Marina Bay Sands

  • Room Type : City View Club Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2

This time I chose "Marina Bay Sands". When I traveled Singapore last year, we stayed at another hotel which we have a membership. Since I saw Marina Bay Sands there, I really wanted to stay next time! To check it out and enjoy the lounge also, we booked a club room on high floor. 【Official website】 Marina Bay Sands Here are also on sale! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Exterior of the hotel. Let's check entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

We checked it on the internet about the hotel before travelling, the lobby seemed to be huge space. But it is 2 minute distance from end to end, not as wide as you thought. The lobby was super crowded with not only hotel guests but also restaurant users and tourists to Gardens By the Bay.

Main check in counter. Since it is a large-scale hotel, there is long queue around check-in time, 2pm. So it is recommended to check in early and ask them to inform us via email once the room is ready. It is the way to shorten the waiting time. We were able to check in before an hour and a half.

Japanese guest check-in counter

VIP check-in counter

Room floor button in elevator

Room floor corridor

The club room with city view

The rooms is quite big and well cleaned. I informed the hotel in advance that the day is birthday of my kids. Then, they served the birthday cake surprisingly!

There is also lovely towel art of swans and elephants with fresh flower petals.

This is the elephant's towel art

There was a sofa on the window, 2 chairs and a table.

There was a desk and a chair opposite the sofa.

Telephone and plug socket on the desk.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

A plug socket under the TV.

The bed was slightly softer than our home bed and very comfortable during sleeping. There are also two types of pillows (stiff and soft).

Bedside Table

The garden view room is cheaper than the city view room. I guess that we will be able to see many of tanker on the coast from the garden side and it would make us disappointed.

The view of the garden side can be seen from the 55th floor lounge and the 57th floor pool and restaurant, so we recommend staying in the city view room by all means.


There are a shower booth and a bathtub separately. The bathtub has a sufficient depth, you can relax and relieve fatigue. Shower head is small. It was hard to find where the stopper to drain the water was, and I searched it up on the internet! You can drain the water by twisting silver button to the right.

The shower booth is large enough and the water pressure is perfect. However, the shower head was fixed on the wall, cannot take it out. Because the floor is marble, it is somewhat slippery and I think that attention is necessary.

There were shampoo, conditioner and body soap in shower room.


Vanity top

The towel was on the shelf next to the sink.

Amenities are toothbrush,cotton set, nail fillet,nail pusher, sewing set, hair rubber, comb, solid soap,razors and shaving foam prepared. I think the special one is about a nail pusher (wooden stick) since I have never seen it in hotel amenities. I prefer hair brush than comb.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

In the closet there are hangers, bathrobe, slippers, an iron, an ironing board, extra pillow and blanket, a hair dryer and a laundry bag. Complementary ironing service is available for club room guest.

There is also extra slippers.

The safety box required to input 4 digit number as a password.

Mini bar / cafe

There was Nespresso in the cafe corner.

The tea set is 4 flavors of TWG. There were also sugar set, glasses and bottle opener in the drawer.

Coffee cup set for tea and espresso are in the drawer,

There was an electric kettle in this drawer.

The refrigerator is tightly filled with drinks and there is no space to chill bottle of water. But I think that the guest at club room might not use it because all drinks are available free in the lounge.

Restaurant in hotel, shop

We used three restaurants to have breakfast. First, this is "RISE" on the first floor. Extremely wide, the meals are varied. However so many dining table are packed in the area and there are a lot of guest, it might make us to feel uncomfortable.

Besides western menu, we could enjoy Indian, Chinese, Japanese and vegetarian menu. There are also many kinds of fruits and drinks, it is the most various menu at the hotel buffet I have experienced. I think that it is suitable for people who want to eat a lot.

This is "ADRIFT" on the first floor. It is a calm and modern restaurant.

It's so unique that the Chinese uniform's staff served eggs Benedict not only Chinese cuisine!

There are plenty of kinds of meats, fruits, dried fruits, bread and ham. Personally I preferred this place the most.

The last is "SPAGO" on the 57th floor, next to pool. The interior is fashionable and there is no wall so you can enjoy your meal in a very open environment. You can also see the scenery of the garden side. (However, because all the chairs are low, you can not see the pool and the view unless you stand up)

I think that the menu of "SPAGO" is fewer than other restaurants.

We could enter CLUB 55 as the club room guests.

The menu of CLUB 55 changes only ingredients of sandwiches, pie and scones everyday. Fruits and cheese were almost same every time.

Cakes and snacks are provided at the day time. And hors d'oeuvres are added at night. There were no smoked salmon and ham. Many of the cakes were very sweet (personal preference, the food at Conrad Centennial 's Club Lounge was more delicious).

There are many kinds of soft drinks and alcohols such as fruit juice, champagne, various wines, beer, vodka, cognac and gin.  If you ask cocktails, it will be charged separately. It seems that most guests enjoyed champagne.

Facilities in the hotel

There is the world's largest infinity pool on the rooftop.

To go to the pool, we need to take another elevator from the 55th floor.

The scenery is superb! You can enjoy different scene at the day time, evening or night. Ordering food and drinks from SPAGO are available. Fries and hamburgers looked popular.

There is a small infant pool on the left side.

The right side of the pool is for adults only, use of swim rings is prohibited. (It seems to be OK for Life Vest.)

Towels are available here.

Because it is facing the west, you can enjoy sunset genuinely.

Every time it is very crowded, early hours and evening were less people.

A water vendor

There is a shop, you can also purchase drinks and ice cream. There is a photography staff wearing a black rash guard and a hat. If you ask him, he will take a picture of you. You can check the pictures and purchase it .

Garden side

Jacuzzi at the garden side.

The view of the night is impressive. There seems that a lot of people working until late at night in the financial district, so you can see a beautiful night view even in late hours.

Although it is possible to see the laser show. But I think it is better to view the show from in front of the hotel. (I saw it from the boat ans it was the best.)

Casino entrance.

Fitness club on the 55th floor.

You can watch the panoramic view during exercise.

Hotel surroundings

There is Art Science Museum next to the shopping mall. The building is modeled after the shape of lotus flower, and there is lotus pond at their ground.

In July, the blue lotus flower is full bloom and very beautiful.

The Gardens by the Bay in on the back of the hotel.  Usually it is hot and crowded at the day, it is recommended to go around before 9 o'clock opening time. Also, if you would like to catch a full view of Marina Bay Sands beautifully on the camera, the best place is on a bridge along the way to Gardens by the Bay.

Helix Bridge is about 5 minutes away from the hotel.

The Singapore Flyer is also within 10 minutes walking distance.

The light-up of Elgin Bridge was also beautiful.

Staff & Customers

The staff at the hotel are all kind and generous. I was impressed by the cleaning staff’s towel art and turn down service. They put TWG tea and sweets beside yukata after cleaning and chose Japanese hoji tea so that children can drink!

Mainly they speak English and Mandarin. For Japanese people, a simple instruction (A4 piece) written in Japanese will be handed over at the check-in counter. Because we stayed the club room, we used the VIP check-in. But the VIP was also crowded, the counter staff seemed to be busy even they are kind and calm.  After that, we did at the Japanese counter actually,all staff worked quickly.

I think that 80% of the customer is Asian. Korean was a few, Chinese was a lot. 15% is from Europe, the United States and Australia. We saw a lot of couples and families, this hotel seems to be acceptable any people for all ages.

Access to the hotel

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes by taxi and around SG$15.

It takes about an hour by trains. Taxi is very cheap and safe in Singapore, so we recommend taking taxi than other transportation.

Because MRT station is just basement of the building, it is very convenient to go everywhere. There i one time transit to go to Sentosa Island, but it is still easy. Also shopping and dining options are convenient as shopping mall are directly connected.


The rooms, pool, staffs, restaurants… everything was very satisfying as the center of tourism in Singapore.

At CLUB 55, all lounge staffs were also very friendly and called my child’s name everyday. I drunk too much of champagne since they always took care of my glass and pour immediately.

Our plan included breakfast, but we found on the receipt after check out that all children’s breakfast was charged. Normally, they always ask us for the signature on the detailed slip when they charge,but I have never signed this time. It seems that signs are omitted as large-scale hotels. They reimbursed immediately once I request amendment via e-mail,so recommend you to check the receipt carefully.