Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

  • Room Type : Ocean View Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I stayed at "Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu" because it was cheaper compared with other five-star hotel, it was close to the airport , security was good, that the atmosphere in the hotel facilities was good, and review was good. Compared with other 5-star hotels such as Shangri-La and JPark, it was cheaper, and since the neighbor was Shangri-La hotel, I thought that security would probably not be so bad. In addition, I liked the atmosphere of pool, private beach, and bar. I decided to look at the reviews of various website and decided it. Other hotels had reviews such as the private beach was unexpectedly dirty and Wifi was unstable, but I thought that it would not be such a thing if it was a Swiss resort chain, Mövenpick, so I decided to book this hotel.

Exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

Hotel view from the pool

The exterior looked like two tower apartment, it was a modern design.

Night, hotel view from the pool

in front of the hotel entrance

porcha carriage entrance

I saw the entrance from inside the hotel

The lobby is based on white and the design of the white ceiling which is inspired by the sail of the yacht swayed by the wind, and I received it was very open space.

There was a lounge in the lobby. There was a gold colored espresso machine in the center part, and there was a feeling of profoundness.


Behind the lobby, you can see the pool and the sea. The contrast between the white lobby and blue in the pooland sea blue was very nice.

Next to the lobby there was a space to enjoy billiards, table tennis and chess.

Front desk with modern design

There was a sofa in front of the front desk. It felt stylish.

in front of the front desk

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

The corridor was also decorated with paintings matching the colors of the floor.

Ocean view Deluxe Room room

Room entrance door

Immediately after entering the room, there was a full-body mirror on the right side. There is a bathroom on the left side.

The room was very clean and I got the impression that it is the atmosphere of a European foreign hotel. The floor was tile material, and there was fashionable indirect lighting, and we were able to experience a luxurious experience.

The contrast with the blue sea was good, with many white and bright colors, visible outside the window during the day. It was well cleaned and I never felt any discomfort. It was not a type you set the temperature by yourself, but the air conditioning was also working good, and there was no trouble in the temperature.

Inside the room seen from the window

The bed was spacious and comfortable with high repulsion. The cover was also a general thing and there was no problem at all.

There was a desk and a chair next to the bed and window.

There was a TV set opposite the bed. There was also a luggage stand next to it.

Under the TV, there was a storage shelf.

Inside storage shelf

There was a luggage table next to the TV stand, and there was a scale under it.

Lighting next to the TV is fashionable.

The room was not spacious, but there was a veranda.

There was a table and a chair in the veranda.

You can see green forest, private houses with orange roof, pale blue sea and a vast sky behind it. Although it may be not satisfying for those only want to see sea, but I liked the color harmony of green forest and blue sea.

The view from the veranda, looking down the ground. I could not see the pool from my room.

In the morning, you can see the sunrise in this direction. However, it tends to be cloudy in the morning, sunrise may not be visible. In the morning, you hear a lot of rooster crows from the forest.


There was a shower room in bathroom separate from bathtub.

Looking at the side of the bathroom door from inside the bathroom

Because the water pressure of the bathtub's shower was weak, we did not use it.

Towels were also available on the bathtub.

The shower room had a hand shower with removable height adjustable. Water pressure and temperature could also be adjusted. The shower room is a little small to use for two people at once, but there was enough room if it was one.


There was a full body mirror on the wall next to the toilet.

wash basin

An arm mirror was also installed beside the sink.

On the washbasin, there was a shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, solid soap, and body lotion amenities. Shampoo and other amenities were refilled if you use. It had nice scent.

Amenity was also under the sink.

There was a vanity kit (set of cotton and swab), sanitary bag, and shower cap.

A set of toothbrush and toothpaste was prepared here. Besides, there was spares of toilet paper and tissue paper, and quality was also good.

A hair dryer was also installed on the wall.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a closet on the side of the bed.

In the closet there were a hanger, a bathrobe, slippers, an iron and ironing board, a laundry bag and a safety box.

There was an iron and ironing behind the bathrobe.

When opening the other side door, there were a safety box, a storage shelf and a laundry bag.

Safety boxes were of a type that closes with six digit numbers.

Inside the safety box

Mini bar / in-room coffee

There was coffee set on the shelf next to the closet. There were an electric pot, two glasses, two heat resistant mugs, two chopsticks, two muddlers, two instant coffees each, two bags of two teas and two roasted teas. If you call the front desk, they can bring a bottle opener and open a bottle for you. It seems that we cannot keep it in the room. Also, every night two bottles of free water were supplied. There were other drinks, juice, sweets, cup noodles for charge.

There was refrigerator too.

In the refrigerator there was a beer, carbonated drink, juice, mineral water, chocolate confectionery for a fee. Mini-bar had a lot of varieties.

Mini-bar price list

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

On the first floor, there was a restaurant called "SAILS".

"SAILS" was open every morning, noon, and night. We had breakfast buffet and dinner. Dinner can be buffet or a la carte.

Hawaiian pizza we had at "SAILS". There were Swiss cuisine and Japanese cuisine, Filipino cuisine, American cuisine, and Korean cuisine.

breakfast buffet

There was desert section at the breakfast buffet too.

There was a lounge in the lobby.

In the lobby lounge, during "Mövenpick chocolate hour" from 15 o'clock to 16 o'clock every day, you can get a bite size chocolate for free.

Beyond the marina, there is a restaurant called 'Ibiza' where you can enjoy your meals and drinks while ejoying the wonderful sea views.

Inside the "Ibiza"

There was live performance in the evening.

Mussels from "Ibiza"

Dining while watching live performance is the best.

Drinks at "Ibiza"

There was a restaurant called "The Forum" on the poolside. In addition to drinks such as cocktails, it seems that you can also have light snacks.

There was a shop next to the lobby.

There was daily items available in the store too.

Swimwear, clothes, bags, and sandals were also there.

Facilities in the hotel

There are two main pools, one is a very shallow for children. The larger pool had a structure that gets deeper when going to the center, and in the deepest place there was a depth of 1.6 m.

There are two very wide staircases at the large pool, one on the poolside side where the beach beds are placed which is also an entrance, the other is by the children's pool where small white chairs were underwater, which is very instagrammy spot.

At night, the pool was lit up with blue light from inside the pool, it was very fantastic. The chair in the shallow pool was lighted up white. A group of girls who came only for photography was there. The night pool was vacant and I was able to spend relaxing time as there was only one or two pairs of users. When the rain was staggering and the wind was blowing, the pool at night was a bit cold, but on a sunny day it was just right temperature.

When I get off the stairs in the pool there is a private beach. Although not so wide, there was a beach bed and umbrellas that can be used for free, and there was never being crowded during my stay. You foot do not hurt at all even you walk with barefoot.

The swimming area was partitioned by buoys and there was something like a small island in the middle of the swimming area. I think that it is not somewhere you can go. I think that the water temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius. I did not feel it was cold. The water is crystal clear, and the fish is about 5 centimeters in size, I saw them about 1 or 2 times.

A view of the beach at night

There are special seats below the pool where you can enjoy beach view. This is charged.

There was a fitness center in hotel too.

The fitness center is available 24 hours a day whenever you like.

There were various instruments. It was good as it was vacant.

There was spa facilities in hotel.

Spa menu

There was also a tour desk.

Next to the lobby, there was space to enjoy billiards, table tennis, chess and so on.

Hotel surroundings environment

I felt that the new town is closer than the other places, but because I only moved by taxi and bus, I did not go around the hotel at all. I realized that this area is never just a resort-only area, although Shangri-La is also very close. It is close to the area where the local people live normally. The security check at the main gate leading to the hotel is strict, and taxi drivers always have to show some kind of certification or they have to hand some kind of tag to the security guard. Then they let buff dog like a police dog around taxies and they can finally pass the main gate.

Staff & Customers

There were many Korean and Japanese people. There are many couples and girls groups of 2-4, families with grown-up children. I think that there were very few families with small children. I saw some European people too.


It was around 20 minutes by taxi from airport as we have heard. Taxis have the disadvantage that you don’t know when they are coming, but they are overwhelmingly cheap. There was free shuttle bus to Ayala Mall 2 times a day and it was convenient as we can also make a reservation. However, it took more than an hour because the traffic was not so good and crowded. Because taxi did not come so often, I felt I was waiting for a taxi for long.


We stayed at this hotel and it was very good. It was certainly a long way to go to Cebu City, but delicious restaurants and supermarkets were enough in Mactan Island, and it was relatively cheap to take a taxi. More than anything, the atmosphere of the pool, the beach, and the beach bar was very good, it made me the best memories. I was able to complete a very fulfilling day for doing workout at the gym, going to the pool and the beach, playing billiards and eating dinner at the bar. The Filipino staff who worked were also very nice, they remembered me at the restaurant for dinner and talked to me with a smile while I was waiting for a taxi.

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