Novotel Luxembourg Center

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 4 people

Luxembourg is a small country that can travel well enough for a day to sightseeing. Surprisingly there are many sightseeing spots, the Old Town surrounded by a fortress registered as a World Heritage site has a good view, and it is popular if you can enjoy shopping on the streets. Although we are entering by car, there is a parking lot in the basement and it is attractive that we can walk around townscape and sightseeing places by walking from the hotel. We are staying at this hotel which is reasonable but reasonable. Please refer to the selection of hotels for traveling in Luxembourg. 【Official website】 Novotel Luxembourg Center

What is the exterior of the hotel? Entrance and front check also

I felt that the exterior of the hotel was beautiful. It's big in landscaped buildings.

The parking lot was in the basement. There is a restaurant terrace seat near the entrance. Overall I felt freshness.

It is a double automatic door entrance.

There were two front counters and the staff was always there.

The lobby is blowing through to the second floor part and there is a restaurant in the back.

There was a computer which can inspect the item.

Superior room?

This hotel is all the same type room. Among them, there seems to be a difference between ordinary superior and superior of executive room. I stayed in an ordinary superior room.

Because it was staying with four people, sofa bed was spread out.

There is also a working desk and TV. There is not much space on the floor so large suitcases are hard to spread.

It is not very wide in the whole room, but there was not particularly dissatisfaction.

Bathroom and private toilet

This door is a bathroom.

It is a clean bathroom.

The sink was large and clean.

The bathroom with a shower had only half of the glass divider. If you do not mind showering it will be flooded.

The built-in dryer took time to dry with less air volume. But in Europe it is a common type of dryer.

Amenities are soap, shampoo and body soap only. I need to take it.

The toilet was a separate room apart from the bathroom. The door was not locked.

A little cafe corner

It is regrettable that the cup was only paper cups, but there were instant coffee, tea bags and electric kettle. There is a difference from the executive room here.

This is a refrigerator, not a refrigerator. In order to cool down, it is necessary to get ice at the front desk.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Rather than a closet, there was no door but there was a place to put on clothes and there was a shelf.

Safety boxes were easy to operate under the cooler.

Meals at hotel restaurant

Red Square restaurant which can be accessed both from the lobby and from outside

The breakfast buffet was crowded with plenty of people.

Bakery with abundant variety

The fruit stand was fashionable.

Bacon and sausages

There were potatoes and soup.

Facilities at the hotel

There is a fitness center.

It was a small gym with only a few machines in it, but it was a beautiful facility.

There was a showcase of copy machines and simple gift selling.

Snacks and drinks were sold beside the lobby. There is no alcohol.

The second floor part of the colonnade seen from the lobby was a meeting room.

From the hotel to the center of Luxembourg

The cityscape of Luxembourg is very distinctive and the whole city is surrounded by a single fortress. It is a distance that we can walk from hotel from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

There are several sightseeing attractions and the streets of the Old Town are very beautiful. The shops line up and the atmosphere is similar to France.

Unfortunately it was raining, but there were a lot of tourists.

Stained glass of Notre Dame Cathedral is very beautiful and popular.

The scenery of the city at the bottom of the Petrus valley called Grund was a mysterious scenery with the height difference from the upper town and the lower town spreading under the bridge.

In the morning, the thick fog was so terrible that I could not see the view of the Adolf bridge. Other than that, Booch's Battery is a tourist attraction.


It is a 5-minute drive from Luxembourg Central Station and you can reach the hotel in about 12 minutes on foot. Buses can also be used.

Staff & Customers

The staff responded promptly at check-in. It was good because the guidance on the parking lot was polite as well. There were many guests, but the Japanese did not see. There are many families with small children, and it is an impression for families.


How was the Novotel Luxembourg Center hotel? It is an attractive hotel with a location that you can sightsee on foot. Even in the same superior room as an executive room, there seems to be a special service than ordinary superior with coffee machine attached, bathrobe, slippers and ample toiletries. If you are just a sleeping saving hotel, it is a recommended hotel for a location but if you want to make your hotel life as comfortable as possible, we recommend an executive room.