Mandarin Oriental Taipei

  • Room Type : Club Deluxe King Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" just opened in 2014 is a 5-star hotel offering the finest hospitality in Taipei. Building made of European style architecture and interior decorated with classical modern was very elegant and refined. Ever since the start of business, it seems that its dignity is genuine and many world-famous stars such as Jackie chain, Mira Jovovic, Madonna, and Chris Evans have stayed . I would like to introduce you as a celebrity like day at the hotel as a guest, as a member of the official reviewers this time.

Arrived in Taipei! The hotel appearance reminds you of Europe

You can see the Mandarin Oriental group's fan shaped trademark.

For Mandarin Oriental group, each hotel has it's original concept regarding the mark. The Mandarin Oriental Taipei has the motif as "European Antique Fan with 200 years of history".

The appearance reminds us of the streets of Europe.

This place is located on the north street where the trees live, Dunhua Northern Road, so it is blessed with green while being in the center of Taipei.

Entrance is covered with the shade so you will not get wet when getting in and out of the car even if it rains. There are always three doorman at least.

When you pass through the entrance, the luxurious chandelier made of 50,000 crystals designed by a famous Czech artist will shine the floor and you will be impressed with the lighting in everywhere.

Classic and modern floor is filled of marbles. Comfortable sofas are lining up.

The front desk has a wide space by the window side with good sunlight. In this hotel, more than 1,700 artworks and sculptures are displayed, ad they are works of numerous award-winning artists and the world.

If you know that hotel respecting artistic, you will enjoy the art works decorated as if you are in a museum.

Elevator halls and corridors have a lot of mirrors mirrors, it makes the space feel wide than it is.

In the corridor, a floral carpet is put and a light is lit with a fashionable square lamps in front of the door of the rooms. Their lightning design is really cool.

"Club Deluxe Room" with bright light and chandelier

Although the smallest room “Deluxe room” in this hotel has 55 m², this is a room upgraded to Oriental Club.

When opening the doors of the room on the top floor, bright light came in from the windows. The ceiling is higher than the other part of the rooms, and there was a chandelier and the light from that had presence.

The king size bed is based on white and has large white pillows, along with other pillows designed Taiwan style with patterns of flowers. The flower curving on the wall is also very Taiwan style. You can sit on the sofa by two people or by stretching your foot alone.

On the bedside, there is a panel that can control electricity in the room. There were water bottles too.

Bed was comfortable, I slept well feeling the softness of the bed.

The carpeted bed on which the flat-screen TV is placed is marble and decorated with a butterfly orchid, which gives luxurious feeling. Message welcoming guests is screened on the TV and it made me glad. There is also a sofa for one person and you can relax on it.

On the coffee table, there were a welcome letter and an unique oriental object.

Actually, this object is made of all chocolate! It was a surprise that we can eat everything except the plate. Kiwi, orange, other fruits from southern countries are also on the plate, knives and forks are also arranged. I am delighted for their hospitality of welcoming guests.

A chair with casters is at the study table and it will make working in the room sufficiently possible.

The room was decorated with several paintings.

Staff brought me a welcome drink and towel soon after I check-in, and that made me happy too.

Stationery is also equipped on the desk.

There is also an internet cable and an audio cable that can be connected to the speakers of the Sound Bar installed in the room.

On the desk side, there was a 110V-120V compatible power supply and a USB port that can charge a mobile terminal.

There is an actual fan designed as a motif of Taipei "European Antique Fan with 200 years of history". It seems that the pattern that the butterfly is drawn on the base of the light blue color symbolizes the fusion of Taiwanese culture and Mandarin group's spirit.

This is how the room card key looks like. This card design is exclusively for "CLUB" customers.

You can see the bathroom from the sliding door of the bedroom.

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Luxurious bathroom with sun light

Opening the sliding door from the bedroom, you can see the bathroom.

There is a bathtub right next to the door.

If you open the door you can take a bath by enjoying natural light from the windows, and you will relax and feel open. This design feels very modern somehow.

A bath salt which has detox effect is available.

The washbasin beside the bathtub has a large mirror and the light that look like petals are very fashionable. The sink's size was ok. The six light bulbs attached to the mirror also light up brightly.

The shower room is directly opposite to the bathtub across the sink. The shower head and faucet were clean and the water pressure of the shower was enough strong.

In the shower room, shampoo, conditioner, body soap are placed.


Amenities in the drawer include a comb, hairbrush, cotton set, shower cap, toothbrush set, T-shaped razor and so on.

At the washbasin, a soap and body lotion from diptyque were arranged.

Of course, if you close all the doors of the bathroom, it will be a complete private room.

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The toilet room is near the entrance of the room.

It is spacious like a restroom, the wash basin with mirror and the wallpaper is pretty.

The toilet did not have a washlette function, but it was very clean.

Everything is there! Perfect in-room coffee in the cupboard

There was a in-room coffee set in the large cupboard.

The cupboard is located behind the study desk.

Coffee machines, hot water pots, tea cups, and glasses are placed in the upper row of the shelf.

Tea bags of various teas were in the box.

Coffee set

Drinks in the lower row are not for free, but snacks, alcohol, such as whiskey, liqueur, wine, are always in stock in the refrigerator.

The selection of drinks, beer, champagne, mineral water, sanperegrino, cola, sprite was good, but it seems that it is not possible to secure space for food and drink you bought from the outside.

Small snacks when you are peckish.

There were plenty of kinds of drinks and snacks.

Walk-in Closet & Safety Deposit Box

There is a walk-in closet opposite to the bathroom.

There is a dresser equipped with a large mirror in the closet and it is a nice space for women. It is nice to have this kind of elegantly set up in a separate room with a mirror.

There are enough hangers. Bathrobes are also hung.

Safety deposit box is embedded on this wall, so there is no depth, but there is height. The instruction is described in English. There is also an iron in the door under it, which is also useful.

The drawer has a maintenance set and a laundry bag.

Room slippers are also available.

View from the top floor! Panoramic view of the Taipei City

The windows are all glasses and sun light comes in.

There's no tall buildings around, so you can enjoy panoramic view of the taipei city from the window.

You can look down the pool and garden of the hotel.

You can also enjoy the view of the terrace and it makes me feel I'm at a resort.

Feeling like a celebrity at Oriental Club breakfast!

If you stay in a regular room or suite room and upgrade it, you will be able to use the Oriental Club on the 6th floor of the hotel. The room I stayed was Club Deluxe, so I could have breakfast at that oriental club. This is a special place different from regular breakfast buffet only for club suite customers.

For the breakfast at the club lounge, menus were also distributed like a course dinner.

Then gain, the surprising thing happens; Champagne service from the morning! It is luxurious to have champagne in the morning. The chef also comes to each table for a greeting and it makes the breakfast extraordinary.

The interior of the lounge is spacious.

Every dish is beautiful and well-prepared.

Breads, croissants, pastries, French bread and bucket

Tropical fruits give you foreign feelings. Cereals and milks are in fancy bottles, and I could feel again that this breakfast is exclusive only for club users.

There are enough kinds of hams too.

You can have warm soup and stewed dishes.

The salad is simple with some greens, tomatoes and cheese.

Fruit drinks were bottled, and coffee was served from EGRO's coffee machine.

There is no doubt you can spend an elegant breakfast here, although the number of dishes is not super many. I could spend very luxurious morning time. In addition to this special breakfast buffet, Oriental Club offers snacks, afternoon tea and cocktails that can be used throughout the day. Other services such as shoe care services and ironing services are also available. There are private meeting rooms too.

Mandarin Oriental Taipei Hotel's Restaurants

The hotel has 3 restaurants, 1 bar, 1 snack and 1 tea room and 1 sweet cafe.

The all-day dining “Cafe And De Troyes” serves breakfast buffets, lunch and dinner where you can dine all day. At the Chinese restaurant “Yag”, you can enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine using fresh local ingredients. Italian cuisine “Benkotto” serves Italian traditional trattoria dishes and Italian cuisines incorporating “nonna” recipe meaning “grandmother”. At the bar “MO Bar”, you can enjoy cocktails, champagne and wines. In the afternoon tea room, “The Jade Lounge” you can enjoy a selection of teas from Europe and China with exquisite pastries. Note that every restaurant has elegant dress code.

Patisserie “The Mandarin Cake Shop”

It is an exclusive patisserie located in the hotel's courtyard, handling cakes, bakery and chocolate.

You can also have tea at the courtyard terrace.

Pool, gym, and facilities in hotel

Go through the THE ARCADE heading for the hotel courtyard, it makes me feel like I came some resort place.

Patisserie's terrace looks pretty with colorful umbrellas.

The pool is on 6th floor.

There are trees around, and the palm trees make me think of a resort.

There are several sofa beds with shades, and the pool is for playing or refreshing rather than serious swimming . The view from the pool can not be exciting, but I feel like it's a hidden oasis surrounded by the buildings.

There is a spa with the double size of one floor. The chic design of the space is perfect for refreshing and healing.

The fitness gym is also full of machines.

The hotel is located in a business area; buildings of securities companies and capital enterprises are around

The hotel is in a business district with many securities companies and foreign capital companies. It was in a quiet area a little far away rather than a lively city center. However, if you walk a bit, you will find MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station, and restaurants and supermarkets are around there.

Mandarin Residence is in front of the hotel.

5 minutes by car from Taipei Songshan Airport

It is a 5-minute drive from Taipei Songshan Airport and a 40-minute drive from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It is about 10 minutes by car to shopping and office town Shinsyuu and Taipei 101. It is only a few minutes on foot to the Taipei Arena and the MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station is a 10-minute walk. Bus terminal is near the hotel, but taxi is more convenient for going around.

Taiwanese staff

The staff are mostly Taiwanese. All the staff were courteous, polite and cheerful, full of hospitality.

Other rooms including Suites

We are pleased to show you other rooms of the hotel, thanks to the hotel staff!

Mandarin Premier Room

The size is 70 m², but the ceiling feels lower than the room on the top floor.

All you need is there and it is very beautiful.

There is a sofa and a low table, and in-room coffee is well prepared in the shelf.

The washing room is bright, the bathtub and the shower room are made of marble and there is a high-class feeling.

Next is the "City City Suite"

The chic, modern interior of the blue series is a very beautiful.

It is a bedroom with a couch and coffee table on the bed and a TV.

There is a living room separated from the bedroom.

I can relax on the big sofa.

Two sinks in the sink are in there. The bathtub has mirrored wall and it feels like the bathroom is spacious. It feels very luxury.

Lastly, "Club Premier Suite"

The bedroom feels warm with a calm blue wall. Dressers and sofas are also placed.

Spacious kitchen space with a counter table

Dining area

Room like drawing room

Spacious living room

There is also a wide desk in the study desk and two chairs with casters.

Double sink with large mirror.TV is equipped on the wall.

Bathtub and shower room are separate and there are two toilets.

Mandarin Oriental Taipei : Summary

The Mandarin Oriental Taipei was the most exclusive hotel which is different from any other hotel and and gives you celebrity feelings. Accommodation is a little bit expensive, but the prestigious stay will make your trip in Taiwan exclusive one. I thought this is way too gorgeous but at the same time, I realized that I would never be disappointed by staying here. I would like to stay again if I can.

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