Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

  • Room Type : Harbor View Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong" has rooms that command the view of Victoria Harbor, and it is located in a place which is close to Hong Kong Island, MTR Central Station, and Hong Kong Island. It is convenient for sightseeing and business, and the luxurious interior gives elegant feeling. This hotel is a flagship hotel of the Mandarin Oriental group in the world, therefore facilities and staff are sophisticated. There are a spa, a fitness center in the hotel, and 10 different restaurants that will please you.

Hotel exterior : Check the entrance and front desk!

The exterior of the hotel is a beautiful impression for the old building built in 1963.

Elegance drifts from the entrance.

A door man stands at the entrance door, greets me comfortably and gives me guidance immediately.

The reception counter is large, 3 or 4 staff are standing when crowded.

The lobby of the hotel is built in wellhole style to the second floor part and it seemed that people who are having tea and meeting people in the lounge are relaxing.

Harbor View Room

The room we stayed in is a harbor view room. The king size bed and the choice of pillows are comfortable.

There is a bright space that you could call it "sun lounge" beside the bedroom, and a sofa to enjoy the harbor view.

There is a working desk on the other side. You can separate this space from the rest parts of the room with the curtain.

There are BOSE speaker and USB port at the working desk. I am excited to have a telescope to see the distance.

The room is very bright and just right size.

Compact and luxurious bathroom

The sunlight comes from the bedroom through the glass window and the room is bright. There is a bathtub.

There are a shower room and a toilet in the back. There is a facing washbasin between the bathtub and you can stand from either side.

The shower room can be comfortably used with two kinds of shower heads. The water pressure is also good feeling.

Travel amenities

The travel amenities are placed near the sink. Toothbrush, cotton swab, shaving set and so on are prepared.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap are placed in the shower room. Moreover, they are luxurious ones from Hermes.

Fulfilling coffee set

Try opening the chest in the bedroom TV

It is packed with drinks that are enough to satisfy you.

The refrigerator is filled with drinks. Glasses and cups are also available.

There are also two sets of coffee cups and and a mini electric kettle with free coffee and tea set. There is a coffee machine on the shelf of the entrance a little away.

There are various snacks besides wine, whiskey and juice.

These are welcome fruits and pastries.

Closet & Safety Box

There is a closet by the entrance. It has plenty of hangers.

The bathrobe is hanging in the bathroom but the are also some useful things like slippers and umbrellas.

Another side of the closet is a drawer. A capsule coffee machine is placed on this shelf. There is also a safe-deposit box.

It is easy operation of inputting 4 digit passcode. There is a jewelry box inside so that you don't need to worry about losing it.

View from the Harbor view room

You can enjoy the view from the room using the telescope from the daybed placed by the window.

Victoria Harbor is seen and it is a very beautiful view. Of course the night view is stunning as well.

Start your day with luxurious breakfast buffet

This hotel has 10 restaurants, bars and cake shops. Mandarin Grill + Bar is a proven restaurant that has acquired the Michelin star for many years with grilled menu of meat dishes and seafood dishes. Café Causette serves delicious international cuisine including pizza and burgers from Asian dishes such as Nasi Goreng and Hainanese chicken rice. Clipper Lounge is a rich buffet style restaurant. These three restaurants are open from breakfast.

This time we had breakfast at Clipper Lounge.

Please see the rich buffet menu of various kinds. You can choose breads from simple bread to sweet Danish system; too many options to pick!

Fruits, cereals, and milk also have soymilk and skim milk.

Fresh juice and salad

For garnishment of salad, ham, cheese, smoked salmon etc.

Hot rice, porridge with dumplings and dim sum such as steamed meat dumpling

The chef stands at the counter and cooks freshly made egg dishes.

I picked my favorite ingredients and asked the chef to make it into an omelette. Other grill dishes are also lined up.

Cocktail time at the stylish BAR

There are three fashionable bars with special features at the hotel.

Captain’s Bar

It is a casual and reasonable bar that you can relax in. Draft beer poured into silver muggy is a specialty of the bar loved by not only guests but also regular customers.

The Chinnery

Enjoy delicious cocktails in the calm bar with British cuisine. You can enjoy fish and chips, pork pie and other traditional menus from lunch.

M bar

M bar is located on the 25th floor, so the view from M bar is wonderful!

Cantonese cuisine, French cuisine, special room restaurant and cake shop

Man Wah is a Cantonese restaurant on the 25th floor.

Pierre is a French restaurant serving French cuisine located on the 25th floor where you can command a beautiful view.

The Krug Room is a hideout restaurant that is inspired by the interior of the train. Modern seasonal cuisine is prepared and reservation is necessary.

The Mandarin Cake Shop This is a cake shop serving cute sweets and artistic cakes. You can even enjoy the shop just seeing what they have from the outside of the store.

Spa, hair salon, and barber shop

THE MANDARIN SPA offers you refreshing and relaxing service for your body and mind with facilities of 9 treatment rooms, a tea lounge, a steam room, and a sauna.

We suggest counseling for treatments suitable for each person.

Please relax with massage by a professional therapists.


You can also get hair salon service and nail care.


You can get traditional shaving and hair dressing services by experienced barbers. There is also a private space VIP room.

Spa: The latest indoor pool and fitness gym

The indoor pool is a new pool with the latest facilities.

The videos are projected on the wall, and it has a water jet and underwater sound system. The moody light also make you feel relaxed.

People who want to exercise can do workout in the gym where the machines are prepared.


It is a 30-minute drive from Hong Kong International Airport and you can access to the hotel by airport express to the Hong Kong station in 8 minutes on foot. It is a 5-minute walk to the MTR Central Railway Station from the hotel. You can get to the Macau Ferry Terminal in 15 minutes. It is also convenient to use taxi to get around.

Many stores including luxury brand shops are lined up around the hotel, so you can go directly to the landmark (shopping mall) from the hotel's connecting aisle. Restaurants, cafés, convenience stores are available there which is very convenient. Because it is close to Central, it is crowded with many people.

Staff & Customers

All the staff responded politely, kindly and I felt it was very refined. Guests often saw a couple or friends, but it seems that there are many business uses. It is an impression that people from Europe, the US and European people are more than Asian.

Room introduction! Harbor View Suite

The bedroom and the living room are separate and it has a huge space. You can command the harbor view from the room.

The bathroom is surprisingly huge with luxurious double sinks and wide bathtub.

In the shower room, the bathroom amenities of Bottega Veneta are placed.

The living room also has a large working desk and spacious zone that gives you luxurious feeling.

Room introduction! Haworth Suite

The Haworth suite is one of Mandarin Oriental's signature suites and traditional English style rooms that is very luxurious with high quality furniture and bedding.

You can stay comfortably in each room with separate bedroom and living room.

In the big bathroom there are a bath, a shower room, a TV above the toilet and double sink. Bathroom amenities are also Bottega Veneta's.

The large working desk is comfortable to use and you can relax with a comfortable sofa in the living room.

There is another bathroom at the entrance, and there are a sink and a toilet.


How was Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Hotel? As one of the flagship hotels, rooms, facilities, and staff are amazing as expected. The building itself is old, but since it was refurbished in places and maintained firmly, it is not dissatisfying. Elegant furniture with good quality and beautiful bathroom are comfortable and easy to use. The view from the harbor view room is also very beautiful so please do not hesitate to select the room on the side of the harbor. Because the central area of the hotel is close to the subway as it is nearby, this hotel is recommended for those who stick to the location conditions and hospitality.

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