Marco Polo Shenzhen

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Located in Shenzhen, China, Marco Polo Shenzhen is close to shopping malls and Heian International Finance Centre, and is located in an area with a large number of visitors and business visitors. The hotel also has several restaurants, a fitness gym, an outdoor pool and a spa. You can also relax in the cozy bar while drinking cocktails. Since I visited and stayed in Shenzhen during my stay in Hong Kong, I will also introduce the access from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.

Hotel exterior and entrance

The hotel has 41 floors and is a high-risen building.

The hotel sign at the entrance was a fountain.

At the entrance, I felt like I was at a resort because of the big palm trees.

The hotel entrance is simple.

I can see the street in front of the hotel.

Front and lobby

The lobby was very bright when entering from the entrance, and you can see up until the 4th floor.

The ceiling of the lobby was made out of glass.

The front counter was spacious. There was always a staff stadning.

There is also a staff giving guidance in the lobby.

What is your room? superior room

I stayed in a superior room.

There is a queen size bed.

There was also an alarm clock on the bedside table. The bed was comfortable.

There was also a couch and coffee table for one person.

The TV was mounted on the wall and the counter was illuminated. There was also a working desk.

The desk was provided with a plug for international power.

The indirect lighting of the ceiling had a very gentle brightness.

The entrance seen from the bedroom

Compact bathroom

The bathroom is a compact bathroom with a shower room, a bathtub and a toilet. Although it was compact, it was wide enough.

There was a deep bathtub and a large window with a view of the bedroom.

The shower room had a rain shower and a removable shower, so it was easy to use.

The sink was deep and was easy to use without splashing.

Bath amenities were also placed.

There were also shampoo, conditioner and body soap in the shower room.

The dryer was in the drawer.

The rooms are in the minibar

There was a mini bar in one corner of the room.

Electric kettle and cup, mineral water and snacks were lined up.

Several types of tea bags were also available.

There were drinks in the refrigerator.

Closet and safe

The closet in the room had a bathrobe.

There were also slippers.

A scale was also provided.

There was also a safety box.

the view from the room

The windows in the rooms were not so big.

The view was of the city of Shenzhen.

Hotel restaurant

There is a bar and lounge.

They sell deli, snacks such as sandwiches, cakes and coffee.

Nishihara-mura is a Japanese food restaurant.

Café Marco is a buffet restaurant that serves international cuisine.

Breakfast buffet at hotel

Introducing breakfast at Café Marco.

Many dishes were arranged in the center and I could enjoy many variations.

Not to mention standard cereals and breads

Every warm soup was delicious.

Choose your favorite vegetables and have them cooked by the chef at the counter.

There are also noodles and rice porridges.

Here, you get to chose your favorite ingredients and ask them to make an egg dish.

The coffee was also very delicious.

Today's breakfast example.

Fitness gym

Hotel fitness gym

Outdoor pool and spa

There is an outdoor pool. Deck chairs were lined up by the pool.

There is also a well-equipped spa.

Surrounding environment of the hotel

The area around the hotel is a busy area with lots of people walking around.

The shopping mall had many shops and restaurants.

Heian International Finance Center also looks good.

There is a city of electrical appliances which is about 10 minutes away by car.

There were a lot of tourists, as there were buyers coming from all over the world to shop.

Access, Directions from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

From Hong Kong, you can get to the end of Lok Ma Chau Station by taking the Donghae Subway Line.

When I went to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, I would go through the departure gate.

You can arrive by walking according to the information board.

I have arrived in Shenzhen city. There was a taxi stand as soon as I left the building, so I went to the hotel by taxi. You can also take the subway.


The Marco Polo Shenzhen is located in the heart of Shenzhen city, with many shops and restaurants nearby. The staff’s response was very good and I was able to have a pleasant time. The facility felt a bit old, but I felt safe int eh building. I was visiting from Hong Kong, but it was easy to use the transportation facilities near the station. The rooms are nicely managed and comfortable, and the fitness gym is not large, but it was nice. I can recommend people to stay at this hotel.

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