Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

  • Room Type : Room with 2 single beds
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We reviewed the room reservation site, guidebooks and based on the evaluation, decided to stay in this hotel because it had a high rating. Good location, good price, being suitable for families who have small children, and having previously stayed at the same Accor group hotel (Novotel Phu Quoc),we had an idea of the level of atmosphere and facilities so we felt relieved. As I had registered with the members of the hotel group, it was easy to receive an e-mail magazine and make a reservation.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel appearance. I feel a bit old-fashioned in design, but it is well maintained and calm.


There were a lot of young staffs at the front desk and I did not have to wait because they worked very fast. They spoke English fast so it was hard to understand. We used online booking so it was ok even if we didn't understand them so well, but the Westerners next to us were asking them to repeat many times.

Lobby flower

The lobby


What is a room with 2 single beds?

Elevator hall on the front floor.

Take the elevator and head to your room.

Hallway on the guest room floor.

The door of the room.

The view of the guest room. The interior is simple and natural. The wall next to me was a bit thin and I could hear people next door talking.

The hardness of the mattress was just right and I could sleep comfortably. I slept with my child, but was still big enough. The pillows are quite big.

The air conditioning was adjustable at the bedside and it was not too cold and it was very comfortable. I feel anxious when I stay on a high floor, but I did not feel anxious this time.



Due to the high floor, the balcony is locked and we can not go outside. Because the veranda was a double sash, I could hardly hear outside sounds and it was quiet.

Although high-rise office buildings are lined up and you can see the night view, it is not as crowded as in the middle of the city.

The hotel's pool is visible and it lights up at night. It was a room with a river view, so it is good to be able to enjoy the view of the Singapore River. There is a window from the front side where you can see Marina Bay Sands, so you may be able to see fireworks and illumination shows.


The bathroom felt a little old, but the water equipments were replaced. There were places where hair was falling in the sink and so on.

The bathroom is functionally installed in a limited space and feels spacious. The sink is fashionable, but it's small and a bit inconvenient.

The water pressure for the shower was fine and the hot water was good.

There is no choice in terms of space, but because the toilets are not divided, only one person can enter, and it felt a little inconvenient when we were in a hurry to leave.

Although the bathtub is a long and narrow type, it has a length that allows the legs to extend firmly. Because the size is small, hot water filled up quickly.

There is also a dryer.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, use of body lotion tubes are available for bathing, and it will be replenished newly the next day. Cosmetics used natural trade ingredients. It was hypoallergenic and the it felt good to use it. They did not have cosmetics for women. Soap, shaving set, cotton swabs and cotton set were also on the sink. There is also a set of toothbrushes and toothpaste, but foreign toothbrushes are too big ,so it is recommend to bring some on your own.

Closet and safe

The closet wasn’t very big, so I didn’t have room for my suitcase. It would have been nice to have a shelf to put in your shoes. An iron and an ironing board was attached. I think that it would have been more  convenient if there was a clothesline.


Closet door opened

The safety box was a type that locks by setting a 4-digit number.

Mini bar cafe

There are chocolates, cereal bars and snacks like pringles, but we did not eat them because they were over-priced. As there is a convenience store nearby, you can purchase it there. Two plastic bottles of mineral water are included free of charge. Tea and sencha tea bags and instant coffee are also free.

Glasses and cups.


Tiger beer and coke (charged)

Restaurant in the hotel

There are two restaurants, Western and Chinese, on the 6th floor. It looks like you can eat Singaporean chili club etc. There is a restaurant and a cafe bar at the breakfast room on the 7th floor. You can get a welcome drink at the café-bar while waiting for room preparation at check-in and it appears to be open until late. You can also have snacks such as bread. Breakfast room is buffet style. The basics are Western food, but also Chinese and Indian food as well.

6th floor Western restaurant

6th floor Chinese restaurant

The breakfast room on the 7th floor.

Breakfast is buffet style. The basics are Western food, and also Chinese and Indian food.

Part of the dish

Swimming pool in hotel

The pool is located on the 6th floor and you can also go out from the terrace of the 7th floor breakfast room.

Although it is a building in the city, it was quite large and you could enjoy swim. Because there are also plants, it created a relaxing mood. The main use was for children, and adults were relaxing on the bench. There was no small swimming pool for children, so I thought it would be nice to have a place for toddlers to play. As there were no surveillance staff, parents need to watch their children play carefully.

At night the poo was lit up, but it is not as large as the famous Marina Bay Sands, so it may be better not to see the pool as the main thing. There is no poolside bar and there is no facility for adults to enjoy.

Hotel facilities

Because there is a laundry room, it can be used when staying overnight. It is near the pool and is convenient for washing wet swimsuits.

There is a ballroom on the 6th floor.

There is a business center on the 7th floor.

Kids space


The 6th floor terrace. There was a well-managed planting, and it was a rare tropical fruit. You can also enjoy the views of the high-risen buildings.

Environment around the hotel

Because it is not a central city, it is quiet with few people in the daytime. There was a small square along the river, and there were people jogging and people playing dogs.

Right next door is the shopping center where you can go from the communication passage. Starbucks and Seven Eleven are also useful.

You will have no trouble looking for restaurant in the area Clarke Quay, because it is substantial and you can eat near the hotel. There were a lot of people watching soccer at the bar because the World Cup was being held. It is also convenient to be able to walk home after a late night out.

The river cruise landing area is close by, so when you get on the night illumination tour, you can go around the river and watch the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands shows up close. It's also convenient to go back to the same place.

Staff & customer base

The audience is mainly for families with children and older couples, whose nationality is mainly European and American, with a large impression of European descent. Then there were a lot of Indians, and there was a feeling of Asian descent.

The staffs are multinational and speaks English, but their English was difficult to understand. European and American customers also seemed to have trouble understanding. I was very excited about the nationality and I did not feel the hospitality so mush, but they work very quickly.


From the airport, you can reach the hotel in about 30 minutes by taxi. The area around the hotel is close to Clarke Quay’s restaurants, and it has been very busy since around the evening. There are many bars, but with a good customer base so security is not a concern.


Transportation convenience is the biggest advantage of staying in this hotel. It is attractive that the surrounding area is relatively calm as it is not located in the center of the city. In addition, restaurants and the shopping centers are nearby. There is also a currency exchange office, which is convenient. The building is not very luxurious, but it is simple and had a calm feeling to it. It is enough quality if you just go to the room and go to bed by sightseeing the city. The facilities were also somewhat old, but there were no inconveniences. I thought that the quality of air conditioning was also good. I think that the rate is appropriate considering the prices in Singapore. To make a point of regret, breakfast has not changed much and it has been a bit scarce. I think it would be nice to have local dishes from Singapore. Because there are many places to eat nearby, it may have been better not to have breakfast in the hotel. I could hear a faint voices from the other side of the wall, so I felt a little uneasy because I was worried that they could hear our voices as well .

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