Outrigger · Reef · Waikiki · Beach · Resort

  • Room Type : Ocean View
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people (2 adults, 1 child)

It is a resort hotel with ocean view room that can overlook the beach of Hawaii. There is a beach soon behind the hotel and you can take a walk along the sea in the morning. There is restaurant which can see the sea and you can enjoy dinner time.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

Overall view of the hotel.

The hotel's exterior with a white exterior wall is simple, but it's big.

There is a mini stage near the entrance, the singing voice of the singer and the ukulele echoed and created a comfortable space. There was a small cafe next to the stage, and the guest relaxed listening to the performance.

On the chair where the customer sits, there is umbrella made of straw. All the walls are decorated and I felt Hawaiian tropical style directing.

Signs of hotels in the entrance.

The reception counter is unified with brown furniture and the lighting was dimness.

At the lobby

What's guest room? "Ocean View Rooms"

The Guest room is calm atmosphere on the whole. Furniture and beds are unified in brown.

lights of bedside. It's orange soft lights for lighting and it was very relaxing. The size of the room is just right for three people to stay.

TV and shelf. We put two suitcases and baggage, even if we buy local goods etc, we still have enough space.

Safety box has good capacity to put valuables inside.

How to use it in English is written on the door, it is easy to use.

The closet is large and bathrobes are hanging. So you can stay without bring pajamas. There is clothes dried stand, it helped to dry wet towels and swimsuits.

The luggage rack

Slippers are in the closet.

There are four cushions on one bed and there is a chair and a long cushion where 2 adults can sit. Bed was not too hard, not too soft and it was a good sleeping place.

A small table and two chairs are installed on the terrace. And you can relax while watching the scenery. Especially at night, sea breeze is comfortable, so I was able to relax a lot. there was no worry of a falling of a small child, and it was safe.

The view was awesome when I looked at the clear sea, the sky and the lush trees. The scenery where the sun rises in the morning, the sea surface which shines with the sunlight during the day, and the night view of the night were all very beautiful.

Ocean view was the best. Every time it was a wonderful view.

The view of the sea

Bathroom and amenities

The bathroom has bathtub and a shower together.

Wash basin and mirror is good size.

The bathtub is just right size for one adult to take a shower. There is a small shelf on the wall of the bathroom, it was convenient when putting shampoo and body soap and using it.

Shower water pressure is just right. The shower head is large and heavy.

I was a little confusing how to switch between shower and water supply. The temperature adjustment was difficult because the temperature changed greatly just by slightly moving the lever.It was easy to clog a drain a little.

Bath amenities on the wash basin are shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, hand soap, and shower cap. Shampoos are plentiful in big bottles for amenity. Body cream seems to be pleasing to women. With the scent of coconut, it feels like Hawaii.

There is also equipped dryer.

The mini bar

A coffee maker is installed in the room, and you can drink coffee and tea. Syrup and sugar are also on. After back to room from walking tours, drinking delicious coffee was a very relax. Also, two bottled water of 500 ml is in served.

The swimming pool

There are deep pool and shallow pool and you can enjoy from adults to small children. There is jacuzzi. There are plenty of beach beds on the poolside so you can relax.

You can rent a float to attach to both arms. The staff of the pool kindly corresponded us. It is available from 8 am until 9 pm.

When I saw the night pool, some people were using the pool. The water temperature is just right temperature even at night so you can enter. Bath towels for the pool are also prepared by the hotel.

About Hotel's private beach

There is a beach beside the hotel, you can also take a walk in the beach casually from early in the morning.

On the beach, there are beach bed with umbrella and many people are relaxing. There is placed shower on the beach, and it is very convenient to be able to wash the body with shower after playing at the beach.

The waves are calm. It is safe to swim at the beach with children.

You can also see the diamond head from the beach.

Restaurant in the hotel

The restaurant is near the beach.

I received a course meal. The main chooses steak or seafood, both were very delicious. You can also choose to bake a meat. The cocktail was accompanied by fruits and a small umbrella, and ingenuity was made to please the users. It is an open structure without walls, you can dine while watching the ocean feeling the sea breeze, you can feel luxurious.

Shop in the hotel

There are shops which selling various convenience goods are useful.

Beach set and sunscreen etc.

Souvenirs and snacks etc.

There are many products.

I used here when buying drinks and snacks.

Other shops sell pictures, bags and souvenirs.

Sunglasses, local goods.

Jewelry and accessories shop etc.

Around the hotel

There are shopping area such as Waikiki Beach Walk and Royal Hawaiian Center near the hotel and it is very convenient to purchase souvenirs and breakfast.There is a taxi stop at the hotel entrance, so you can go anywhere you choose. We also used a bus to go to a shopping area a bit far away. It was convenient to take a walk along the beach in the morning because it is possible to go to the beach in about 2-3 minutes on foot.There is a cafe and an ABC store just a short walk from the hotel, and shopping streets were lined up ahead of the hotel. I could buy breakfast at take-out at a shop open early in the morning and eat slowly in the room.

Access to the hotel from airport

There is a middle distance from the airport to the hotel, but it is convenient to use the hotel shuttle bus. I went smoothly without going through a crowded road and arrived in about 30 minutes. While watching the scenery in the road, I was excited that I came to Hawaii.

About the staff

The staff were very kind and they talked a lot with my daughter. Restaurant's staff's response is also satisfactory.

Check in and check out proceeded smoothly. The explanation of the hotel was also easy to understand.

Summary of Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

I’m glad that I chose this hotel. The reason is in the hotel’s location, good service , good staff. There is a big shopping area just beside the hotel, so it’s easy to go to buy breakfast and return to the room immediately, Also after buying a souvenir. There is a taxi stop and near the bus stop and it is convenient to go to a place that is a little far away. Also, because the beach is close to the hotel, you can easily go for a walk or enter the sea and play. It is nice to see a beautiful ocean from the room. child can enjoy at the pool in the hotel. Guest room is able to relax slowly in calm atmosphere. If I can come back Hawaii, I definitely want to use this hotel.

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