Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

  • Room Type : Standard King Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Since it is my business trip to Singapore, I decided to stay at the hotel which has business relationship with our company. As this is my first time to visit Singapore, I didn't know where is better and this location looked convenient because it is just nearby MRT. Also it is convenient from restaurant area and a shopping mall is next to the hotel. Totally, It was the best choice. 【Official website】 Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay posted also here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Check entrance and reception

Hotel entrance is on ground floor but the reception is on the 7th floor. When I arrived at ground floor lobby, the concierge comes to pick up the bag. I received a baggage tag and went to the front desk on the 7th floor. I just passed the baggage tag to the staff once I checked in, the concierge will bring your bag to the room later. This service is very helpful for long stay guest with big and heavy luggage.

Hotel exterior


Entrance seen from the hotel

Concierge reception

Elevator hall

Inside the elevator to front desk.

In the elevator

Front floor (7F) elevator hall

Lobby area in front of reception.

In the elevator for guest room access

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

King room

Room door

Room door from inside

The facilities are all clean.

TV side

There are desk, chair, TV and DVD player. TV channels has various of language program, I could watch NHK in Japanese all day.

There was a smartphone on the desk.

Telephone, memo paper and alarm clock are on the side table.

The bed was too big to sleep alone. Spring was in good condition. I could get good sleep although I was busy during the trip.

The room has no balcony.

The scenery was very good as I stayed at the higher floor. I thought that it might be pleasant if there was a balcony. The window was closed and the temperature and humidity were high when I entered the room,  I turned on the air condition immediately. There are some decoration of the building behind the window, it is shame that it interrupted the view. But I could see Marina Bay Sands directly in front.


I found some water was leaked from shower booth after using the shower, but it is no problem because many towels are provided.

Shower room


Vanity top

Washbasin and mirror

Hair dryer prepared on the wall.


Amenities are various and the quality was good I thought when I used it. They are prepared two sets even I stayed alone. The type of the electric outlet is different from Japanese, it required to use adapter. It also has plugs that can be charged with the USB cable.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet is not so big and safety box is stowed inside. I have heard Singapore the Government is strictly cracking down any crime, as there are cameras everywhere in the city. The people in Singapore are very afraid of committing crimes and getting be caught. It seems that there is little risk to be stolen the things.

Inside of closet

Mini bar / cafe

There were water, soft drinks, soda, beer in the minibar. I think I cannot keep ice cream in it because it is refrigerator, not freezer.

Inside of refrigerator

Coffee and tea are complementary, but I didn't drink much. I only had a coffee in the morning, but Singapore's coffee is very dense for me since I usually drink American.

Restaurant in hotel, shop

The hotel’s occupancy rate seemed very high since restaurants and bars were always very crowded.

If you don’t want to go out after tiring work, it is convenient to dine there. There are also many restaurant around the hotel.

International cuisine and buffet on the 7th floor "The Square"

"D'PELANGI RESTAURANT" on the 6th floor

Cantonese restaurant "Dragon Phoenix Restaurant"

"LE BAR ROUGE" on the 7th floor

There is Seven Eleven at ground floor. If you don't have time to grab breakfast, it is good to buy something.

Starbucks coffee

There was a currency exchange shop. It is very useful for me since I needed to exchange Malaysia Ringgit for visiting Malaysia after Singapore trip.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool is at the 6th floor but I didn’t have time to enjoy there.  I could see the pool from my room and there was people who was swimming even around 11 pm.  The restaurant was directly connected to the pool area, so it seems to be able to have a meal at pool side. The guest don’t need to bring the towel since there is a towel counter. Shallow and deep part in the pool, I think the family with kids also enjoy this pool.

The scenery can not be seen well from the pool.  I couldn't see sunset since it is cloudy.


Banqueting Room (Conference Room)

Kids area

The laundry is a little expensive, it is at $ 20 for one pieces.  I didn't see much of the people at the business center.

Hotel surroundings

The city of Singapore was very safe, it was compact and  it would not take time to go anywhere. Every area can reach within 10 minutes, no traffic jam, I felt Singapore is very livable city. Everyone in the town is very friendly like if you have some trouble,always someone talked and helped me .

Staff & Customers

Every staff was very professional and service was perfect. I had to wait for a while at the front desk to check in and out, but each staff was very kind and there was nothing troubled during the stay. There is only one staff who can speak Japanese and everyone can speak English. There is no inconvenience even if you can not speak English because there are always Japanese sign displayed.

The guests seemed from Europe, Islamic, Indian and Asian. Because I stayed during the summer vacation season, I thought that there were many family guests with children.


The government has installed cameras everywhere in this small town,I think it is all right in terms of safety.

The location is very good to go for shopping and any destination since MRT station is just nearby. I was able to go everywhere without taking much time. Also as there are exchange store, convenience stores and shopping malls, it is very convenient for tourist stay.


It is a very nice to stay this hotel and I felt like I was at a luxury hotel. I had the opportunity to have a meeting with the hotel staff, they said that all employees are working like a one family. In fact, I didn’t see any employees with bad impression. They always tried to talk to me in Japanese when they recognized I am Japanese. I felt happy to see their attitude.  I heard their occupancy rate is exceeds 90% even if it is not a busy period, so it may be difficult to make a reservation in future. I think that there are many hotels in Singapore which has good quality as well as the Novotel. Among them, this is reasonable and very high quality hotel, I think. I definitely want to stay here again.

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