Orchard Hotel Singapore

  • Room Type : Premier Club Room / Twin Bed
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Orchard Hotel Singapore" because I got a free accommodation voucher of the Millennium Hotel Group and it seemed that the location was the best in the choice of hotel in Singapore. The most important point was the distance from MRT station. It is a short walking distance from Orchard Subway Station, and it is a lively area with lots of shopping malls around, so I thought that I could enjoy dinner and drinking. I also have checked various photos of the room, it seemed that their quality looks good.

Check entrance and reception

The exterior of the hotel looks little old, I feel like something like a stately built in this prime location from long ago.

The carriage space is large, I thought that it would be convenient to come by taxi and pick up/down.


A view of the entrance from inside

The front desk is a chic and luxurious shade.

It was time to crowd with check-in guests and the front staff seemed to work quickly and efficiently, I did not feel waiting so long.

The lobby hall

As you go up the escalator from the lobby, you will see the restaurants "La Terrasse" and "HUA TING". And it connected to a shopping mall.

Passage leading to the shopping mall at the 2nd floor.

Ground floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall. 17th floor is club floor.

Room floor corridor

Premier Club Room / Twin bed

Room door

I opened the door, had a large space to enter the bedroom space, there was a big whole-body mirror on the wall, it was the best for checking before going out.

There was a bathroom on the left side.

We are assigned twin bedroom at the corner which seemed a little bit wider than other. Inside the room is a bit dim because the lighting in the room was only indirect lighting. We satisfied with this spacious room.

I felt the bed is a little wider than ordinary single size. It was comfortable to sleep but the mattress is a little soft. I think I was rolling over several times during sleeping.

There was a table on both sides of the bed. Telephone on the table.

TV remote control, program guide, lighting and  Air-con switch panel on the other table.

There was a TV set, desk and chair at the opposite. On the desk, there are two electricity outlets.

Introduction of the premier club.

There was an one-seat sofa and table at the window.

The interior from the window side

Window in the guest room.

View from the room

I can see the city of Orchard.


The whole bathroom was spacious and the mirror was so big that it felt bright.

Bathtub and shower room were separated.

The bathtub is deep and big, I think that it should be comfortable to take a bath.  We regret not to have enough time during our stay.

The water pressure of the shower is comfortable without problems but the shower booth is a little small.

In the shower booth, Millennium brand shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared. The shampoo and conditioner were not bad, but the hair became a little dry in the next morning. I should have brought the hair treatment.

Vanity top

The bathroom door.

Amenities are placed on the mirror table. Amenities include toothbrush, shaving, cotton set, shower cap, sanitary bag and Millennium brand body cream.

Hair dryer is stowed in the cabinet inside the closet. However, there was no electricity outlet for the dryer in the bathroom and I had to dry in the bedroom.

Closet and Safety Box

There is a big closet on the side of the bed.

In the closet there were iron and ironing board, bathrobe, safety box, storage shelf, laundry bag and hair dryer. The space in front of the closet is also wide, so I think that it is just right to use the iron and ironing board.

Laundry bags in the drawer.

The safety box is common type that the PIN number to be set.

The safety box is compact size.

Mini bar / cafe

Cafe corner next to the closet. On the counter there are an electric kettle, ice pale, tea set, cups, evian water and snacks. We needed ice cubes when we drink in the room at midnight, we went to the club lounge and got ice in ice pale.

Refrigerator under the counter.


We could consume Coke, cola light and sprite in the refrigerator for free. Beer and sparkling water are chargeable.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There were two restaurants in the hotel “Hua Ting Restaurant” and “La Terrasse”. “Orchard Cafe” seems to be open in November 2018 as well.  “Intermezzo Bar” should be on the lobby floor according to website, but it was quiet and no appearance of opening. Two more restaurant “Mon Bijou” and “Hua Ting Steamboat” are in the next shopping mall.

"Hua Ting Restaurant" is offering Cantonese cuisine and dim sum.

"Hua Ting Restaurant" has luxury atmosphere.

"La Terrasse" is serving afternoon tea and Chaozhou cuisine (regional dishes in Chinese cuisine) at dinner time.

Inside the "La Terrasse" restaurant.

"Intermezzo Bar" on the lobby level

Club Lounge

Since we were staying in the Premier Club Room, we could enter the Club Lounge. Services such as breakfast buffet, evening cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, snacks (during the opening hours of the club lounge) are available for free at the Club Lounge. There is also benefits such as free use of meeting room in club lounge up to 2 hours a day and free laundry up to 2 peaces.

Inside the club lounge

Water corner of the club lounge. The beer case seemed to open after 18 o'clock in the evening.

Drinks and Snack Corner

There was business corner with PC and a printer in the club lounge.

We had breakfast buffet at club lounge. Here are salads, fruits and cheese.

Fruit and pastry corner

Hot meal corner

Juice and cereal

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the 4th floor. It looks comfortable to enjoy the drink at poolside.

Although the whole pool is spacious, the view is not very good as it is surrounded by the building. Unfortunately it was cloudy when we stayed,  I think that it feels good when see the sky broad if the weather is good.

There were also large jacuzzis and we saw some people were enjoying that. If you are tired of swimming, you can buy drinks and take a rest, warm up in the jacuzzi and spend it in the pool until evening, you may be able to spend a luxurious time.

There was a towel corner at the poolside.

Pool bar

Fitness center is next to the pool. From the fitness center, you can overlook the pool.

Towels and water were prepared in the fitness center.

They have the event hall which can be used for meetings and events.

A banquet hall. Wedding ceremony was held on this day.

Hotel surroundings environment

Although it is located along Orchard’s main street, I could stay quietly without worrying about the noise of the night. It was easy to return from the shopping mall, leave the baggage and go out again. You can spend your time efficiently if you stay here.  Since it is a little slope just before you get to the hotel, it may be serious if you have a heavy baggage. There are various restaurants along the way down to Orchard station, so I found many shops that I would like to try.

TANG PLAZA is located in 5 minutes away.

The ION shopping center is also in 5-minute away.

Staff & Customers

Every hotel staff looked that they worked quickly and gentle.  Even they were talking in speedy Chinese with the guest, they talk to me in slowly English when my turn came.  I did not see the Japanese-speaking staff, but there was no inconvenience. It was good to read through about the club lounge on the paper.

About half of the guests we saw seemed to be a group of Chinese tourists and adults, the other half seemed to be more Westerners. I did not see much of the figure of children, so I think that family was not staying much. Since the wedding ceremony was also held on that day, I also saw some dressed up attendees leaving the room.


It takes about 30 minutes by taxi to the hotel from the airport. If taking MRT, you need to transfer once. You can arrive at the nearest station, Orchard,  in about 40 minutes. There are lots of restaurants and shopping malls around the hotel, and people are constantly coming and going, so it is safe in terms of security. It is a great location for shopping. Brands and popular shops are gathering around orchard, so you can drop in at various shops within walking distance. There are also many famous hotels so you can feel free to go out to other hotel’s afternoon tea after checkout.

There is ISETAN  in 3 minutes walk.

In the basement of ISETAN, there is a food court and you can enjoy various local foods.

Japanese ramen shop and local cafe chain at the basement.


I stayed at a hotel in the middle of the city and it is satisfying experiences. Because the location is better than anywhere, we do not care much about the oldness of the hotel building we were able to spend comfortably.

The staff’s service is perfect. Although I arrived earlier than check-in time, the staff allowed me to wait at the club lounge till the room will be ready. The inside of the lounge was quiet and comfortable.

It is convenient for sightseeing and shopping in Singapore if you stay here, it is one of highly recommend place to travelers.