Pacific Island Club Guam

  • Room Type : Royal Suite Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 adults, 2 children (infant)

It is a family trip with two children who like pool (5 years old, 3 years old). There is a water park on the hotel premises, and it is convenient to go shopping. I chose this hotel because it is near from the airport. We are coming to Guam every year, so we traveled to Guam for the third time with our children. I have stayed at Onward Resort Spa two times so far, but as the children are becoming more active, not only the facilities of the pool but also the events and activities for children are substantial and it seems to be enjoyable I tried this hotel.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The PIC's Royal Tower was higher than any hotel in Guam and the red and blue letters of PIC were conspicuous, so I could see it immediately after leaving the airport.

Hotel exterior

When I arrived, the entrance felt narrow, but as I entered inside it was a long and wide-open lobby.

The main reception was about 10 people queuing people waiting for check-in during the check-in start time, but the guests of the Royal Tower arrived at the Royal Club Lounge and arrived so smoothly I was able to check in.

Royal Tower service counter dedicated to guests. Check in, check out and have concierge service

At the designated time (15 o'clock, 17 o'clock, 18 o'clock), the characters of PIC's costume squirrel appeared in the lobby and the children enjoyed the commemorative shooting and it was crowded.

Photogenic art on the front floor wall

The Royal Suite Room

It was very spacious and had two double beds, an L-shaped sofa and table, and a square chair in front of the TV, but there was still enough room for the children to play. As facilities, there was a sink and a toilet beside the entrance door, and there was also a main washbasin, a toilet, a bathtub & shower and a shower room at the back of the room. There was also a large walk-in closet, and it did not rush to the luggage storage. I felt a bit old, but overall it was beautiful.

Suite room sofa

The bed comfort was good. The mattress was not too soft and easy to turn over. The pillow was thick, but it was soft, so it was exactly good personally.

Around the desk

Telephone on desk

Next to the bed

Clock and audio besides the bed


Regarding the shower water pressure, the thing on the bathtub was not too weak, not too strong, normal feeling. I think that some people feel unsatisfactory if they are accustomed to showering at home, but because there was no shower curtain, washing away while washing and washing away the floor in front of the washbasin or the toilet was hard. The water pressure in the shower room was satisfactory.

shower room

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap was placed in Shiseido.

Vanity top

Washbasin and toilet next to the entrance

For the original PIC, a toothbrush set, a shower cap, a sanitary bag, a hairbrush, a cotton swab, a soap, a body lotion, and a body sponge were placed around the sink. In addition, there were two disposable slippers and two free bottles of water.

Glass and soap beside the washstand

Bath Goods

L'Occitane's shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body gel, soap were put in the toy brush for children and gift bag. Many things I brought from my home, so there are many things that I do not use amenities, but L'Occitane was delightful.

Hairdryer. Because it is a compact size, it takes only a little time to dry it High and low only. No cool wind

Minibar or Cafe in the room

In the minibar, there were water boilers, coffee makers, cups and glasses, ice cups, coffee, tea bags, and water bottles.

Several kinds of cola and beer were put in the refrigerator. An only water bottle was used, coffee, juice, alcohol was enjoyed with Royal club lounge and eating out prepared on the second floor.

Coke and alcohol were contained in the refrigerator.

Closet and Safety Box

There was disposable slippers, bathrobes, hangers and safe boxes in the walk-in closet. I think that it is convenient to store clothes and shoes because shelves that can put the luggage are equipped. There was a whole body mirror in the closet and it helped to check clothes.

Walk-in closet door

Safety box

Safety box. When open

Safety box instructions

View from the room

It was very spacious and I could pass through before even if there were a chair and a table. The view was very nice and I looked far away, I could see the Tumon Bay from Lovers Point to the Hilton. In the evening I was able to enjoy the sunset, the color of the sea and the color of the sky were very fantastic.

The water park spread under, the color of the trees and the water of the pool was beautiful. In the night you can see the lighted-up water park and the dinner show's scene, and although it is far, you can also enjoy an island dance show, a fire dance, and music.

The view from the veranda

Restaurants and shops

During my stay, I spent most of my stay at the Royal Club Lounge using free breakfast, snacks, happy hour drinks, and à la carte. Since only a specific guest can use it, it was not crowded, it was available anytime within a fixed time, and various meals were prepared on a daily basis, so I was able to use it without getting tired.

Royal club lounge outside the door (door opens when the room key is inserted)

Royal club lounge can watch TV and can read newspapers and magazines.

Happy hour fruits, rolled sushi, kimchi, vegetable sticks

Happy hour's appetizer

Soft drinks corner in Happy hour, cola and sprite can be ordered at alcohol counters.

After checking out at 12 o'clock on the last day we used the ramen house Hokkaido in the hotel. At 12 o'clock, there was no congestion, and it was guided instantly, but a queue was formed around 13 o'clock. There were miso, soy sauce, Tonkotsu ramen, dumplings, fried rice, etc., but all were delicious. I think that it is easy to eat both Japanese and foreigners. There are box seats inside the shop, and there is also a kids menu so it's easy to go to children.

Soy sauce ramen was a little ten dollars.

Ramen House HOKKAIDO menu

A bistro that can enjoy American Cuisine with the scenery.

Japanese restaurant Hanashiro was crowded with lots of people.

Cafe-espress is open space cafe on the front floor.

cafe espress's cookie and pastry corner

Boutique at the lobby level

Botiki souvenir shop

Swimming Pool

The water park has a main pool, where events such as underwater aerobics were also held. There are two waterslides in the main pool that can also be enjoyed by adults.

There is a game pool where underwater basketball etc next to the pool. There is also a swimming pool for sports for those who want to swim in earnest and an aquarium that can swim.

In the aquarium where you can swim, you can swim with colorful fish with a snorkel.

Aquarium where you can swim. It seems there are only eight in the world. A beautiful lagoon of Micronesia is reproduced.

There is a shallow pool in small children, you can play with crocodiles and frogs floating in the pool, and play with frogs and fish slides.

The pool for infants is 20 cm deep and you can enjoy water playing even if you can not swim yet. Because our house was with young children, we were playing every day in a shallow pool and toddler pool, but the shallow pool was deep enough to enjoy adults. Watchdogs are also in places, and safety aspects such as warning a dangerous action with a whistle were also firm.

There is another kayak lagoon, you can experience kayak with a swimsuit as it is.

From the kayak, you see a big tree with red flowers.

Artistic pictures were drawn everywhere.

Beach and activities

The beach in the hotel was quiet and there were not many people. There was a pebble rather than a sandy beach of smoothness, and I felt it was dangerous to walk with bare feet. As it was a long impression and a lot of seaweeds, as opposed to swimming, sand-playing at the sandy beach, watching underwater creatures, big floaters were prepared, people who enjoyed it I felt that there were a lot. Because there are beach umbrella and reclining chair, it is recommended for those who want to spend leisurely at the beach.

There were several large floats.

People were few. I was able to see the game playing on the beach and playing on the sandy beach.

The pool is lighted up and you can enjoy until 9.30 pm. We heard the sound and music of the dinner show which is done next to the pool, and it was crowded with many people.

On the side of the main pool, a water show will be held twice at 20 o'clock and the image will be displayed on the water curtain.

Since the trees on the road leading to the pool are also lighted up, even those who do not enter the pool can enjoy a walk in the evening. Sunset was looking down from the room, but it seems that Sunset BBQ can be enjoyed along the beach.

Dinner show

There is an activity of trampoline. (Reservation required)

Many trees and flowers were planted in the water park, hibiscus and plumeria were very beautiful. Because plumeria was falling a lot, I played with children and hair. I also saw a lizard. There is an activity to introduce the culture called Culture Hut in front of the garden, and you can ride a water buffalo. Besides, there are outdoor playground for children, trampoline, basketball court, tennis court, putter golf, archery range etc. It is possible to fully enjoy sports and activities until 9.30 pm.

Sikki Playhouse. From 10 o'clock to 9:30 pm, young children under 120 cm tall can play.

Facilities in the hotel

The facilities in the hotel had a launderette free and there was a feeling of cleanliness, and a fitness center located away from the room was open from 6 o'clock in the morning and some people used it.

Fitness center. It is available from 6 am until 9.30 pm.

Fitness center

The game room is a space where you can enjoy table tennis and billiards.

Indoor tennis court

There is a basketball court and a tennis court and you can enjoy it with your family until the night.

Hotel surroundings and Access

Access from the airport is good, and if there is no traffic jam etc., we will arrive at the hotel in about 10 minutes by taxi. I think that I did not make 20 dollars even if I put chips.

Because the hotel is in front of the main street, there are many car streets, a lot of traffic and there are ABC stores and restaurants in front of the hotel, which is convenient. There is also a popular restaurant locally called PROA about 10 minutes on foot. This time I took out BBQ meat at the Jamaican Grill and got it by the poolside. I am crowded from morning till evening, I think that it will be okay if I go out with my child and go out late at night. When crossing a pedestrian crossing, caution is necessary as the signal changes quickly and the car turning right turns regardless of the signal.

Shops and restaurants in front of the hotel

ABC store

ABC store Souvenir shop inside the store.

There is a big store called K Mart at 15 minutes on foot. Various items such as daily necessities, groceries, souvenirs, etc. are sold, and it is popular also for tourists and others. There were lots of people and I did not feel so much danger at night. There were two trolley and bus stops across the road with the tram and bus stop in front of the hotel, and when we used Tumon shuttle going to outlet etc., we were thankful that we stopped in front of the hotel before we left.

K Mart souvenir department.

Staff and Customers

The staff always greeting me when we met and it was a friendly atmosphere. There are several staffs who can speak Japanese, so it is possible to simple questions and requests in Japanese.

70% of the customers were Koreans, 20% were Japanese, and 10% were people of other nationalities. Many children were there, and there were many groups coming in 3 generations. There seemed to be a group that came from a couple or Japan by training.

Pacific Island Club Guam Summary

I think that overall was good. The facilities and activities of the play were too much and it was not enough time to play. Also, the accommodation privilege of the Royal Tower was very substantial, we enjoyed snacks and drinks all day at the Royal Club Lounge, and we got coupons for sweets and drinks for children so I used this when I have hungry at the pool. The checkout time was also 12 o'clock on our return day so we enjoyed playing at the pool in the morning. I think that both children and adults are satisfying in the hotels. As we can spend enough in the hotel or around hotel, we recommend as a hotel with children. Since children are also talking about wanting to go to PIC after returning home, I think that I would like to be a candidate for accommodation next time again.

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