Old Fields House

  • Room Type : Single room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Oldfields House" because I was looking for a single room and breakfast with breakfast as my stay in Bath became one person. It was not far from the hotel that I stayed the night before, and I wanted a place close to the Abbey Hotel which is a meeting point to attend a meeting. I tried to keep by all means because B & B wanted to get a chance to get in touch with the owner, and wanted advice on travel. Travel reviews We looked at reviews on the web site, we chose this hotel with handling at travel booking site from among them.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Let's check entrance and reception

The entrance was small and difficult to understand, and I was lost. The couple just in the garden table taught us kindly. It looks like an old British building and soon became a parking lot from the road, and the next place was a garden, so I did not know the entrance until I taught you were to enter from there.

A small sofa is placed where you entered the entrance, but it is not a space to relax.

The front desk was next to the entrance, and it was a small room with a personal computer at the office.

Stairs to the room

Guest room Front corridor

The single room

The view of the entrance door of the room from inside the room

I can not complain because it is a single room, but it's a small room. I was not calm about the white and black stripe on the wall for a while, but I got used to it as I stayed three nights. I like the design like the attic because the roof is slopingly lovely.

The bed comfort was excellent. The pillow's hardness was just right, and I could sleep comfortably. Because the number of cushions was too many, I moved it to the chair except the pillow. Every day I replaced it with a new piece of clean sheets or cover, and I felt comfortable sleeping.

The desk was landscape and convenient for placing objects. The bottle of tap water on the counter seemed to change a new one every day.

The TV was small. Remote control operation etc. was able to be done smoothly.

There was a chair opposite the bed.



There is no bathtub, and it is only a shower. The water pressure was no problem. The usage was not tricky, and the water temperature soon warmed up, there was no problem. However, space was narrow and inadvertently stretching out arms will hit the walls and the door, so we had to use it carefully. The amount of water was too pressure to adjust it to a reasonable extent, and the temperature was fixed at around 38 degrees.

Amenities were only equipped with shampoo and body soap. Although I felt comfortable to use, I was concerned that there was no conditioner and utilized what I brought with myself. It was not bad as I was able to save the money to additional things, because I could use my favorite one myself.

There is a hairdryer.

Closet and Safety Box

There are no closets, and there are three hangers on the wall. There was not a safety box, either.

Restaurants in the hotel

There is no restaurant, but we had breakfast for B&B.

Breakfast venue

Vegetarian English breakfast

There were orange juice and apple juice at the corner of the free drink.

There was a sparkling wine at the corner of the free link, and I was delighted.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a garden, and it can be seen from the window of the guest room, but the passage for actually going from the entrance is thin, and it was hard to access. It can not be said that it is carefully maintained, but it is being groomed enough to enjoy the scenery. It seemed that the gardener was being groomed in the evening.

Hotel surroundings environment

Similar B&B and houses line up, there are no shops. I heard from the hotel staff that the area around this area is a luxury residential area, so security is good. In the morning it is a quiet place where you can wake up with the voice of a bird so that you can calm down. We have to walk a steep slope to Bass Spa station for about 15 minutes, so if you have lots of baggage, you might need to use a taxi. I took a taxi because it was impossible to move with a suitcase. Otherwise, you can be strolling to exercise while watching the surrounding scenery.

Staff & Customers

The staff was friendly and helpful. They carefully helped carry a suitcase and so on. As we stayed for three nights, we gradually became aware of the situation and started talking about neighboring information without asking from here. I can not communicate in Japanese. I did not have any inconveniences because I can speak English.

There were many couples in their customers from 20 to 60 years old, and many people were visiting by car. It seemed that there were more British people. I did not stay for an extended time, but I wanted to spend time in a quiet place using a short break from 2 nights to 4 nights.


It is far from London Heathrow Airport. Take the train to Bass Spa station or use the bus. There are other small airports, but I think that access from Paddington station in London is convenient if you arrive from Japan.

It is about 15 minutes to the train station, bus station, but it is suddenly so steep as it is a steep slope. However, those who stayed at this place seemed not to be concerned so much and were walking. It is about 20 meters to the station, but I had to go through the underpass, and I went through there only with a small run.

Summary of Oldfields House

Staying at this hotel was excellent. It is difficult to find a single room quickly, so it was nice to stay here. The steep slope was a little hard, but the summer in the UK is long, and it is bright until coming past 9 o’clock, so it became a moderate exercise. While I was staying at the hotel, I participated in the local tour twice, but the front desk knew the trip, and it was saved because the breakfast venue was opened in the early time of meeting in the early morning. Breakfast was also very satisfying because there was sparkling wine in addition to orange juice and apple juice in the corner of a free drink. I booked it without knowing that there was no elevator and the single room was on the top floor, but since the staff helped carry the suitcase, I was not particularly concerned. I want to stay here again when I come to Bath.

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