L Hotel Nina et Convention Center

  • Room Type : Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "L Hotel Nina et Convention Center" because I thought it was cheap as it didn't cost US$100 per night when I took prices in Hong Kong into consideration, and actually it was lower price than other hotels. Moreover it was close to the sea when I checked the map, and I thought the view from the hotel must be good. I was planning to stay in Hong Kong for 3 nights and I booked a cheap hotel in Kowloon for 2 nights. I wanted to stay in a different area and a better hotel for one night. That's why I started to find another hotel in Hong Kong. This hotel had good reviews and 5 star on the online travel booking site, so I thought it must be good.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

Tower 1 which I stayed this time has 41 floors and tower 2 has 77 flores, so my first impression about this hotel is very high. Especially tower 2 seems to be highest in this area, and I expected that it is a luxurious hotel.

The entrance was not so easy to find because it was under construction around the hotel. I had a little bit cramped impression around the entrance as there are so many shops nearby. However, the hotel looked magnificent and luxurious, and I thought it's a great hotel as a whole.

A drive through drop off point


The entrance has double doors.


Around the front desk

Front desk

Ground Floor Elevator Hall

The interior of the elevator was mirror-finished.

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

The corridor of the guest room floor was curved.

Corridor around the room

What is Standard Room like?

Room entrance door

The room is big enough for 1 person as it accommodates up to 2 people, but you might feel it's a little bit small when you stay at the room with 2 people. The hotel seems not to be new, but the room is cleaned thoroughly.

I personally don't like a bed which is too soft, but it is moderately hard and comfortable to sleep in.

There is a TV opposite the bed.

There is a desk and a chair under the TV.

There was a sofa and a footstool next to the bed.

A view from the window

A view from the window

There are big windows on 3 sides, so the room commands a fine view. The view was much better than I expected as it was on the 39th floor and facing the ocean.

There is a balcony, but we can't get out probably for prevention of falling.

It is certainly true that I feel scared to step out on the balcony on the 39th floor and it's dangerous.

Unfortunately it had been really cloudy during my stay, but you can see a great view if it's clear weather.

There are some higher buildings around the hotel, so it's disappointing there is a blind area.

I am very satisfied with the view though there were dirt on the outside of the window in some places and I was concerned about them when I took photos.

The night view was beautiful, too.


The shower space is seperated from the bathtub. The doors of the shower space and the toilet were opaque glass doors and they looked stylish.

There wasn't any problems with the water pressure of the shower, and I could adjust it by twisting the tap. However, it took time till hot water comes out. The shower head was fixed to the wall and it was a little bit hard to wash my feet as I could change the direction only.

There was nothing problems about the amount of hot water and the temperature, so I could fill the bathtub with hot water quickly. It was nice for me to be able to have a bath overseas as I didn't have much experience about it in other countries.



A view from inside the bathroom. There is a bathroom on the right side from the entrance door.

There are 2 sets of toothbrush, a comb, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, a bar of soap and a shower cap as amenities. Each amenity is packed in a box and they are prepared neatly in the clear plastic case. I only used body soap and a toothbrush, but the amount of body soap wasn't much and it was hard to squeeze it out of the plastic bottle. I was a little disappointed that there is no razor.

There was a hair dryer, too.

Closet and Safety Box

There is a big closet beside the bed.

There is a spare pillow, 12 hangers, a safety box and 2 pairs of slippers in the closet. Slippers are made of paper and look cheap.

The Safety box is a common type that sets the PIN.

Inside the safety box

Minibar & cafe corner

There is a cafe corner on the shelf next to the desk. There is an electric kettle, 2 bottles of free water, cups and glasses, instant coffee, tea bags, sugar and milk there. I had a cup of tea, but the taste is nothing special. Personally I wanted to drink green tea because the hotel is in Asia.


There was nothing in the fridge.

Restaurants in the hotel

The restaurant was extra charge and very expensive. I only had breakfast at "Cafe Circles".

It was buffet style breakfast.

I felt the menu was not many varieties.

Inside the breakfast venue

The restaurant has high ceiling, and is modern and elegant atmosphere. The spacious chairs are arranged in the restaurant.

The taste was very delicious. There seems to be "Ru Chinese Restaurant" in the hotel, too.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness center on the 9th floor of the hotel.

You can work out in a relaxing space covered with glass walls from floor to ceiling.

There seems to be a 50m outdoor infinity pool and an indoor heated pool on the 9th floor, but I couldn't use them for maintenance while I was staying at the hotel.

Area around the hotel

It seems that there are many hotels around this area and there are many tourists and local people who are engaged in tourism. The atmosphere around this area is quite different from the business area in the centre of Hong Kong and it is relatively quiet and safe. There are many high-rise apartments like a company house in a little far away place from this area, and it seems to be very safe there, too. I think this area is perfect for walking and running as it is surrounded by ocean and small hills and has a great view.

A view around the hotel

Hotel staff & Customers

It seemed to have minimum manners like other hotels with a certain rank. The response wasn’t always great such as answering the phone during my check-in, but it was mostly fine. Basically I interacted with hotel staff in English. Many of the guests were Chinese and the hotel staff seemed to speak Chinese as well.It was occasionally difficult to understand their English, but it was not particularly inconvenient as I could understand if I asked them several times.

I saw several groups of Chinese and German guests. I think most guests were families, but I didn't see many  little children. I didn't see a guest who are wearing suit, and many guests are wearing shorts and T-shirts.


Access is great as it is located on the way from the airport to the city centre. However, we need to walk for about 15 minutes without getting lost from the nearest Metro station. It might take a little bit more for the first time as the road is complicated. Hong Kong is a safe place, but you should take note of pickpockets as people are here and there.

It was convenient as there are butchers, restaurants, large shopping malls around the hotel. However, it was necessary to cross the pedestrian bridge every time to cross the road and it was a little bit troublesome. There were also road work around the hotel and we couldn't pass through in some points.

The market near the hotel (a butcher and a fish store)

Shopping center near the hotel


There were some disappointments such as pay WiFi, dirty windows, expensive restaurants, but I am very happy to stay in the room facing the sea on the 39th floor. It was lucky to stay at about US$100 when we considered the interior, the view from the room, the atmosphere of the corridor and the facilities like a gym. However, there seems to be some hotels which are closer to the sea or taller than this hotel, so it is worth considering if your budget permits. As a whole, I’m satisfied with my stay at this hotel.

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