads, egg dishes, main (fish and nasi goreng etc.), dessert, fruit juice, coffee after meal, each kind was abundant.

Nasi goreng that I got for breakfast

On the private beach, there is a service to eat breakfast while watching the morning sun, such as Sunrise Morning for only 6 people every morning (Prior reservation is necessary, menus are chosen from dedicated menus, same as breakfast with every morning charge There is no need for).

There was a shop selling small glassy Bali souvenir near the entrance.

There were many sundry goods system of Bali, we also sold the basket bag which was put in the room. Basically there are no people in the store, I think that the entrance will come when buying.

Facilities in the hotel

There was also outdoor common pool in hotel. During the stay, no one used a shared pool, but it was a beautiful pool.

There was a private beach, too. It is within the premises, but it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the beach. I also lend my bike. The private beach is lined with the general beach, but it was divided by partitions. A private bar counter is provided and you can ask for a drink as you like. The beach was beautiful and the sunrise from there was awesome.

Although it used spa, it was full-scale and it was very good. The 90-minute spa is a service that comes with all guests and will make a reservation in advance.

Hotel surroundings environment

There were lots of hotels in the surroundings, and it was easy to spend because it was clean and quiet overall. The hotel seemed to be facing the beach in general. As a neighboring facility, there was a Bali collection near the nearest and 5 minutes by car. Also, in order to enter the Nusa Dua area where the hotel is located, it is necessary to go through security gate, so security is good and I think that it is a place where tourists can spend peace especially in Bali. As I left the security gate, the local scenery of Bali spread out at once.

Bali Collection

Staff & Customers

Every staff member was very attentive and kindly attentive. In the morning I cleaned the premises very carefully and greeted me with a smile whenever I pass nearby. Collaboration between staff well, and if you asked for anything, we responded promptly. Japanese staff also came in, and when I took you to the first room, I politely explained the room. Other staff was basic English, but some staff could speak Japanese a little. I was speaking English slowly, so I think it was relatively easy to hear. There was nothing to be particularly inconvenient.

Because we can only stay over 18 years old, the audience members were only adults. I saw a family celebrating a wedding ceremony, a couple etc. Of course there were those who stayed with each other. As seen from the reviews, it seems that some people stayed alone. Age ranges were various.


It is about 40 minutes by car from the airport. Because it is Nusa Dua, there are many resort hotels around and there is a quest to enter that area? I think that security is very good because it goes through the gate like. In the vicinity, there is an outdoor shopping center named Bali collection at 5 minutes by car, there are also supermarket etc. there. Food and cosmetics souvenirs were cheaper than buying at the airport. We pick you up from the hotel by car. Cookies and water are prepared in the shuttle car and you can get it freely.


We stayed at this hotel and it was very good. In the beginning, I was lost as to whether to make it to the same price range Ritz Carlton, but as a matter of fact it means that the villa that we can stay together with 5 people is good, we decided to stay at this “Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa” It was. It was the feeling that it was ideal as a hideout resort of Bali as it was as the homepage which was looking at beforehand in the entire facility as a whole. The villa I stayed was much larger than I had expected, beautiful, the staff’s correspondence was also very kind, and it was just a person who was nice. Every morning breakfast had plenty of choices and everything was delicious. In addition, I wanted to stay when I go to Bali next time. I used this for my family trip this time, but thought that I could go with my friends and lover.

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