Mimpi Resort Munjagan

  • Room Type : Grand Courtyard One-Bedroom Villa with Pool
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Mimpi Resort Munjaegan" because I happened to be tagged along to a group of people I met on this trip and they had already booked this hotel in advance. When I asked why they chose this area in Bali, they answered Indonesian citizens from various islands concentrate on the downtown area of Bali as it is Muslim vacation in Indonesia, therefore they go to places a little far from Bali every year.

What is the exterior of the hotel like? Check entrance and reception

A sign in front of the hotel. Because all the buildings were villa and they lined up as if they were all houses, I did not know at first glance whether it was my destination.

There is a distance from the parking lot to the entrance, but walking in plenty of nature was pleasant.

As you walk through the entrance with a pond on both sides, you will see a front desk in front of you.

The space around the front desk is very relaxing and calm.

Pillars are beautifully decorated.

There was also a mystery object.

At the front desk we help customers check-in one pair at a time. There are very comfortable sofas on both sides of the front desk so I think you can comfortably wait while watching the beautiful views around.

There was a lotus pond behind the front desk.

A picture of the entrance side taken from the front desk side.

There are many beautiful crape myrtle trees on the premises.

There were lots of auspicious frogs here and there.

Grand Courtyard One Bedroom Villa What's your room with pool like?

You can lock the villa's entrance door from the inside.

Private villa was spacious.

It was very surprising and new to be greeted with an elephant towel art not a swan towel art when you open the door. I think that the room was thoroughly cleaned. The bed was somewhat stiff and comfortable. I was fast asleep and could wake up pleasantly. There was no dirt on bed sheets and it was clean.

Overall, woody style room was warm and comfortable. I think that the room itself was not very wide, but I felt it was spacious because of the minimal furniture in the room and the open structure.


There was a hot spring in the villa. Make sure you keep the hot spring out as the temperature can drop.

There was a warm hot spring and the skin gently got moisturized.

There was a gazebo (a resting place) right next to the hot spring.

The gazebo had a pleasant matting. It is good to rest the body warmed in the hot springs, so is reading.

The shower space was made semi-outdoor, so it was pleasant with its open structure. There was only an attached shower without a hose, but the volume of water was enough and it was coming out strong enough. There was no unevenness in temperature and it was quick to warm up. Shampoo and body soap were installed. If you need a hair treatment or conditioner, you need to bring your own.

Since the toilet is combined with the shower space, we recommend that you go to the restroom first before the other person goes to the shower. There was also a built-in hair drier beside the sink.


Toothbrush, shower cap, cotton, swab were the only amenities available. Male guests should bring razors and shaving foams in case they shave their beards. There's no shaving foam in the room. Because the hotel is located in the countryside, convenience stores are not nearby. For that reason, I thought it would be more appreciated if the amenities were a little more satisfying. Since there was no solid soap, I used body soap instead. I think that female guests should bring a set of amenities.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a safety box in the closet. There were other gowns like kimonos for the number of guests staying, five hangers and two umbrellas. I thought that it is convenient to have an umbrella when it rains because we have to move within the facility on foot rather than on a cart.

The safety box was the type that works by setting the PIN number.

Inside the safety box

Mini bar / cafe

There was also a cafe corner. Two electric kettles, two coffee cups, two small size plastic bottles of water, two instant coffees, and two tea bags were prepared here.

There was a refrigerator, and 4 bottles of beer, 1 sprite, 1 cola and 2 mineral water were prepared as a mini bar(charged) in the refrigerator. It was not enough with free water, so I got two charged bottles of water. I did not use it, but I think that it is nice to have 4 beers for those who like alcohol. I thought it would be good to have one soft drink without carbonation.

Restaurants and shops in hotel

There was one restaurant in the facility. Because it was the World Cup season, the games were on a big screen in the restaurant and a lot of customers gathered. It was exciting.

Indoor space is for non-smoking.

There is also a terrace seat and smoking is allowed.

There was a system where one person in the group ordered a buffet and everyone else would get a buffet.

Cadcado (left) grilled rice vermicelli (right). Cadcado was not good, but the other dishes were very tasty.

Nasi goreng

The buffet content is Indonesian cuisine only and no Western food.

There is a beach in front of the restaurant.

Atmosphere of restaurant at night

There was a souvenir shop inside the villa, but it was almost closed during my stay.

I saw the inside of the shop when it opened for just a moment, and there were basic swimsuits and Balinese basic souvenirs. The staff does not usher you to buy so you can take time and enjoy shopping, but the number of items is not so many and it was slightly more expensive.

There was also a diving shop.

Facilities in the hotel Spas

There was a spa in the facility and I used it.

Spa reception desk

The inside of the spa had a fashionable interior.

The table at the reception was also pretty.

The spa menu is in the hotel but it is unbelievably reasonable!

Inside the spa, an aisle to each room

Inside the spa seen from the other side

The door of spa private room

A picture of the treatment room

It starts from foot bath.

It was a luxurious space.

The treatment room was decorated with stylish art.

There was shower space in treatment room, too.

There was also a washbasin / closet.

When the treatment is over, you move to a relaxing room. A Bali like stone statue welcomes you.

Relax room overview

Ginger tea and ginger cookie received after treatment were delicious with natural taste.

From the relax room you can see the natural mangroves. There were wild monkeys.

Facilities in the hotel - other

There was an infinity pool in the facility.

A lot of deck chairs were installed around the pool.

The ship that you can see in the back is on a beach, so it seems like the sea and the pool are horizontally united.

The depth is 160 ~ 220 cm, it becomes a pool for adults to relax.

Beautiful flowers were blooming around the pool.

There was another outdoor pool different from the Infinity Pool above. This is surrounded by greenery.

The color of the bottom tile is deep green, so the water looks like this color.

The water depth of this pool was fairly deep. We were able to overlook the vast site.

There was water from the stone statue. There was a pool for children in facilities, too.

There was also outdoor Jacuzzi in facilities. There was a towel rental counter, but there was often no one there. I felt inconvenient when I wanted to use a towel.

There was a library in the facility.

A house temple for Bali Hindu. Since you can not enter it unless you are properly dressed, be aware if you have children.

There were a couple of resting places in the facility.

There was a park where small children can also play on the premises.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the villa is in the village, it is relaxing without any noises. Since the road was not paved, it was tough to move from the parking lot to the villa wearing heels. Because the road was bumpy, the bicycle the hotel lent also had a thick tire. Residents in the local village did not ride an ordinary bicycle, and they were traveling by a bicycle with a tire like a four-wheel drive or a bike. Right outside the hotel there were natural mangroves and I could see lots of wild monkeys. It seems no monkey comes into the hotel as there is a big river between the mangroves and the hotel.

Staff & Customers

The staff were very helpful and friendly. The staff at the front desk were attentive to each guest. It is not hard to see why it is highly rated even on the online travel site.
Some staff were unfriendly when we passed by but basically they all had a gentle smile and I felt peaceful.

I think the main guests were those who are rich. I think that there were many people as in the order of India, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,and Western. Families, couples in their 20s and 30s, married couples, and around the age group that have retired were using this villa.


I did not go directly from the airport to the villa so I do not know the exact time, but it took about 3 hours from Seminyak with a 30 minute break. Because it is a village where there is almost nothing in the vicinity, I think that security is good. Since there is not even a convenience store or a shop, we recommend that you completely make yourself ready.

There is nothing like a place to buy souvenirs. I think that it is easy to get to the destination as you just need to follow along a street, but navigation signal was gone for a moment on the way back, being guided by Navi to a different place and got lost in mountain path and jungle. Even people living in Bali may get lost, so it may be safe to have a proper guide.


This time, it was really nice to be taken to Bali that I did not know at all and the people who tagged us along were also wealthy people, so the hotel’s sense was good and it was a very pleasant stay. The quality of the hot spring was also good, and the skin became soft. The temperature was at an optimal temperature. In the villa I was staying at,there was a hot spring in the villa, not a swimming pool. I was very thankful for the environment where I could enjoy hot springs any time. I was very healed in premises full of nature, and it was a fulfilling three days. For those who come to Bali many times, how about trying to enjoy different Bali here as well?