Museum Hotel

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room (1st basement)
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The room was expensive, but there was a pool outside and we chose this hotel because it was luxurious and had a very good reputation. Because this hotel was on the hill, the views were good and balloons could be seen from the terrace. We were very looking forward to it. The room price was so high, so we selected the room with the lowest grade. We could use a pool in a terrace and receive the same level of service in any room. To save accommodation cost, we unfortunately stayed only for one night.

What is the exterior of the hotel like? Check entrance and reception

The exterior seen from the outside street was small and we could only see the entrance, so we could not feel a high classy feeling. This is because a nice terrace and garden spreads below the entrance. You cannot check out the interior from outside.

The front desk has an exotic interior, is airy and well-spacious. There were so many sofas, so we could relax on them. There were about 3 staff members at all times and one of the staff guided around the hotel after check-in and introduced the service.



What is the room in the deluxe room like?

Cave like guest room was very satisfying. There was a big bed and a window, and amenity was fulfilling. Although it was a room with a low grade, it looked luxurious. Especially we were glad that there was a window in the bathroom and we could see the balloons from there. It was a little dark at night because it was a cave, but I think it was the same for any other hotels. The room was spacious as a whole and the sofa was big. It was big enough for two of us to stretch.


A whole image of the room

TV set


Window and sofa

Balloons seen from the window of the room

Scenery from the window


There was enough water pressure in the shower. The strength of water pressure was freely changed, the water was hot enough. Window was attached to bathtub, and we could see balloons from that window in the morning while soaking in Jacuzzi. We had a luxurious feeling. We were worried that insects would come in through the window, but we would not mind it. When we asked if we could get some conditioners, they brought three of them. Just like the museum hotel as we expected!

Toilet and bathtub

shower head

Wash basin



Amenities were stocked; shampoo, treatment, body shampoo, soap, sewing set, match, and body washing sponge. I think that the match is prepared to light a candle in a small hole in a cave in the room. Disposable slippers were in different shapes depending on gender and bathrobes were the ones with firm fabrics. We asked if we could have more treatment, and we got 3 extra.

Closet and safety box

The closet was spacious and the safety box looked secure. There were also many shelves and pots, free tea packs and coffee, extra blankets, shoe bellows, umbrellas, etc. were also provided in the shelves.

Mini bar / cafe

Although we did not use the charged minibar this time, we put water etc in a vacant space. It was satisfying because it became cold enough. It was a hot season, so we were pleased to get two free bottles of water.

In the charged minibar there were a lot of beverages, water,juice, and alcohol. It also contained sake called RAKI which is unique in Turkey.

Two free bottles of water were prepared.

A pot and free tea bags.

Restaurants in the hotel

We used restaurant for a breakfast buffet.

Breakfast venue entrance

Choose contents and make a crepe like dish

Dried fruits and cheese

Fruits and vegetables

Stir fry vegetables etc.

Pancakes and sauces


Pool inside the hotel

There is a swimming pool on the terrace outside public spaces. We were able to swim without getting cold because the water was warm. You do not need to mind peoples' eyes other than hotel guests. Besides,only a few hotel guests use the swimming pool so we could relax and enjoy it very much.There is a chair with umbrellas and a mat to lie around the pool. The pool at night was also lighted up and it was very beautiful. Because the sunset was in the opposite direction to the terrace where pool is located, it should be hard to see it from the hotel.

In addition, a bar is provided and if you ask for a drink you can get one there. If you ask for water, you will get it in the glass.

It is the best when you can see balloons from the terrace in the morning.

Hotel garden

The flowers bloom in the garden and they are in very good condition. Goreme can be overlooked from the garden. There are turtles, peacocks and dogs in the garden and they wander around freely. Vegetables seemed to be grown there and used for breakfast. We have seen a cook picking leaves several times.


A turtle in the garden

There was a peacock too.

Hotel surroundings environment

The security around the hotel seemed to be good. It was very quiet with few people and cars,so I could relax. Because there are many steep slopes around the area, walking around in hot weather is pretty difficult. There is a little distance to the city, and there are not many places for shopping (there are several restaurants around). There is nothing special other than Uchisar or restaurants, but it is not a problem because you can still enjoy a lot inside the museum hotel. Because it is located on the hill, we enjoyed beautiful scenery from the hotel and a surrounding restaurant. There are wild dogs, but Cappadocia did not look dangerous because there are wild dogs everywhere.

Uchisar is 5 to 10 minutes away on foot and it is convenient for sightseeing.

Staff & Customers

A lot of staff were there and the service was wonderful.They brought drinks and food, and fresh vegetables. We had a luxurious moment that I never had before. I think the main customers were married couples, couples, and families with teens, etc. Few small children were there. There were a lot of laid-back couples in their late 20s. It was a very calm space. People from various countries stayed and there was no racial bias.


There is a bus transfer service to the airport. It is about 1 hour by car.


We definitely want to stay here again. We checked-in in the morning (we can not enter the room just yet), and we were offered a breakfast buffet. It was very surprising because no other hotel had offered a breakfast buffet before for those who had an early check in. The pool on the terrace was the best. Even in hot areas, it tends to get cold when you get into the swimming pool or the sea. However, the hotel kept the water warm at all times so we could enjoy it as much as we wanted. This hotel is indeed full of hospitality.The raw orange and the apple juice at breakfast were delicious. The apple juice was like an apple that our mother grated when we caught a cold when we were a child. You can also enjoy balloons from your room and this hotel is definitely the one you should stay when you come to Cappadocia.

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