Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi

  • Room Type : Deluxe Double Room Beach Front (Villa Type 2nd Floor)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi" was built in a Malaysia’s style and has a private beach in front of the hotel. It is close to the busy downtown Chennang Road, which is the busiest downtown area in Langkawi, so it is close to the airport as well, so you can walk there and plan a short trip that is not stressful. As accommodation cost also varies according to the type of room, and the reason that we stayed at this hotel is because the room that we stayed in was reasonable. I will show you what it was like to stay at this hotel.

Check the hotel's exterior and entrance / reception

In the hotel entrance, the flowers of the southern countries are in full bloom and the guards who are at the entrance welcome you with a smile.

The hotel was two stories, so it looked like a resort in Langkawi.  

After entering the hotel, there is a large lobby.  

At the reception, they brought me a cold welcome drink and a towel, and gave me an explanation of the inside of the building carefully. After that, he carried our baggage to the cart and brought it to our room. The flow from reception to arrival at the room was very smooth and I was able to check in without any stress.

What is the room of a deluxe double room?

This is the lodge I stayed in. Although it is not a newly built building, it was very clean and I was able to stay without feeling uncomfortable at all.  

It is a nice entrance.

There was a double bed large enough for two people to sleep in. I was able to sleep well both nights.

The pillow was soft but not too high and I personally liked it. There was also an alarm clock on the side of the bed.

I stayed during hot summer, so I had both air conditioners and fans on, and I enjoyed the comfortable hotel life. The luggage storage space beside the bathroom was big enough for us to put our luggage in, and the hight was also just right so we did not have to bend our backs to pick our luggage up.  

In-room sofa and table


It is a user-friendly sink.

Bathtub and shower were made separately.

The bathtub also has a shower head, which is very convenient.

There two kinds of showers; a movable shower head and fixed type shower head from which water flows from overhead, so you can choose whichever you like. The water pressure being week is is often an issue in Southeast Asia, but it was not a problem this time.  

Bath amenities included all kinds of items such as shampoo, rinse, body soap, toothbrush, comb, soap, hair dryer and so on. I was disappointed that there were no cosmetic products such as make-up water and milky lotion that are essential for women.

Rooms Cafe bar

Cafe bar installed in the bedroom

As equipped cafes, we had everything we needed, such as coffee, tea, bottled mineral water.

Juice, tea, beer and so on were included in the refrigerator. Since Langkawi is a tax-exempt island, I was surprised to be able to drink a beer from the minibar for less than 200 yen.

Closet and safety box

In the closet there was an iron, an ironing board, an umbrella, a bathrobe and so on. There were enough hangers for two people, so I did not feel any inconvenience.

There was a normal safety box.

The view from the room

It was a spacious terrace with a table and two chairs. Smoking inside the room is prohibited, but smoking on the terrace was allowed.

As it is a beachfront, it is a perfect location with a beach right in front of you.

Because we were on the second floor we could not go directly to the beach from the terrace, but those who stayed in rooms on the first floor were walking to walk out to the beach directly from their terrace. In the morning and evening a comfortable wind was blowing and it felt very cozy.

Hotel restaurant

The hotel has 2 restaurants and 2 bar / lounges.

We ate at a restaurant called Spice Market which was in the hotel. Two kinds of dinner, buffet and a la carte, can be chosen, and this time we ordered it à la carte. The amount per dish is quite large, for example, not only rice, but also vegetables and meat, etc. were beautifully arranged for Malaysian specialty Nasi Goreng (fried rice), so we were able to eat plenty.

There is also a cake shop in the hotel.

Hotel outdoor pool

There were two pools in a large space. The main pool was located just outside the front desk and frankly I thought it would be better if they had built it in a little more private area. Also, it was a pity that the pool was close at night. I wish that it had lit up and stayed opened until late at night.

However, it was not too crowded whenever I went, and I was able to swim in it comfortably.

Because there is a children's playground, it is also recommended for families with children to stay here as well.  

Hotel beach

One of the reasons for us to stay at this hotel was the private beach, and it was more beautiful than we expected. However, even though i was said to be a private beach, I saw many people other than guests staying at the hotel walking as well.  

We were able to fully enjoy the beach parasol, and the white sand which we were able to walk on barefooted.  

There were lots of deck chairs lined up.

You can go to the beach at once from the room.

Hotel garden

Each cottage is scattered in the vast grounds when you pass through the front, and the flowers of the southern countries are blooming in the premises.

It was very beautifully maintained and I could fully enjoy the southern country feeling even just with a slight walk. You can also see wild squirrels and monkeys running around.

Hotel shop

There are two full-fledged gifts of souvenir shops such as convenience store shops and specialties from Malaysia outside of the hotel.

The price was still more expensive compared to the city.

Hotel surroundings

Because it is out of Chenang Road, the night road was not dark, and I could walk anywhere without any worries. The nearest convenience store is about 5 minutes on foot.

Staff & Customers

The staffs were always smiling, and it was nice and I was able to stay comfortably. Even though they sometimes joked around for fun, when I asked for a taxi or asked for room service, they responded promptly, so I was able to tell that they were doing my job properly. There were many Chinese and South Korean people staying in other hotels, but not so many in this hotel.  Also, I had a good impression because there were more individual guests and not many groups staying.



From the airport, a fixed amount of taxi usage is common. It takes about 20 minutes and the cost is about 600 yen. I went from the hotel and the airport several times in the evening, morning, and daytime, but it was not that crowding. Even though I was sightseeing just before the flight on the final day, I could get to the airport on time. The hotel is located in the outskirts of downtown “Chenang Road” among Langkawi’s islands, so it is a great location for those who want to enjoy both the beach and the city walk. To the popular cable car in Langkawi is 30 minutes by taxi, it is about 900 yen.


I am sincerely thinking that this hotel, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, was a good hotel to stay in. The wonderful condition of a private beach in front of a tropical style cottage type room is the best thing. In addition, the kindness and hard working of the staff members was easy to tell, and we were able to make it a memorable stay. Actually, I lost my passport during this trip and I had encountered a problem that I found it on the day before my return home, but after consulting with the staff of the hotel first I noticed the loss, I found that the airport in Langkawi, He called up all possible places such as a taxi company and found the passport I left behind. It was very helpful. I would like to visit again soon, to show my gratitude and to stay here again.