Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club

  • Room Type : 2 bedroom on 3rd floor
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights 5 days
  • Stay Num : 6 people

I decided to use this hotel because "the room is beautiful and very spacious" and "the sea in front of the pool is wonderful". Also, "There is a resort feeling unlike Honolulu" "It is possible to cook self-catering with a kitchen of the room" "Room rate are cheap" is also a factor that decided to stay.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

It's not look like "luxurious hotel", but I received the impression that it is very beautiful and big hotel. The hotel has three buildings and many rooms. The entrance is quite open feeling and there is relaxing sofa and a water server in the lobby. After arriving at the hotel, I was relaxing with these things while my husband was checking in.

From the entrance, you can see the outdoor pool and the view is also good.

There is some reception counter in the lobby.

What's "guest room" ? 2 bedroom on 3rd floor

This is an elevator hall to the room.

This is the entrance of the room.

The room is very spacious. There are 2 rooms that has kitchens and bathroom in each room. There are a large TV ,the comfort of the sofa and DVD player, You can rental DVD also. It is recommended for long-term residents and people who want to relax. This room had everything necessary for daily life such as washing machine, dryer, dishwasher. I thought "I want to live in this room".

Let's look at two "bathrooms"

There are two bathrooms.

One has a separate bathtub and shower room. It is wide bathtub so you can extend your legs and to relax.

This is shower room and toilet.

The second bathroom has bathtub and a shower together.

Also with the toilet in the Bathroom. It's a little narrower than the other but there is no problem. There is no part to complain about water pressure and cleanliness.

Cute! Bath Amenity

The bath amenities are shampoo, conditioner, soap, body cream. I smelled very good mango from them. I used it everyday. Amenities are not enough than the hotel in Japan, but I felt that good quality items were prepared. Basically you don't need to bring these things.

Safety box and closet

There is a very spacious closet in each room. There are lots of hangers, iron and ironing board.

There is a safety box in the closet.

Spacious complete kitchen

It is a very spacious and easy to use kitchen. Plates and glasses are also in place, there is even a rice cooker and a mixer. There is a coffee machine, coffee powder and tea are also prepared a little. I cooked a couple of times.

There is also a large dishwasher, I think that it is quite useful when staying a large number of people like us. Also, It has written how to use the stove, so it is not difficult to use.

About two bedrooms

There is one double bed in each room.

I was able to sleep and I felt very comfortable.

There is also a living room.

The cafe function equipped with mini bar

There are a coffee machine and coffee powder on the kitchen counter. The refrigerator is large enough to stay 4 nights.

The view from the terrace

I was expecting a good view because the ocean is near. But our floor was the 3rd floor and the front of the terrace was a parking lot.

There are three chairs and table. The size of the terrace is good.

You cannot expect good view but you can relax. Otherwise, we recommend an ocean view room.

Fun! The swimming pools!

There are rich kind outdoor swimming pool in the hotel. there is a shallow pool and a small slider for children. It is able to do valleyball and basketball in big pool. Also, there is a quiet pool for adults. There are plenty of areas and it is fun.

Good point is not so crowded. Then we can do these free exercise and activities. It is good for your health.

There is also a jacuzzi. You can relax at the jacuzzi.

It is a wide variety of swimming pools so you can enjoy it all day.

About the beautiful hotel's beach

It is good on a very beautiful beach.

The sea is very beautiful. I was very happy that I could see the sea turtle on the last day.

There are a lot of fish at the rocky place and some people attached snorkeling. There is a chair with a roof. so you can relax not worry sunburn while relaxing at the sea.

The sunset is also very beautiful from the beach.

Delicious! "Restaurant in the hotel"

There are two restaurants in the hotel.

Longhi's is Italian restaurant by the seaside. I went there in the evening but waiting time was an hour so I went to another restaurant.

Longboards Bar & Grill is american restaurant. It was delicious food. The service of the restaurant staff was also good.

The Plant is beautiful "Hotel's garden"

Many plants are planted in the hotel's garden. Hibiscus is especially beautiful and must-see.

I had a good impression that the lawn care is well-kept. Also there is a pond and carp is swimming a lot and we can feed.

The shop in the hotel

There is one souvenir shop. They sell drinks and foods also but it was expensive like the hotel price. So I went shopping at the nearby ABC Mart.

I saw some shops only in a morning. they were selling local souvenir.

The Pool at night and sunset

The swimming pool can be used until 10 o'clock. There were plenty of people in the jacuzzi.

Sunset was very beautiful. I looked at the beach in front of the hotel and nearby palm trees and it was wonderful.

Access to the hotel from airport

I used a flat rate taxi “Charlie’s” and my family and I could go to the hotel for 55 dollars. I could go smoothly from the airport to the hotel in about 30 minutes without the road being crowded. You can reach the hotel comfortably.

Let's use rent-a-car!

There is no bus nearby. If you want to go far, you need to rent a car. You can go anywhere if you have car rental. You can rent a car at the hotel.

Around the hotel

There are only few shops around the hotel, so it is good to spend relax time all the day in the hotel. It is also good to go to other hotels by walking the beautiful beach. You might can see a lot of turtle at the beach. Also there is a hotel of Disney nearby.

About the staff

Everyone was a very nice staff with a smile. I always said “Aloha” when I passed each other, so I was able to spend pleasantly. The service of the staff who was in charge us at the restaurant was particularly good.

Summary of Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club

It was nice to stay at this hotel . The room was wide and clean, also has a big kitchen, 2 bedroom and 2 bath was great!. However, it was little disappointing that the view from the terrace was Parking lot , if I can back to here, I will book the ocean view room. There are pools and spacious garden are also good. I could relax so much because there are not many people. It also has lots of free activities and it's good to do yoga in the morning on the beach or I recommend to walk along the beach. I think this hotel is pretty good if you want to do "The trip that relax and enjoy in the hotel all day!"

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