Las Vegas Bellagio

  • Room Type : Fountain View King
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The hotel "BELLAGIO" is a world-famous hotel & casino in the center of Las Vegas, USA. You can enjoy plenty of extraordinary entertainment like the Las Vegas fountain show in front of hotel, show "O" of Cirque du Soleil, and a beautiful botanical garden. In this trip I saw show "O" of Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas as one purpose, and because the theater was in the hotel, I stayed at "Bellagio" where access is convenient.

Las Vegas Bellagio exterior, entrance, reception

“Bellagio” is a hotel facing the Strip Boulevard which is in the center of Las Vegas, convenient for sightseeing on the strip boulevard and to go shopping. It is a distance of about 10 minutes by car from McCarran International Airport, which is the gateway.

"Bellagio" looked simple and classic in Las Vegas, famous for its unique appearance, such as a pyramid and a hotel that imitated New York. From the Strip Boulevard, you can see the famous big fountain. The hotel is built like it is holding the fountain with both hands. At night, the hotel was lit up and I enjoyed it as a background of the fountain show. The curved walls and dome on the top of the hotel was beautiful.

There are no light ups during the day, but it looks dignified. Although, I was not able to get a photograph, there is a guest room building on the back of the hotel, which means that the hotel is a T-shaped building which draws a curve.

There were two entrances, and the entrance with the reception desk had a revolving door. Since we needed to get around the fountain and cross the entrance of parking, the approach from the strip boulevard was a bit far. The entrance here seems to be convenient to get in by a taxi.

The entrance on the north also has a revolving door. As soon as I entered, there was a Starbucks, and when I went up the stairs and went to the hotel center, luxury boutiques were lined up. In addition, it was also connected with the direct pedestrian deck next to the hotel "Caesars Palace", which was convenient for walking. However, because it is a little far to get to the front desk from this entrance, I recommend using the south entrance when checking in.

At the front desk, you will first be stigmatized by the beautiful ceiling decoration. Various flowers that are made of Venetian glasses spread overhead and you can enjoy the ornate atmosphere of Las Vegas while waiting to check-in. When I visited in October it was decorated with Halloween decorations and samurai-like objects riding on a horses.

The counter at the front desk is made of marble and which made it seem high class. The front desk was large and there were many. However, it was very crowded and I had to wait in line for about 20 minutes. I checked in around 17 o'clock on a weekday, but the lanes themselves were prepared for a long line for more crowded times.

There was a huge Halloween decor at the front desk and behind the desk, so I was able to enjoy it while waiting in line to check-in. The hotel was good with putting  exciting objects throughout the room.

When checking in, I hand-wrote my name, address, e-mail address, showed my ID (passport), and paid the deposit. The name, address, and e-mail address seemed to be typed in to the computer to check the spelling. It seemed that it was taking time for other guests to do the same procedure as well.

After the procedure, the card key was handed over and I got an explanation of the facility. The card key is used to enter the room and to use the facilities inside the hotel such as the spa and pool. Also, we used a parking car on board a rental car, but parking fee was said to be free if you pass the room key when you leave. Since I paid with my credit card, checkout at the front desk was unnecessary, and later that checkout information will be sent to the registered e-mail address. When checking out, one room key was returned to the room key post in the elevator hall etc, and the other was okay to keep as a souvenir after leaving the parking. Also, since our room was a fountain view room, when we aligned the TV channels, we could listen to the music flowing at the fountain show in real time and tell us the time schedule of the fountain show.

The return post of the room key was in the front area, the elevator hall, and etc.

The time schedule of the fountain show was handed to me on a A4 size paper. At this time, a fountain show was held every 15 minutes from 15:00 to 20:00 and from 23:55 on until 20:00 on weekdays.

The elevator was concentrated in the central part of the hotel, but the elevators riding on the floor were sorted out so that we did not feel crowded at any time.

This time we stayed on the 8th floor, so we used an elevator for the 4th to 11th floors. There were six elevators alone for those floors.

The buttons in the elevator look like this. The button of the lobby floor was not "LOBBY" but "CASINO", it was Las Vegas, and it was fun.

In the guest rooms of Las Vegas Bellagio Fountain View King?

I thought that I wanted to see as many fountain shows as a specialty of “Bellagio” as much as possible and I reserved a room (fountain view) on the side that can see the fountain. For the cheap room with a fountain view, the bed size was King or Queen. Since, there were two of us staying, we chose a cheaper room. In a spacious and beautiful room, I was able to spend a relaxing night.

The interior was more modern than I expected, and the pattern of the wallpaper was pretty. The lighting in the room was also warm, with a calm atmosphere.

The corridor to the room had a bright color to it. Since the elevator is in the center of the building, you will have to walk a long distance if your room is at the end.

The door had the room number on it so it was easy to find our room. You can insert the card key and the door open it when the green light flashes. The lighting inside the room could be turned on and off without having to insert the card key anywhere.  

The king size bed was spacious and it was comfortable for us not to worry about each other even if we slept together. Pillows and foot placement were also substantial. The mattress was fluffy and soft, but I could sleep soundly without sinking too much. The comforters were covers and blankets, but there was no problem because the room temperature could be adjusted.

You can see the hotel opposite the fountain by looking at the window from the bed.

This is the view from the window. The Eiffel Tower at the opposite hotel "Paris Las Vegas" looked beautiful.

I could see the fountain show very well. The room on the 8th floor was a little low to see all of the fountains, but we enjoyed it without going outside to see the fountain show which is frequently held every 15 to 30 minutes. "Bellagio" is very large inside the hall, it took about 10 minutes to go to see the fountain from the room, so I was able to use the time effectively because I could appreciate it from the room.

When watching the fountain show, when I adjusted the indoor television channel to "Fountains of Bellagio", I was able to listen to the music flowing at the show. I was not able to feel the intensity of the show  but I enjoyed it enough.

There were two one-seated sofas, and I was able to sit comfortably.

There was a solid desk and a white office chair, so it seemed possible to do work. There was also a power supply and LAN terminal on the side of the desk.

Among the drawers of the desk, there were paper letters and envelopes, instructions on how to play the casino, and etc. The letter paper and the envelopes had the name  "Bellagio" on it. I thought that it would be a memorial to travel by sending air mail, but I was too exhausted to do so.

The closet was spacious and had a bathrobe. Also, an iron and an ironing board and a luggage table was included. There were no slippers. Since there were 14 hangers in the closet, it seems that you can hang clothes without any problem even for a long stay.

The safety box is in an unusual place and I had to look for it for a while. It was in the drawer of the side table on the right side of the bed. Although the operation method was only in English, it was not troubled because the operation method was simple. However, in the United States, whenever you buy alcohol at a restaurant or a convenience store, you are required to present ID (Passport as a traveler) and you do not need to carry large amounts of cash (payment is almost all credit card) so  I did not actually use a safety box. I would like to use it if I get a large amount of money at the casino.

The switch of the light of the room was not concentrated in one place, and it was necessary to turn lights on in many places. The picture is a switch near the entrance of the room, the left side for the light of the upper part of the bed, the right side was for opening and closing the curtain. "DRAPERY" was a thick curtain, "SHEER" was a thin lace curtain switch.

The temperature setting of the air conditioner was operated with this control panel. Although it was displayed in Fahrenheit (℉), I was able to switch to Celsius (° C) display. The whole air conditioning in the hotel was a bit cold, but as I was able to set the temperature of the room freely, I was able to set it at just the right temperature.

Several art pieces were hung in the room.

This is the view from our room around 8 am. It was cloudy in the morning, but I could see the situation of the hotels surrounding.

Las Vegas Bellagio What is the bathroom and amenities?

The Fountain View King’s bathroom was very spacious, with a separate bathtub and shower booth. For a hotel in the United States, the bathtub was wide and deep, and I could relax in the hot water.

When you enter the bathroom, there was a large sink. In the back is a toilet and a shower booth in front right.

There is a bathtub on the left side of the sink. There was no shower, so there were no partitions to prevent water splash and there was a sense of freedom. There was a faucet where hot water came out and a faucet where cold water came out, and so I  was able to adjust temperature of the water. The hot water was steadily hot and it came out vigorously, so I was able to prepare a warm bath right away. I was able to soak until the bottom of my chest when I sat down in the bathtub.

The shower booth was separated by the glass, and water did not leak even if it took a normal shower. The shower head was fixed on the wall, but I was able to change the angle. The temperature was changed by one condition, the hot water was steadily heated by the twisting the faucet. Cold water only came out at the beginning, but not for long. Because the position of the shower head is high, I think that experience will change depending on height, but there was firm water pressure.

There was body wash and soap in the shower booth.

The mirror in the sink was very big and the lights were on both sides, so it would be easy to do makeup.

There was also a magnifying mirror that make woman happy. There was a switch on the wall, and I was able to turn on the light of the edge of the magnifying glass.

On top of the washstand there was a fancy tissue case and two glasses. I used this glass to brush my teeth. I was nervous to use it because I was afraid that I might  drop it.

Also, there was an Australian brand called "LANOVELA", shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and soap. Body wash and soap in the shower booth are the same brand. I was able to take them all back home. It had a sweet coconut smell to it. I think that there is a preference, but I was able to use it pleasantly. For men it may be a bit too sweet scented. There were no amenities such as a toothbrush, razor, and cotton. On the front card there was an explanation to the effect that if you do not need towel change, they would like us to leave the towels hanging.

There was a dryer and a mini towel in the drawer. The dryer was simply made with only hot air, but it had a firm air volume and it was easy to use.

The toilet was normal, but clean and the toilet paper was very soft. There is no washlette.

Las Vegas Bellagio What is the built mini bar?

The shelf under the TV was a mini bar. Everything was charged except for ice.

There was a refrigerator in the shelf, with charged drink. Soft drinks such as carbonated water, cola and juice, beer and spirit, whiskey, little sweets, and etc. There were a variety of things. There was no free space to use. There was a note in the languages ​​of various languages ​​at the door of the refrigerator. When I took out the drink of the refrigerator, it said that it will automatically be charged with the room.

On the shelf there are free-use ice pails and glasses. Ice had vending machines on each floor and it was free to use, so if you want to cool drinks you bought, you could put ice in the ice pale and chill it. However, it is troublesome to go to the vending machine, so we were drinking at room temperatured water that we bought.

Paid water, Bellagio brand snacks were also placed. It was written in English that it will be charged to the room automatically when moving from a predetermined place.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel Entertainment Powerful fountain show

“Bellagio” has numerous entertainments, but the biggest fountain show that you should not miss.

Depending on the day of the week and time zone, a fountain show will be held every 15 to 30 minutes in the afternoon. Although I could watch the fountain show from the room and enjoy playing music, I recommend that you go out to the Strip Boulevard and watch it from the front.

When the fountain goes up the highest, the roaring sound. Like when the fireworks rise and it is so intense, people unexpectedly say "Oh ~".

Music and fountain production changed throughout the day, so I wanted to go see it many times.

The fountain not only rises straight, it shows various expressions according to the song.

By the way, the spot where you can see the fountain show from the front was a bit crowded as people gathered just before the show. It is not as pretty as we could have in the queue, but as the show began, as the passing street kept stopping one after another, it seemed to be crowded gradually. We were able to stand at the best position by getting there 5 minutes before it started.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel's Entertainment Cirque du Soleil's "O (O)" appreciation!

There is a permanent theater “O (O)” of Cirque du Soleil in the hall.

"O" is also known as a show which rendered Cirque du Soleil which is world famous. You can watch a breathtaking show that makes use of synchronized swimming and dive. In addition to the performers' wonderful performances, you can have a wonderful experience as if you were lost in a different world by unique and colorful costumes, live music, fantastic lighting effects, and breathtaking effects.

The theater is on the north side of the hotel, opposite the front. There is a ticket counter in the front, and there is an entrance behind it. We printed out tickets purchased on the official website on our own, so we showed it and we were able to enter the theater.

There is a gift shop "O" in front of the entrance. It seems that you can buy goods and programs there. The program costed $ 20.

When entering the entrance, there is a ticket check and you will be guided by through the  gate to your seat. The aisle became an art gallery and there were memorial photographs taken by the camera staff (photography itself is free, print out fee charged), and sales of the program took place.

There were shops selling goods, snacks and drinks in front of the theater. "O" is very popular and we heard that it was better to book in advance, so we reserved the front row from the official website four months before the trip. (The seat in the front rows were already almost full even months before.) As a result of actually seeing it, when it was a seat in the front, I was able to feel the fine expression and dynamic production of the cast by the skin , I thought that it was nice to hold down a good seat in advance. If you are staying in Las Vegas for a couple of days, you may want to ask the concierge of the hotel to appreciate it on the day when you can get the best seat. However, there are days when the show is not held, so I think that you should check in advance the days that it is held.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel's Entertainment Halloween Specification Botanical Garden

There is a beautiful botanical garden on the lobby floor. Just stayed in October, so the botanical garden is full of Halloween. Flower and pumpkin decoration is the basis, but there was elaborate decoration such as theme park such as big tree with big face, huge peacock. It was a pleasant space with some water flowing and there was a small fountain. Because it is indoors, it is not so big space, but many people enjoyed the botanic garden and took a memorial photo.

There is a small fountain in the labor of the botanical garden. This fountain was also visible from the front desk. The fountain was also colored in orange base with Halloween specification.

As soon as entering the botanical garden there is a passage through the center and a gazebo (Western style bamboo). From this gazebo you can look around the whole botanical garden. The ceiling is glazed and sunlight is inserted in the daytime. It was night time when I visited, so it was lit up with blue and purple colors like Halloween.

In the back of the botanical garden, two gigantic peacocks faced each other. The tail part is colored with fresh flowers.

The peacocks were quite large, and it seemed that height was about 3 meters.

On both sides, there are objects of big trees with faces along with flowers.

Are they preparing for Halloween? It looks pretty real and it seems as if it would start moving at any time.

This big tree was in the pond, but the fountain which was lighted up and the atmosphere of the smoke made it a fairly suspicious atmosphere ....

This big tree moves his eyes. (The first one is facing left and the second one is facing right.) The real Halloween is getting into control.

There was a peacock of normal size on the big tree.

Pumpkins like Halloween were decorated everywhere. I often saw pumping squirrels that are held by both hands at ordinary prices in this supermarket, but not limited to Las Vegas.

The acorn object was made from moss.

There was a pretty scare-crow. They were all done so well, I was curious to see decorations for other seasons.  

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel's Entertainment Casino

There is a casino on the lobby floor. When checking in at the reception and looking back, there is a casino corner right there.

The central part of the lobby floor is almost a casino, dotted with restaurants and shops to surround the casino. There is no entrance gates or checks, so you can really enjoy the casino in a casual way. There were various games from slots to table games. Even in an old-fashioned slot machine with high-performance slot games with digital display, table games with dealers, digitized roulette and etc. There were various ways of enjoying even from casual players in the slots to celebrities who are playing table games in the lounge where only VIP can enter. We did not have time, so I tried playing at the slot machines of McCarran International Airport later. I started with 1 dollar, it was easy to pick the amount of chips to bet and just turn the slot. Because there was a machine which can play the hotel slot machine from a few dollars, I felt that I should have tried a slot in this gorgeous atmosphere.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel's restaurant Eat breakfast buffet buffet

“Bellagio” has restaurants with various price and genres, so that meals can be made according to budget and scenes. First, we will introduce the breakfast of “THE BUFFE” that we actually went to. Breakfast was $ 23.99 per person plus tax, but the meals were really rich in variations, worth more than the price.

The all-you-can-eat buffet is on the north side of "Bellagio" and next to it there is a gift shop by Cirque du Soleil. As you can see, the entrance is easy to understand.

The buffet is open from 7 am to 10 pm. Depending on the day of the week and time of day, dishes offered include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. However, there seems to be no change of seats by time zone. Our breakfast was late so the menu of the day started to line up around the end of the meal, but in particular we were not urged to change the seats. Even if you enter the restaurant at the end of breakfast time, you do not need to rush and eat.

When entering from the entrance, there is a long lane. The left side was a normal customer, the middle one is the priority lane, the right side is the lane used when leaving the store. In the priority lane, it seemed that people who received a preferential treatment at MGM Resort company member system "M Life" which is the operation source of "Bellagio" are lined up. The lane's destination is a cash register, we will make a advance payment and enter the shop. At this time it was not so crowded, we had 2 or 3 pairs in front, but we were able to accounting and enter the buffet soon.

After finishing paying, the number of people was checked from the people on the floor and guided to the table. The inside of the store was quite large, there was an area to cook in the center, and there were several sectioned sections surrounding it. There seemed no difference depending on the section, but since there was a drink bar in each section, it seemed that we had to guide the guests to the next section after we occupied almost one section.

This is the area where food is served. There is a provision area integrated with the kitchen along the wall, and there were about three independent providing areas like the third picture. The independent area was bread, cold vegetables, fruit was the main. Both the size and variety of richness was the most unlimited breakfast we ever had. The area offered is roughly a salad bar, an American breakfast area where egg dishes, bacon and ham, pancakes and so on are lining ·Areas such as bread, sweet pastry, cereal, oatmeal, dessert · Mexican cuisine area · Ethnic cuisine area · Coffee area · It was divided into fruit and yogurt area.) The American breakfast area was the most fulfilling place, so I made an omelet on the spot and baked pancakes in front of me. It seemed that fruits and cold dishes were offering the same menu at two places and countermeasures against congestion were also done. Although it is plenty, I will also introduce each area as well.

In the salad bar there were leaves such as lettuce, spinach, mix green and sliced ​​onion, shredded carrots, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, cheese and so on. There were six kinds of dressing, but there were many creamy things such as French dressing.  As I tend to run out of vegetables while traveling, the salad bar was delightful.

In the American breakfast area, potatoes such as crunchy bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, baked potatoes, baked tomatoes, etc were provided in a heated state. The white one on the right side of the bottom photo was like a scrambled egg made with egg whites called "GULTEN FREE EGG WHITE".

Warm staple food is abundant, too. Everything was popular, but as soon it was replenished, I could eat freshly. First of all, French toast. Next to is the strawberry sauce.

On Waffle there was a brand "B" of "Bellagio". Next to is the heated maple sauce.

The pancake was baked on the spot was supplemented one after another. Butter was found at the corner of bread to introduce later, so I was able to take it from there.

Egg Benedict was also provided in a hot state.

There were also hot biscuits and gravy sauce. Biscuit seemed to be eaten with sauce containing gravy juice.

There were also toast and pizza. I was surprised to see pizza for breakfast, but it is a complete set of items.

In the middle of this area, the kitchen had a service that made omelets according to the order. This place is popular and there were always 3 to 5 people lined up.

You can choose omelets from egg types · EGG WHITE ... Egg white only · EGG BEATERS ... Egg white with nutritious and seasoned egg whites without egg yolk · WEHOLE EGG ... whole egg First select the type of egg, then select the ingredients and tell it. The ingredients were pungent and cheese such as meat and seafood such as bacon, ham, shrimp and crab body, vegetables such as spinach, tomato, onion, mushrooms, jalapeno and etc.

For the kitchen, we listened to two or three people at once and made a small omelet with a small pan. As the ingredients of the omelets were lined up in front of the frying pan, it seemed possible to order by pointing. There were also free orders such as "I want you to make it without eggs" and "I want you to put sausage warming next to me" when listening to other customers' orders, but they responded quickly to any of them.

This is the omelet I ordered. All eggs, ham, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese. Cheese had white cheese and cheddar cheese in it for about 1 month. Although it was salty and delicious without source, it was deliciously eaten, but at this time I tried salsa sauce that was in Mexican cooking area. It was spicy and good. I ordered casually, but I am quite full with this omelet. Those who want to have fun will find it better to share with their companions or to ask them to make them in less amount.

Next to the omelet, there was ham and pork sausage, chicken sausage that cuts on the spot. I received ham, and it was juicy and tasty.

On the back of the omelette corner, bread, sweet pastries, desserts etc were lined up. I did not eat so much on my own, but if I had the next opportunity I was rich enough to go through several days with just this corner. First of all, there are bagels and petit bread, butter, jam and so on. You can take jams for each bottle.

The serial bar was simple in three kinds. There seemed to be ones with nuts, raisins, cinnamon powder and etc.

There was also oatmeal that seemed American.

There was a croissant made with ordinary wheat and one with millet.

Sweet pastries such as Apple Danish and Chocolate Denish were abundant, too. There was one of ordinary size and one bite size.

There were also muffins and pound cakes. It is not a cake, but from the morning I can choose a lot of sweet things I feel happy Just here, the front was "Sugar Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins" The middle was explained as "Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins". Sugar free, gluten free, etc. There is a menu with consideration for health, it is American. The back was a normal pound cake.

It seems that this chocolate cake is also gluten-free.

There were plenty of sauces to eat with bread and pastries. The picture is a caramelized apple. There was also a caramelized peach and a heated maple syrup.

My favorite is granola yoghurt with honey, with honey on the bottom, raw rice berries and raspberries in rich yogurt, granola on top, mixed well, it is sweet but it was delicious.

There was also a soft cream machine. It looked like there were mango frost and melon frost taste. Next to it was a topping of nuts and chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

There was mainly Chinese in the ethnic area. There was stir-fried food, meat, fried noodles, rice porridge, fried rice and others.

Japanese food only had miso soup. It seems to change depending on the day of the week and time of day, so there may be days when there are many Japanese food a lot.

Mexican cuisine was prepared with multiple salsa sauces and ingredients wrapped in tortilla.

There were plentiful cold dishes using fresh tomatoes and vegetables.

There were dry fruits and crackers to eat together with cheese.

There was also a cut fruit and platter of raw strawberries and berries. Next to the fruits, plain yoghurt, mango yoghurt, whipped cream and so on, we were able to eat together. Besides cut fruits, bananas and apples were offered as circles.

Forks, knives, spoons are available in the seats, but dishes and the like are located in several areas of the cooking area and served dishes for free. I was happy that chopsticks were also placed in the dish.

The drink bar was simple. Coffee was provided by the server, there were regulars and decafes. Milk and chocolate milk came out from a large server on the right side of the photo.

Tea were several tea bags, made by pouring hot water from the server. There were several kinds of tea, herb tea, green tea and etc.

The juice server was a new thing to choose your favorite taste from the touch panel. Apart from the one in the photo, there was also a simple server where orange juice and grapefruit juice come out.

If you pay a little more, you can drink as much as you want. There were also counter seats, and some people enjoyed drinking there.

The variety was so rich that I could not eat everything but everything I ate was delicious. The omelet was very hot, and the fluffy texture of the pancake did not seem to be what it would eat at the shop. It was easy to eat meat dishes, Chinese and cold dishes, and fruits and salads were fresh. It was always fun to be supplemented and to choose whatever you like. It is a shame that we can not taste it very much at once. In addition, if I came to Las Vegas, I definitely wanted to have a meal here again.

Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel's Restaurant etc.

In addition to the all-you-can-eat buffet, there were many shops ranging in price and atmosphere, such as noodle shops, Thai cuisine, Italian, Japanese, casual dining, chocolate shops, cafes, Starbucks and night clubs.

"CAFE BELLAGIO" is a cafe facing the botanical garden, where you can eat snacks in addition to tea and dessert. If you do not have to eat all you can eat, it looks good for breakfast here as well.

Going further from the botanical garden there is a chocolate specialty shop called "Jean-Philippe Patisserie". Here, the largest chocolate fountain in the world is exhibited. From the ceiling to the floor, you can watch the different chocolate flowing through the beautiful slope of the glass flowing.

I can not really eat it, but it is worth a look at the world's largest chocolate fondue. In the store you can buy ice cream and pastries besides chocolate. There is not an eat-in space in the store, but there were tables and sofas in the surroundings so there were many people who sit there and enjoy ice cream.

Beyond "Jean-Philippe Patisserie" there was a stylish restaurant called "Harvest". The bar counter was also fashionable, and it was the impression that there are many people who eat light dinner with alcohol.

In the vicinity of the reception there is a lounge "PETROSSIAN PARIS" with piano live performances. There was a menu of afternoon tea in calm atmosphere like hotel lounge.

There were plenty of restaurants around the casino as well. This was a restaurant of Cantonese cuisine called "JASMINE". Since the window side seat faces the fountain here, you can enjoy a fountain show while eating. There were several other restaurants facing the fountain. It seems to be fun even if you reserve a seat where you can see a fountain if you eat luxurious dinner.

"Lily Bar & Lounge" is a bar facing the casino. Also, there are several bar spaces and lounges where you can drink while playing games at the casino. You can not use it unless you are playing games. Although the restaurant has a range in the price range, it is expensive overall, so it seemed better to distinguish according to the scene. There were also restaurants in the chain in neighboring hotels and shopping centers, so if you decide to walk a little farther, you can enjoy a reasonable meal.

Las Vegas Bellagio hotel shops etc.

There were various shops in the hall. There were many high-branded luxury shops, and if you want to buy drinks easily, you had to use a bending machine or go to a shop like a convenience store in a hotel street.

There were luxury boutiques such as Valentino, Chanel, Tiffany, Omega, jewelry shops, watch shops and so on. It is open until 12 o'clock in the evening, so you can enjoy brand shopping for a long time.

When entering from the entrance on the north side, luxury boutiques lined up on both sides and it looked like a high-end mall.

There were also some shops around the botanical garden. At the shop "Essentials", souvenirs such as clothes and goods of the "Bellagio" logo and sweets were on sale.

In the shop attached to Spasalon, spa goods and clothes were also sold.

At "Giardini Garden Store", we sold flowers and greens. Also, we already have plenty of Christmas trees and ornament items.

Surroundings of the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel

The surroundings were similar hotels and casinos, and it had a very gorgeous atmosphere. There were many manpower at night on the strip boulevard. It was calm because it was bright with only basic tourists. I occasionally found a woman who looked like a samba girl or a cosplayer for an animated character. These people are requesting chips as they take a commemorative photo. Some people enjoy shooting for memories, but it seems better to know that it is not free.

In the area around the hotel, we stopped by the via pub of the hotel "Paris Las Vegas" and the "CVS" next to it.

Since I wanted to have dinner quickly after seeing the fountain show, I entered a beer pub called "BEER PARK". It was an outdoor shop that used the restaurant's rooftop on the first floor, which was cooler at night so it was easy to spend. I ordered a steak salad and fried macaroni & cheese wrapped in tortilla and fried. Tortilla was quite voluminous, so we were satisfied with just that.

Luckily it was a seat where I could see a fountain show of "Bellagio", but after the meal I was planning to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil, so I could not do it very slowly. There was also a sports bar-like aspect, some people relayed baseball games in several places, and some people were excited. As the name of the store, there were plenty of beer types, so it is recommended for beer lovers. Although there is no picture, I stopped by at a shop like "Drugstore / convenience store" called "CVS" located next to this store. It is open 24 hours and it is several times larger than convenience stores in Japan. There are plenty of easy-to-eat foods such as medicine, supplements, toiletries, batteries, a little household appliances, drinks and sweets, and sandwiches. Although it is not cheap, it was better compared to the hotel price, it was an impression that it sells at the regular price or less. There were various boutiques, restaurants and shows in the neighboring hotels, and famous American shops seemed to be able to conquer all the way. Especially the show was selling differently for each hotel, and it was fulfilling enough to see them all.

What is Las Vegas Bellagio Access?

Access from the airport, we borrowed a rental car, we went to the hotel from the airport by going to the car rental center once with a free shuttle bus from the airport. Including time to go to the car rental center, it took about 1 hour from the airport to Bellagio. The driving time from the car rental center is around 15 to 20 minutes. The boulevard of the strip and its surroundings was a very broad road with 2 to 4 lanes and the car was crowded, so it was an area where I was nervous to drive by myself. There was also a dedicated lane for entering the parking of the hotel, so driving was complicated. If you go by taxi from the airport, it may be possible to arrive earlier. Shopping and access to the destination “Bellagio” is in the center of the strip boulevard, so it was convenient to go anywhere. However, since one section is so big, there are quite a few distances if you think to go over 2 or 3 places in the hotel. It was quite easy for us to see Cirque du Soleil’s show “O” because we only completed the purpose with the movement in the hotel. Also, as for shopping, there was “CVS” in the immediate vicinity, and clothes shops that I wanted to see came in the neighboring hotel, so the movement was easier.

Las Vegas Bellagio Staff Is your company?

Even though it was basic English, everyone was kind and touched with a smile. However, because I was not accustomed to returning the room key (in the case of credit card settlement, it is unnecessary to check out at the reception desk and the room key is returned to the room key post), I had to ask them to explain about three times .The staff did not act annoyed and explained very patiently.

Las Vegas Bellagio customer base?

The customer base was pretty international as well as European, American, Asian, Indian and Central Asian. Because of the conference, I noticed that there were more  Westerners.

Las Vegas Bellagio Summary

Living in the center of Las Vegas itself was a fun experience. The room of “Bellagio” was beautiful and could spend it slowly. I was impressed with Cirque du Soleil’s “O”, a fulfilling breakfast buffet , a powerful experience of the fountain show remained, and was happy that I decided to stay at “Bellagio.”

There are many individual and attractive hotels in Las Vegas, but "Bellagio" is a recommended hotel as both a hotel and entertainment. We would definitely like to stay again if we have the opportunity.

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