Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

  • Room Type : Superior Room (1 Queen size bed)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square" because it is convenient location for shopping. I heard that traffic jam in Bangkok was terrible so I was looking for a place where I could go out without taxi as much as possible. Novotel is connected to Siam station which is easy to switch to the airport express and in walking distance to Siam Paragon shopping center. I have stayed Novotel in other countries and felt good quality of equipment and service as well known in the world. The price is also reasonable, that's why I chose here.

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception.

The building was 18 stories with calm beige color.

Heavy traffic at the shopping center in front of the hotel.

The entrance from the cafe on the ground floor. There is wide carriage porch so that many car pass through to pick up and down.


The entrance from inside the hotel

The ceiling is very high and spacious, it has feeling of open-minded. There were shops and cafes. Many people were in the café area seemed comfortable to stop by for a while for hotel guests.

In the lobby there was a chair like a hammock. The children were happily sitting.

Front desk

Front floor elevator Hall. There were four elevators.

Elevator floor button panel

Inside the elevator.

Room floor elevator hall

Some chair in the elevator hall.

Room floor corridor

Superior Room with 1 Queen size bed

Room door

Guest room key is card type. You will need insert the keycard to turn on room lights.

Air conditioner setting is by dial.

We stayed Superior room, I think that width is sufficient although it is urban location. Equipment and electric appliances seemed a bit old.

The bed is a little narrow for sleeping with kids so I connected the sofa on the side to prevent falling. The sheets were  clean and the bed was comfortable.

TV is on the wall opposite the bed. A desk and a chair are below TV set.

Sofa and table at the side of the bed.

The room doesn't have balcony and the window cannot be opened because of the high floor. The view from our room is so nice since there is no big buildings around. We could see the view of the town and sunrise at dawn. I saw the railway and trains coming and going.

Sunset was also very beautiful. Illumination of a skyscraper in the distance was beautiful at night. Because it is not a beach side hotel, view was not so much breathtaking. But because the window is big and room is on the higher floor, there is a feeling of opening and it was good that the room looked like spacious.


There was no bathtub in bathroom, only shower booth.

There were two shower, overhead shower and hand shower. The hand shower was height adjustable and removable. I felt the water pressure of the shower is a little weak. I could use it without problems of temperature.

The glass of the bathroom can be adjust to foggy glass with the button on the wall.

Vanity top

Two glasses on the washbasin.

It is good if the washbasin area would be wider compare to toilet room. There was a small shower in place of a washlet.

Amenity included shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, body lotion, shower cap, cotton set, shaving set, sewing kit and toothbrush. There was also replenishment on the second day. I bought a toothbrush since amenity's toothbrush head is too big for me. Shampoo and organic cosmetics texture was good since it is using fair trade shea butter.

Hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet was on the left of entrance.

Inside the closet there was an iron, hanger, bathrobe, slippers and extra pillows.

The closet doesn't have enough space to accommodate the suitcase.

There was a luggage table and another storage shelf next to luggage table. There was a flashlight and a laundry bag inside.

Laundry bag

There was a safety box between the cafe corner and the minibar.

Safety box is required to input 4 digit number as a password.

The size was enough.

Mini bar / cafe

At the cafe corner, there were electric kettle, glasses, cups, spoons, mineral water of PET bottles, instant coffee, tea bags and sugar. In addition, mini bar such as snack and chocolate was prepared. You can have 2 bottles of complimentary water per day.

A small refrigerator.

Beers and juice were prepared as mini bar. However, it is so expensive considering Thai market prices. I thought that it would be better to buy it at convenience stores.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

There was a restaurant "SQUARE" on the second floor which is also a breakfast venue.

Also a Chinese restaurant "Lok Wah Hin" on the second floor. T

Juice bar and coffee stand on the first floor

Donut and cake shop on the first floor.

Cafe terrace the first floor is used for waiting space until check-in. We ordered kebab and hamburgers as snacks there but it was expensive compare to Thai local price.

Wine shop is next to elevator hall. There were other organic cosmetic shops, accessory shops and nail salons.

Organic cosmetic brand "Lalil". I heard that they are popular among Japanese women living in Thai.

Facilities in the hotel

Outdoor pool is on the 4th floor. We saw the children were enjoying there happily.I didn't have time to relax at the pool during staying, but it seemed to be clean and well maintained. Since the hotel is surrounded by the building,  outside scenery was hidden in the planting. So it makes to be able to enjoy a private feeling.

As the sunshine in the daytime is very strong and I could not stay outside for long hours. Many adult guests were relaxing on pool bed under parasols. The waiter came carrying a drink of a restaurant on the poolside.

Also there was a fitness center on the 4th floor.

There is also spa facilities on the 4th floor.

Four sofas for foot massage. They provide Thai traditional massage in another space.

You can get a massage at the pool side.

There is a kids space on the first floor.

There was also a billiard table on the first floor.

There was an ATM near the entrance.

Hotel surroundings environment

There are so many young people in the are around the hotel, also many foreigner tourist. It is a multinational atmosphere. Because Chulalongkorn University is just next door, we saw many students in town. I was surprised that there are many ads of Japanese products, Japanese restaurant and shops of Japanese character goods. It is almost like Tokyo.

I saw tuk tuk (a sightseeing motorbike taxi in Thailand) ran a lot with running a horn.

Kitty Cafe

One-piece event

Street in front of hotel

Running tuk tuk

Staff & Customers

The reception staff was cheerful, friendly and were also very fluent in English. I guess there is someone who can speak Japanese since Bangkok people seems to be interested in Japanese culture so much.

I saw the customers from India, Europe and Asia.Mainly they are family group, older couple and young people group. This hotel should be always on high demand from any customer because of their good location.


It takes less than 1 hour from the airport to hotel. You need to take the Airport Rail link from Suvarnabhumi Airport, transit to BTS at Payatay Station and get off at Siam Station. You can reach to the hotel within 5 minutes from the station. It is easy that you can pass through the aisle if it is opening hours of the shopping center.

It is very convenient because it is close to BTS Siam Station. However, it is necessary to walk outside rather than directly because the station is always crowded and to hard to get out. There are lots of high-end shopping malls within walking distance such as Siam Barragon, Central World and MBK. Many stalls also there along the main street.


Honestly it was difficult for first visitors to move around Bangkok city only using public transportation even we tried to do that. Because there are less chance to sit down in the train and hard to move with the baggage. It would be better to go by taxi from the airport. On the other hand, regarding shopping, we were able to enjoy meals and shopping without concern for time and safety since the location is quite convenient even to go back in late night. The shopping center in the Siam area has a lot of foreigners, then sometime  I forgot I am a tourist because local people has bees already used to it. I saw lots of students makes the town like creative and bright city. Although it was a very short stay, I was able to fully feel the vibrancy of Bangkok.

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