Novotel Aachen City

  • Room Type : Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I went sightseeing to the three country border points in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and I have traveled to Aachen, a small ancient city in Germany. "Novotel Aachen City - Novotel Aachen City" stayed this time is a convenient place that you can walk to the center of Aachen. When the Christmas season comes, a big Christmas market is held in the open space and it gets more lively, but compact old capital in other seasons is popular because it is easy to walk. We will introduce the hotel we have stayed in enjoying a travel that can spend slowly without many sightseeing spots. 【Official website】 Novotel Aachen City

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

This is the exterior of the hotel.

The entrance is an automatic glass door and it is a staircase, but there is also a slope.

Three front counters are lining up.

The lobby is also large.

There was a little playground for children, couplers, picture books, and coloring books.

Children gifted pretty hand glue stuffed animal gifts, and the children were pleased. In the tag, it is written as Family & Novotel.

Room in the standard room?

After traveling through the corridor on the carpeted floor there are rooms.

The room we stayed in is a standard room.

One king size bed

The sofa was bedded with an extra bed.

Returning to the sofa is wide.

There is also a movable working desk and a TV.


There is a door with the entrance facing the bedroom side in the bathroom.

It is a double door. The mirror in the sink is also big.

The shower booth is separate.

It was a bathtub on the other side, making it easy to use.

The sink is wide and easy to use. The faucet was out from the side of the side wall instead of the front.

A dryer with enough wind pressure is also installed.

Bath amenities were only shampoo and body soap, soap. You'd better prepare what you need.

The toilet was next to the entrance door in a private room.

Cafe corner

There is a cafe corner. There were electric kettles, cups, glasses and instant teas.

There are many drinks in the refrigerator.

Closet and safety box

There was a closet beside the entrance. I do not have a door, but it's enough to wear a coat. I also have a shelf.

The safety box was under the refrigerator.

the view from the room

Although it was on the 2nd floor, there was nothing to block outside of the window, and I could see it far away.

There is no visible scenery, but there is a feeling of opening.

Breakfast restaurant and bar

The restaurant and bar at the hotel is in front of the reception.

We also have a buffet style breakfast.

The dishes arranged in a corner of the restaurant were all in the menu of common breakfast such as bread, cereal, ham, cheese, fruit.

The chef has also come to check regularly, and it is being arranged.

Hotel facilities

There was a fitness gym on the top floor of the hotel. Shower room and bath towels are also provided.

Although there is only one PC, there is a business center and a copy machine was also put.

Staff & Customers

The staff was very friendly and gentle. I got children a little cute stuffed toy when I realized it was with children, so the service was very good. The customer base was a lot of families.


Because we were able to drive a car, it was good at a hotel with parking. There was a major bus station near the hotel.

Walking around the streets of Aachen from the hotel

The shops are lined up in front of the hotel.

When I walked about 5 minutes I went to shopping district where people crowded. It was also a weekend and there were lots of people.

One of the tourist attractions is the spring of Elise.

I got smell of sulfur when I entered it for free. There is a hot hot spring from the faucet. It is a bit disappointing that it is not an onsen hot spring.

The outside wall of the stained glass is wonderful, so please see Aachen Cathedral from inside.

Market square where the Christmas market is open in the Christmas season is crowded with many people. The restaurant is also lined up so you can enjoy your meal.


How was Novotel Aachen City? We often stayed at our family, Novotel, but I noticed that most Novotels are unified with similar constructions. Although there are some differences, there is no doubt that the location requirements are good, I could walk this sightseeing We thought that this hotel could recommend in Aachen sightseeing.

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