Le Meridien Bangkok

  • Room Type : Vista Plus Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Le Méridien Bangkok" because the location is accessible from 3 different line of train station. I heard taking public transportation is better than taxi as traffic jams are terrible in Bangkok. I also wanted to try a design hotel which the artist worked on. I was curious the interior once I saw some picture of the exterior on their website. Even it is business trip, I thought it is more relaxing to stay at such a playful design hotel rather than simple business like hotel. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Let's check the exterior, entrance and reception.

The building is conspicuous which is covered by the green glass. I was so excited when I found an object of big dog at the entrance.

The entrance where the dog's object stands out.

The entrance looked more spacious than actual because there is a glass colonnade at the lobby.

The counter at the front desk was so calm that I could ask the staff without considering other customers. The staff was used to Japanese guest as they mixed simple Japanese words in their explanation.

The lobby is so bright because lots of glass used as the wall.

Hallway towards the guest room floor

Elevator button. It has smoking room sign.

Room floor corridor. It is with calm color.

Vista Plus Room

I chose non-smoking room since I am sensitive to smell. It is helpful for me to have the choice of room type.

The room is so spacious. I loved watching TV and lying on the sofa which is wide for three person. I was able to iron my clothes without asking laundry service as the iron was in the closet. It is really helpful for those who are staying on business trip.

The bed was not as comfortable as I expected. The pillow was too thick and the mattress was too soft for me.

Twin beds are relaxing size.

You can watch Japanese programs on TV

There are a temple decorated Thailand like and some buildings under construction. It feels lively Thai economy. The greenery cannot be viewed from the room because the location is in the city. But I could see the night view without any blocking.

I heard we can see Mahanakhon building which is the highest building of Bangkok from the opposite side room. I will request this side next time.


Although I was worrying about the shower water,  it was all right both of water pressure and temperature. As outside is so hot and humid, just warm water was comfortable for me. A handheld shower was in the shower booth, so I didn't any difference between overseas hotel and hotel in Japan.

It has a bathtub and I could enjoy taking a bath with putting bath salt which I brought from Japan.

A scale is next to bathtub. I used this to measure the weight of souvenirs which I bought as considering the total amount of my luggage.

There is big space between shower booth hand washing space.

Toilet. The paper can be disposed into the toilet.

Amenities are shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body cream, solid soap, razor, a toothbrush and a shower cap. The brand is Marine & Gotts from New York. You can get additional portion upon your request. The products was all right without getting dry after shampoo.

Closet and Safety Box

A bathrobe, iron, ironing board, safety box, hangers and hair dryer are in the closet.

I was worrying about some closet in the hotel has mold smell, but I didn't feel anything and could hang my clothes inside.

Safety box is required setting own number to lock.

Mini bar / cafe

In the refrigerator, it has Chang and Heineken beer, Pepsi, Red Bull and Orange Juice. They are not complimentary.

Small bottle of whiskey, vodka, and gin at the minibar.

Pet bottles of water are complimentary.

Restaurant and facility

There was a bar “bamboo shack”. The design of  the bar was amazing and the cocktail taste under the fantastic lighting is better than usual thanks to the atmosphere inside.

I had breakfast at the restaurant "Ratisto recipe". The taste was good. The interior was under renovation.

Gym room is allowed to enter with any exercise outfit.

The lobby space in front of pool and gym. I was worried about whether laundry can be made within one night stay. They can finish it until next day if the order is made until night.

Pool inside the hotel

The pool is surrounded by the building as it is at 6th floor. The depth of the pool is 120 centimeters and it prohibited to jump in. There are some parasols and beach beds. The space with covered mattress is more crowded with many guests.

It has a bar at poolside. You don't need to bring cash as the payment can be included in room charge.

You will see Mahanakohn building from the pool.

I recommend to visit the pool at night. It opens until 10pm, the night view looks so beautiful as the buildings lighted up. You can enjoy swimming as the night time is cooler than daytime, and relaxing on the bed with drinks is also nice to enjoy resort stay. Although it is located in downtown area, I didn't feel noisy. The staff recommend to stay later than 8pm as there is lees people.

Hotel surroundings

Family mart and night market are across the road.  A supermarket opened 24 hours is in the night market area, I found a food court and could get food at any time I was hungry. You can do everything just around the hotel even exchange money at the local bank. Most of shops open until midnight, so it is still safe to back to the hotel late.

Staff & Customers

The staffs always smile and talk to me not only Thai staff but also Western staff. I thought here is real smiley country. Some review said “guy staffs are all handsome”, I thought it is kind of true.

I did not see Japanese speaking staff. I could communicate with them as they tried to talk in easy words and mix some Japanese words.

The guest was more individual than the group. They seemed staying as business trip. Also I saw many small groups up to 5 people.


It is located in downtown “Silom”. Taxi driver can recognized with “Silom” and “Patpong” as the pronounce is easy and the name is one of major area.

The road in front of the hotel was always congested. I could reach the subway station through small alley without being caught up in the traffic jam.


It was very good to stay at this hotel. Their service are always helpful and attentive for me to stay safely and comfortable.

The location is convenient as Family mart, 24-hours supermarket and bank are just around the hotel. I didn’t have to travel in distance to shop and find eating place.

Also I could enjoy Thai cuisine easily even solo traveller because the famous restaurant "Coca restaurant" and "Somboon seafood" are in walking distance. It is a bit scare to take a taxi alone at midnight, but I didn't have to do so owing to this location. It was really satisfied stay.

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