Maswick Lodge - Inside the Park, Grand Canyon

  • Room Type : Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Maswick Lodge - Inside the Park, Grand Canyon" because it was reasonable in the accommodations in the South Rim, and good access to sightseeing area. I wanted to hike while staying at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, so I was looking for accommodation in the South Rim. I was uprized that the pricing at South Rim was more expensive than I expected, but the "Maswick Lodge" was reasonable among them. In addition, it was close to the bus stop on the South Rim and the famous Bright Angel Trailhead, and it was also convenient for having good access to other places as well.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Entrance and reception

This is the entrance seen from the outside. I thought the hotel was first a restaurant, because the restaurant can be seen from the large window facing the parking lot (opposite the entrance). If you go by bus, the entrance straight ahead from where you get off so it is not confusing at all.  

A view of the entrance seen from inside the hotel

The lobby looked very clean, and it has an atmosphere where you feel the warmth of the tree like a lodge. There is a restaurant behind the lobby and that is spacious. The restaurant is very lively as it is available to all guests as well as non-guests.

front desk

The road from the building with the front desk that leads to the lodge.

Room in the standard room?

Exterior of the lodge

Room entrance door

The rooms are plain, but the impression was better than I thought. Of course, although it is not a fancy hotel, the bed was not bad. I was able to sleep well with the fan blowing me. I thought that this would be a lodge with many problems, but had everything such as a refrigerator and shampoo. It seems that other guests were enjoying hiking, and etc and I was glad that it was quiet at night. I was able to organize my baggage by expanding the suitcase because the room was very wide.

The bed was pretty comfortable. I had to wake up early the next morning, but because I was able to sleep well I did not have any trouble getting up.

The bedside table had an alarms, a phone, a memo set, and so on.

There was also a TV set opposite from the bed.

There was a desk (dresser) next to the TV.

There was a fan by the window.


The bathroom is a unit bath with the bath and the toilet together.

The drainage of the bathtub was good.

The shower head was fixed on the wall. The water pressure had enough strength and the temperature was good. I felt that the ventilator was a little weak and I was worried that the room would get steamy after the shower.

Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. I was glad because there were plenty there. It was nice because they all smelled like green tea.


There was a tissue box, hand soap and lotion on the sink. Not a lot of amenities are prepared but it is the minimum necessity, but I think that it is enough for a lodge.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a small clothes hanging area next to the sink. I only had clothes and luggages for hiking, so a simple closet was enough. There was no safety box installed.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner on the sink, with a capsule type coffee machine, paper cups, plastic cups, and etc. Spoons, forks, water were not prepared, but you can get it at the restaurant which is attached to the front desk. Water was free so that it was a plus.

A refrigerator was also installed.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, and there was no mini bar.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a restaurant behind the front desk.

Inside the store

You can choose from various kinds of dishes, such as burger and pasta.

Since regular guests are able to eat here as well, it is always crowded.

The location of this hotel is in a  sightseeing area so the food is slightly, expensive but the amount was plenty and delicious.

Hotel surroundings environment

Since the area around the lodge is the center of the South Rim, there are many tourists. Everyone enjoys hiking and etc, so they began activities early in the morning and it was quiet even if I went to bed early in the evening. It is about 5 to 10 minutes on foot, to get to the Bright Angel Trailhead where you’r able to see the Grand Canyon. I think that it is very convenient area for sightseeing, because the come often from Bright Angel trailhead. Also, a train runs in front of the lodge, which is convenient is you decide to take the train.

Train running in front of the lodge

Staff & Customers

I checked in late at night, and felt that the staff needed more practice with checking people in. I wanted to make a final check on the bus called Hai Cars Express that comes early in the morning, but the staff had never heard of that bus before. Although, the departure time differs depending on the season, I knew that the bus leaves at 5 o’clock in the morning, but I was assured by the staff that the bus leaves only at 8 o’clock in the morning. The staff was not helpful at all.

There are a lot of tourists staying at this hotel. Everyone seemed to enjoy hiking, and when leaving the room after 5 o'clock, a number of other hikers heavily equipped came out of the room. There were a lot more tourists  that were lightly equipped in the restaurant.


The lodge is far from the airport. Both Las Vegas and Phoenix will take about 3 hours by car. Since the place is within the South Rim, it is very convenient for sightseeing at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a bus stop in front of the lodge, and I can also get to the trailhead in about 5 minutes on foot. I was planning to hike, so the bus to the trailhead stops at the bus stop near Masswiku Lodge was convenient. It is a long way to walk to the supermarket, but if you have a car you can get there quickly, and parking lot was wide and convenient.

Bright Angel Trailhead

View from Bright Angel


It was very convenient for access within the South Rim so it was good to stay at “Maswick Lodge.” The room facilities were also good and I was able to sleep well. I was also able to choose a variety of menus at the restaurant in the lodge, so I enjoyed it even if I ate there several times. There was also a dedicated counter that had information about hiking (it was not available late at night.) Also, you can refill drinking water for free, and the bus stop is also in front of the lodge, so it is recommended for hikers . Compared to other lodges, this place was nice because the pricing was reasonable. Usually, I stay in a tent, but the quality of sleeping is different in the lodge, and also I can enjoy the meal, so if I have another opportunity to come,  I would love to stay here again.

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