Lotte Hotel Busan

  • Room Type : Deluxe Family Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I chose "Lotte Hotel Busan" because it was a trip with a 1 year old child, it was a famous hotel with clean and slightly spacious rooms, and the location and security was good from the station And so on. I was wondering whether I should bring a stroller or not, but you can borrow a stroller at Lotte Hotel and it became a big deciding factor. I did not borrow it because I wanted to go to other places, but I think that it is okay if you are holding a baby with strings.

Exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

The appearance is because the department store and the hotel are united so there is a height, it was an overwhelming presence even in the west side.

In front of the hotel entrance

We took a taxi to the hotel. The doorman kindly taught me how to pay the money and such.

I entered the door and there was a front desk in the back of the front.

Lobby has cleanliness, luxury feeling and it is very beautiful.

The staff at the lobby and the elevator hall was very kind to children and was a good impression that they spoke to us every time.

Front desk

Front floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator inner floor button panel

There was also a floor button panel on the side.

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Deluxe Family Room

Room entrance door

There was a full body mirror and closet on the right side of the room and a bathroom on the left side.

The size of the room was spacious and there was plenty of room to open up two big carry cases. The room is big enough for children to run around and play. When preparing ourselves in the morning, I felt it was comfortable because the room was clean and washroom was large.

There were one single bed and one double bed because it was accommodation with 3 adults and 1 child. I slept on a double bed with 2 adults (includes myself) and 1 child, but it was not too small at all and I slept well.

There was a TV set opposite the bed. The TV was just right size. There was a desk (dresser) and a chair next to it.

Desk (dresser) and chair. The chair was too comfortable and I could not move once I sat on it.

There was a table and a sofa for one at the window. It would have been better if there were two of them.

There was a big window at the guest room.

As it is 20th floor, the view was very beautiful. There was also a place to sat on by the window, so I enjoyed the scenery while drinking coffee in the morning. There is no terrace or balcony, but there was no feeling of pressure.

Although it was a city view, if you look closely you can see the Busan Tower in the distance, and in the evening the light up that lights up in various colors was beautiful. Since the neon shines late in the city, when the room was darkened and the curtain was opened, the light came in dazzlingly and it was fantastic and beautiful.


There was a bathtub in bathroom. I took a bath with a child, but I did not feel it was small. Although it is not particularly wide, I think I can spread out my feet and soak my body to relax.

There is no problem with the water pressure of the shower. The temperature was fine too, although it is often the case that shower water suddenly becomes cold at oversea hotels. However, the way of switching and controlling the temperature of shower was something I didn't know, so I had a little trouble at first.

The toilet was a washlette type.

I saw a bathroom door from a bathtub

Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, soap, toothbrush, shower cap, bath sponge, shaving kit, cushion and so on. Shampoo smelled like herbal medicine and I didn't think it was very good, but I was surprised that it made my hair so smooth.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was my favorite in the room!

When you open the closet it gets lit.

In the closet there was a bathrobe and a safety deposit box. The bathrobe was thick and it was quite heavy.

I did not use a safety box, but it was a common type of setting a password by youself.

Inside the safety box

In-room coffee/ minibar

There was also in-room coffee set. Electric pot, coffee cup, water bottles, instant coffee were prepared there. Also, stylish glasses are prepared as well. Whiskey and wine are available, which is different from the hotel I have stayed in the past, and I thought it is prepared for the customers with higher classes.

Nut cans were also available for a fee.

A refrigerator was also installed.

Beer, cola, and water were prepared in the refrigerator for a fee.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

I did not go a restaurant, but there were four restaurants, a lounge, and a bakery in the hall. Although I saw the menu of two restaurants, the price is higher than other places in Busan as it’s five-star hotel. There is a feeling of cleanliness and a sense of high quality is overflowing.

There was a restaurant "La Seine" on the 5th floor of the hotel.

"La Seine" : It seems you can enjoy various international cuisines in a buffet style.

On the top floor of the 43rd floor, there was a Japanese cuisine "Momoyama".

At "Momoyama", you can enjoy authentic cuisine and premium sake.

Also on the 43th floor, on the top floor, there was a Chinese cuisine "Toh Lim".

Toh Lim has the most number of private rooms among the restaurants in the hotel, which seems to be suitable for private dining as well as business meetings.

Also on the top floor of the 43rd floor, there was a high-class Korean restaurant "Mugunghwa".

"Mugunghwa" offers Korean traditional cuisines arranged contemporaneously.

There was "The Lounge" on the first floor of the hotel. It seems that it is open from 9 o'clock in the morning till late night.

In the evening, it seems that you can also enjoy live music by professional bands.

There was also a bakery "Delicahance" on the first floor of the hotel. The cake sold here seems to be very delicious, I think it is popular among women. Because a whole cake is not so expensive, I think that it is good to buy one for a birthday cake and eat it in the room.

Facilities in the hotel

There was indoor pool and outdoor pool in hotel. The outdoor pool was not available because it was in October, but the indoor pool seems to be available free for hotel guests throughout the year. I saw the outdoor pool when I looked down from the guest room, but it was so obsolete and I wondered if we could use it even if it's on season.

There was a sauna on the 6th floor. Guests seem to be able to use it for free.

There was a fitness center on the 6th floor.

100 training machines are installed in the prepared at the center and it seems that it can be used from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

There was also a driving range on the 7th floor.

There was also casino facilities on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It seems to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There was a business center on the first floor of the hotel.

Desktop computers, color printers, scanners, etc. are available at the business center and it seems that it can be used at 3,000 won per 10 minutes.

There was spa facilities in the hall.

Hotel surroundings environment

Public safety is good around the hotel. On the west side there are many traffic volumes. Food stalls are open from noon, but many customers drinking at night. It is a place where the street smoke is a little worrisome. There are many cafés and shops that are doing late at night besides the stalls, so if you walk alone it will be fine.

Streets around the hotel

The streets of the back of the hotel

Staff & Customers

I’ve heard that Korean people are kind to children, but actually they are. There was a woman who is wearing hanbok at the elevator hall and talked to us every time. I asked her taking a photo together and she kindly did it for us. Other staff were really kind too.

As it is a five star hotel, I felt the age group a bit higher. Elderly people, traveling with family, people in suits are the group I saw the most. When I came back to the hotel at 22 o'clock, there were no people in the lobby and it was quiet, and those who passed by the elevator while staying were also elegant.


From the airport you can access by limousine bus, subway, or taxi. Although we used a round-trip taxi, when we told the hotel staff to take a taxi, they arranged it immediately and told the destination to the taxi driver. The bus terminal is right in front of the hotel and a lot of taxis are running as well, so transportation is very convenient. It is easy to access to the other side of the city because Seomyeon Station of subway is also near. Since there are few station staff in the ticket gate of the subway, we recommend that you go after investigating how to get to where you go. There are many famous shops around the hotel, and I was looking forward to go to eat out every time!

Bus terminal in front of the hotel

Lotte Department Store

A famous octopus hotpot restaurant near the hotel "Nakji-bokkeum"


Lotte Hotel was the hotel I was longing to stay at, and although it was only one night, I am satisfied with the location, cleanliness, and so on. If you have time to relax a little bit more, I wanted to go the sauna. There was a Lotte duty-free shop in the hotel, so it was very good to go to bring souvenir bought at the duty-free shop right to the room soon right after you shopped! Korea is a shopping heaven city, so baggage became so packed every time …. The hotel keeps luggage even after checking out, so it is nice that we can shop and come back again later. There is a convenience store near the hotel, there is also a well-known money exchange office with a good rate, so it was really convenient. Although it was a bit expensive, I think it is good for security and location if you are with children, and I would like to recommend this hotel to friends by all means.

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