Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu

  • Room Type : Standard Single
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

This time I stayed at the "Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu," which I could always see when passing the Hamamatsu Station in Shizuoka Prefecture on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen. The exterior was brick-colored and very tall, and I had always wanted to stay here. It is convenient to go anywhere as it is in front of the station. I decided to stay at this hotel because I had to go to Hamamatsu for work. I felt that it is reasonable for this good quality hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel's entrance is on the north side and there are also elevators and entrances from the Act Plaza and the parking lot. The main entrance is relatively deep and difficult to find, so it felt dark all day, but a bell staff was stationed near the entrance and they were extremely responsive.

Entrance interior view.

In the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, a large pillar with a trumpet image and a cello object were installed, and a piano keyboard pattern is drawn on a part of the marble floor surface, which is a space with a music motif.

The front desk was not crowded with 3 receptionists.

Front floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Standard Single Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

This time I stayed in a standard single on the 39th floor. The view from the window was wonderful, with a panoramic views of Hamamatsu city, Enshu Pass, Hamamatsu Castle and the Southern Alps. The furniture has a sense of unity based on dark brown and it is a chic design, so I felt calm. I could hear some noise from the next room and corridor. I could only hear that it was a foreigner's conversation. The wallpaper was decorated with images of musical notes everywhere. There was also no inflow of cigarette from the air conditioner.

The bed had air weave on the mat. I slept a little because it was a little hard and I was able to achieve moderate repulsive force and pressure dispersion.

There was a TV across from the bed.


Sofa and table.

There was no terrace or balcony. As it is a hotel of a high-rise building, windows could not be opened. The view from the window on the 39th floor was amazing. The hotel is located on the 32nd floor to the 44th floor of the building, so it has the best view and livability from any room.


Bathtubs, showers and faucets were simple with no design features. I think it is convenient to have a round magnifier. On the wall, a pattern with a translucent sheet music motif is printed on one side. I think it is because it is a standard single, but the toilet is close and it felt a little narrow. Bathroom towels are soft and easy to use.


There was no particular problem with the water pressure of the shower.

There was no problem with the water pressure of the toilet.

Vanity top.

There were various amenities. Shaving, toothbrush, shower cap, body towel, folding comb, hair shampoo of unidentified mini bottle, body conditioner, Shiseido face wash foam, lotion, milk, makeup remover, face wash milk, lotion, beauty up cotton and soap. In the hotel, the cup of the bathroom is usually made of plastic, but here it was a glass cup.

Closet and safe

The closet is large enough. There were 8 hangers, Shiseido Deodorant Spray, Brush, Shoe bela and Disposable Slippers.

There was a safe. It was inside of the drawer of the television stand. it was easy to use and secure.

Mini bar and cafe

Mineral water called Mt. Fuji’s drips was included free of charge. There is an electric kettle, and tea pack Eencha and Hojicha which were free. There were also four coffee milks.

There were 2 UCC drip pods, which can be enjoyed twice in the evening and in the morning.

There is an additional charge for mineral water in the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

The hotel offers a wide range of restaurants and bars, including French, Chinese, Japanese and buffet restaurants. The atmosphere is so good that it seems to be used for special occasions and gatherings with friends.

Breakfast venue "Restaurant Figaro."

State of the venue.

The food was buffet style.


The season cafe appearance.

Chinese cuisine "Peach Blossom Forest."

Hotel shop.

Facilities in the hotel

The JR Hamamatsu Station East Exit (Meiwan ticket gate 6:00-21:15) is directly connected by a "moving sidewalk" and is a 3-minute walk away. You will not get wet on rainy days. If you use Act City underground parking lot, even if you enter from 6:00 am, the guest will stay for 500 yen per night, unless the guest stays out on the way.

From the station it is a good access  of3 minutes walk without getting wet. Because it is downtown, I think it's fun to go exploring the town. As it is a building that can be seen from anywhere even if you go far, I think that you will never get lost even if you are visiting for the first time.

Act Tower in front of the station as a landmark of Hamamatsu and is also the largest building in Hamamatsu. Act Tower is the B zone of the complex Act City, which houses the shopping district, the restaurant district and Hotel Okura. Act City Hamamatsu has shopping and restaurant floors, so it's convenient to stop by for a while.

State of Hamamatsu Station.

Staff & customer base

Although it was a room at the end of the building, the room was clean and tidy. It is a top-class hotel, and the level of service of the hotel employees are high as well. I did not make a reservation for breakfast, but I got a discount ticket for accommodation and set when I added it.

Because it is a good location in front of the station, it is good for sightseeing purposes around Hamamatsu, business people on business trips, weddings, so those who participate in parties, people related to ceremonies such as anniversary stay here.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. The best seller is the scenery with panoramic views of Hamamatsu city, Enshu Pass, Hamamatsu Castle, and Southern Alps. The room was large and unified with a calm atmosphere. I think it is a hotel suitable for the music town Hamamatsu city. It was a little disappointing that the ventilation was bad because the window did not open. In winter, the window glass gets wet due to the temperature difference with the room. We ventilated the room with the corridor side door and the bathroom. It was pleasant when I went to sleep with the window fully open, looking the night view, and it was an unusual feeling.