Hotel Nikko Guam

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • All rooms with ocean view
  • Entrance full of openness
  • Reliable Nikko Hotel

"Hotel Nikko Guam" is a resort hotel located in the north of Tumon, the busiest part of Guam, overlooking Tumon Beach. It is attractive that all the rooms are ocean view. Various activities such as a large outdoor pool, water slider, kids club, seven varied restaurants and bars, a Polynesian show performed on the beach side and a tour of the magic illusion show. We introduce this hotel which facilities are very substantial such as relaxation spa and chapel wedding which cites the sea of Guam in front of you.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

Built with U-shape spreading wings towards Tumon Beach, all the rooms are ocean view.

It is the white and simple exterior wall and it encloses from the wide grass garden to the beach.

The entrance is in the center of the hotel and has a large roofed roundabout.

A long passage is continued until the building entrance.

The lobby is large and has a high ceiling with natural light from the skylight.

There is also a reception desk and a concierge desk next to it. Take a look at 360 °

The Superior Room

After checking in, I went to the room at once,

Oceanfront superior is located on the 4th to 8th floor, the most basic room in this hotel.

When entering the room, a lot of light entered from the window with the terrace, and the sea was able to be seen.

There are two semi-double beds in the room

There were a one-seat couch and a table next to the bed.

There were a TV and a two-seat couch on the other side of the bed.

There is a large space between bed and TV, and it seems that more than two people can spend enough comfortably.


There is no door at the entrance leading to the bathroom, as soon as you enter the washbasin, there is a door with a toilet and a bathtub.

The washbasin is like this. It is a large mirror and a table on which some things can be placed, so there seems to be no inconvenience. The back of the sink is a closet.

The bathroom is separated by a shower curtain with a type with a shower in the bathtub. There is a toilet next to it and this is a room in this. I feel a little old-fashioned, but if you do not mind, I do not feel inconvenienced because it is being cleaned neatly.


Amenities are complete with towels. There were a toothbrush, shaving, shampoo conditioner, body soap, soap, shower cap etc.

Mini bar / Cafe corner

When you open the shelf under the TV, it becomes a cafe corner. Mineral water was prepared.

There were a cup and a glass and a tea bag in the drawer. There is also an electric kettle and you can put hot water.

There is also a refrigerator. There is nothing inside, but you can put the things you bought. Because the hotel restaurant and cafe are substantial, it is refreshing without waste.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet behind the washbasin from the bathroom is a closet, but it is also a closet that can be opened from the entrance of the room.

There is a safety box. It is a simple thing of lock & release with # by pressing 4 digits. Slippers are also included in the drawer.

Ocean view from the terrace

All rooms with terrace in the ocean view are also the best when taking a break in the room.

The view seems to be divided into two types of landscape, Tumon Beach Side and Gun Beach Side. Here is the view of the gun beach side.

You can look down at the pool and the water slider.

Restaurant in the hotel

An experienced Japanese chef who was active in various countries around the world is in every restaurant and is proud of Japan’s proud hospitality. The three restaurants are “Peach Lee” with Chinese food and BAR, “Benkei” Japanese cuisine “Magellan” buffet restaurant. There are 3 BBQ, cafe, BAR, “Sunset Beach Barbecue”, Poolside Bar “Bougainvillea” and Lobby Lounge “Fountain”. Also, I would like to try using the “Premier Lounge” exclusive lounge for guests in the Suite and Premier rooms.

Chinese cuisine "Momoi" is open from lunch to dinner, the BAR is open only in the evening.

For meals at Japanese cuisine "Benkei" from breakfast to dinner, the sushi counter is open only during dinner.

Buffet restaurant "Magellan" You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buffet.

BBQ "Sunset Beach Barbecue" is a beach side of the hotel, you can enjoy a Polynesian dance show while doing BBQ.

The lobby lounge "Fountain" is a cafe next to the front desk. You can use it for a casual meeting or snack.

The poolside bar "Bougainvillea" is open from noon to evening, and you can enjoy beer, cocktails, snacks etc on the beach and the poolside.

Suite Room, Premier Room Reservation Guests "Premier Lounge" can relax throughout the day with its own breakfast, tea time, cocktail time, after dinner time. There are also other massage chairs and kids space so you can spend comfortably with your family.

Huge pool and the best beach

The beach and the big pool are in front of you.

There is also a swimming pool with long water slider and a large pool, and a playground for kids put in the garden, there is no doubt that you can enjoy small children and adults.

Deck chairs and umbrellas are free to use.

The large pool can swim comfortably.

It's a good idea to take a walk in the lawn area.

You can leave the beach at once.

Parasols and chairs are also located on the beach, so you can relax at ease.

The sunset that greeted here is also romantic and lovely.

Shops in the Hotel

The shops are lined up on the lower floor which is colonnade from the lobby level.

The SOHO convenience store gift shop is convenient to purchase sweets and drinks and souvenirs.

The kids club can be used for free in the indoor play room.

Gift shop "Avenue".

It is interesting to see accessories and bags, a small souvenir and swimming goods sold.

Relaxation Spa

Relaxing from the body core at the spa "Ayu Alan" is also a good idea at the resort.

A therapist who knows relaxation massages it with warmth and technique of hands.

Flower buses can spare luxurious time, too.

Hotel Surroundings and Access

Located at the northern end of Tumon Bay, where the bay sticks out, this hotel is a 15-minute walk or 5 minutes by car to Tumon’s center DFS Galleria and The Plaza. You can reach Micronesia Mall in 12 minutes by red shuttle bus. The DFS shuttle operated by DFS and the Tumon shuttle of red shuttle are very convenient to use because Nikko is a stop. It is a 15-minute drive from the airport to the hotel. Taxis are also useful. There is also an airport shuttle at the hotel (chargeable).

Staff & Customers

As time is said to be autumn, I felt that there are more Koreans than Japanese people. Japanese staff also has an inconvenience. The front staff was local people, but simple Japanese became available. You can rest assured that everyone politely touches you.

Room introduction about Triple room

The triple room is the same size as the room of the superior type. The break with the bathroom is slightly different, but it is almost the same.

It is the same type which is located on the same 4th - 8th floor and 3 beds are placed in the room.

For amenities and cafes for three people according to the number of beds. It is good for staying with friends.

Room introduction about Premier Room

This is the Oceanfront Premier Room.

Premier rooms are located on the upper floors of the 9th to 15th floors.

The size of the room and the superior room does not change.

The big difference in ranking up is that shampoo of amenity is L'Occitane, Welcome drink in a refrigerator is included, mineral water is refilled every day, more substantial service can be received. The view from the terrace is also good on the upper floor!

Room introduction about Suite Room

This is the room of the oceanfront suites. As expected the suite room is large.

The corner room from the 6th floor to the 10th floor is a room of this type.

There is a large living area, it is unified with the bedroom and the opening feeling is outstanding.

There is a king size or a twin room with a semi-double.

Of course, as well as upgraded amenities, the cafe corner and the working desk are spacious.

The large windows are also great, but the large private balcony is also the best we can overlook the beach.

Room introduction about Premier Suite

The Oceanfront Premier Suite Rooms are located in corner rooms from the 11th floor to the 15th floor.

The bedroom and the living room are partitioned by the shelf wall on which the television is placed. There is no door, but the atmosphere is good different even just being separated somewhat.

TV, bedroom and living room as well.

The view from the spacious living room and the private balcony outstandingly open like the suite is the best.

Cafe corner with a welcome drink and working table area are like this.

There are toilets in two places near the bathroom and entrance. L'Occitane amenities are also good.

Room introduction about Executive Suite

Oceanfront premier executive suite with only 2 rooms in a corner room on the 8th and 10th floors is here.

It is quite large, divided into a dining room and a living room.

In the dining area, the cafe corner has a sink that can be washed lightly.

The living room is also spacious and welcoming.

The bedroom is completely separate from living and dining, and it is calm with a chic interior.

The bathroom is different from others, a luxurious feeling comes out with a double sink and a big mirror.

Bathrooms were newly constructed with shower rooms separated by glass doors.

This corner room is in L shape, private balcony which encloses around is also the best wide.

From here, you can see Tumon Beach and the sea, sunset and night view in panoramic view.

Hotel Nikko Guam Summary

How was it, Hotel Nikko Guam? As I stayed this time, this hotel felt the view from the room had a feeling of opening and it was the best. It is far from the place where the hotels are concentrated in Tumon Beach and Tumon’s shopping area, because it is located in the north side where the bay sticks out, but if you stay at this hotel the best beach in Guam You can enjoy the pool, the pool is fulfilling, the restaurant is large, the Polynesian show can be enjoyed, the access to the sightseeing spots is not bad, so when you look at the view from that room, you can see spectacular views from Tumon Beach and Gan beach It became a high point to be able to overlook the landscape of the ocean with a monopoly. All rooms are ocean view selling This hotel can be tasted anywhere in any room, I would like you to stay at once by all means.

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