Palais des Cinis Hotel

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 4 days
  • Stay Num : 5 people

Among the options that travel agency gave me, I picked this hotel because it was the closest to the Taipei station. It was attractive that it was easy to go to Jiufen. Seeing the picture of the room, I felt it was a hotel with a chic and relaxing atmosphere and I thought that I would like to stay here. There was a shopping mall next to the hotel and supermarket, food court and restaurant were in it, so that also sounded attractive.

Hotel's exterior, entrance, front view

I did not know where the hotel was and I went into the shopping mall at first. When I asked at the information center, there was no direct aisle and I had to go out once. When I got out, I found there was an entrance to the hotel.

There are two types of entrances: door with door man and revolving door.

When entering, there are 6 elevators on the front floor, the left is the reception for luggage, the waiting room with the horse's object on the right.I felt excitement as interior was like medieval-like atmosphere.

The entire front desk

Front counter

Elevator, hall on the front floor

Elevator, interior view

For pressing floor buttons, you scan the room card key to the black part and press number

Elevator, guest room floor

Guest room floor: corridor

Twin room

Room entrance: door's appearance

As soon as I opened the door I saw a big round bath tub on the left side, as the bathroom did not have a door partition. Behind that there was a bed, and I felt I might feel awkward bathing and toilet as I was here with my family.

The room's design was like medieval Europe, something reminds me of Harry Potter and Disney's Haunted Mansion. I can adjust the light inside the room, but I felt a bit dark.



There were two pillows on the bed (soft one and hard one) and one cushion. The mattress of the bed was not too hard nor too soft.

Room entrance from the inside

There was a balcony, but it was locked so that it could not go out, and even if I opened the window, I could only open it about 15cm. The balcony looked like a wood deck. What you can see from the window is other hotels next to the building or a pool of sports gym in front(inside is not visible). Since my room was not visible from the outside, so even if I opened the curtain, I did not care about people's eyes and the view was nice.


The bathroom is just right next to the entrance and separated by a shower curtain. I thought that it will be awkward if you are with someone not family or partner.

Because bathtub is deep, I think that it is hard to get in and out of elderly people and children. It is deep enough so that you can soak up to my shoulder, so if you fill hot water you can stretch your feet relaxingly.

Because only a shower curtain separates the bathroom from the room, when I stand up in the bathtub and wash my hair, I felt very cold as the room cooler came into here. Water pressure of the shower was strong enough and felt good.

Since the shower curtain of the bathroom is the only partition for the toilet, the sound can be leaked and you cannot feel relaxed. You cannot shut in the smell either.

Wash basin

Shampoo, rinse and body lotion were placed in the bathtub. Lotion, shower cap, toothbrush and toothpaste, cotton swab, cotton, nail polish, razor and cream were in the drawer. The shampoo, rinse, body lotion and lotion were contained in a special container, and it was easy to put out liquid. Shampoo and rinse smelled like Osantaric so some people might not like.

In-room coffee, closet

The closet was large, and it had a full body mirror. The right part was a closet with a safety box and a storage shelf, the left side was equipped with a mini bar and a refrigerator. When looking at the mirror, I thought that it was stylish as it was designed to hide the closet and minibar by pressing on both sides of doors.

Closet opened

Safe box closed

Safety box opened

There was an electric kettle and instant coffee. There was a container for putting ice, and you ask for the ice to keeper. There were three kinds of glasses, deep one, shallow one, and tea cups. The water heater can be used comfortably because the hot water itself was about 3 to 4 people and the water heater itself was beautiful without rust.

There were several kind of juice, water and alcohol in the refrigerator. If you lie down, you can storage 2 liters of PET bottle in it. I was nice that I could have free water bottles every day.

Refrigerator opened

Hotel breakfast

We had breakfast buffet every morning at the restaurant next to the front desk on the 6th floor.

As there are more than 100 seats available at the venue, I think that we will not have to wait.


It had many different kind of dishes, probably more than 100 kinds. Egg dishes, bread, Chinese, desserts, etc.

So many kinds of vegetables

A clip is placed on the table, and egg dishes and waffles that are cooked by cook can be ordered by inserting clips with telling how you want to cook it. Waiters will bring them to the table as they are ready.



Chinese food

Japanese food

Hotel facilities

The pool is not in the building but you can use the nearby sports gym BEING SPORT. You will walk into the building by walking about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel to the gym (there is no direct connection between the pool and the hotel).

You can overlook Taipei while using the gym

Equipment of the sports gym

The pool is available for free if you show the card key of the room. Tell your name and room number at the reception and you will receive the locker key. After changing clothes, you can use the pool in front of reception.

There are two types of swimming pool, one for swimming in three lines and one with jacuzzi. Only available from April 1st to October 31th, and opening hour is from 7:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 22:00.

Hot water jacuzzi chair

The business center is on the same 6th floor as the front desk and it is possible to use it 24 hours.

There is a coffee maker at the entrance of the business center, you can drink it for free.

There are newspapers in the center with a calm atmosphere and you can sit back and read.There are 2 PCs which can also be used free of charge. There is also a printing machine and you can print it for free.

Hotel surroundings

Regarding security, I do not need to worry because I did not feel danger especially early or late at night. You go through shopping mall most of the time so it feels like the hotel surroundings are lively although there were not so many people crossing by.

I had to go through the shopping center in the morning and evening, since there are guards and lights are on, so I didn't feel worried. The hotel is on the main street and there are always 4-5 taxis waiting outside, so it was easy to get around.


It seems there’s free shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport during 11-16, although I didn’t use it as I used one the travel agency provided.

You can come here by using trains as the Taipei station is nearby, but you have to cross a pedestrian overpass (there’s no elevator), so it might be a bit heartbreaking.

Regarding security, you do not need to worry because I did not feel any danger even at late night or early morning.

There is a shopping center called Q Square next to the hotel and I think that it is very convenient to do shopping and get around, because there is Taipei station within 3 minutes on foot. The MRT and bus terminal of the subway can be accessed from the shopping center. In the shopping center there are many food courts and supermarkets in the basement and restaurants on the upper floor.

Inside of the shopping center

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff was very kind. When I asked the staff about the places I found on Instagram, they kindly told me how to get there even with exit information of the station.

There are many Chinese people, Koreans who are participating in tour travel. Most of them are families with children and friend groups. I saw some businessmen from the Western countries too.


The location was very good. We can go to the bus terminal and MRT station in the morning and evening through the shopping center, so there are plenty of shops outside the shopping center. Since the guards were always there, you don’t need to worry about security at all.

There were no particular problems except for baths and toilets. Hotel decorations were very attractive, and there were plenty of spots that I wanted to take pictures. The business center was also spacious and easy to use. You use a private gym for taking a pool, and I could have opportunities to interact with local people. It was a bit away from the hotel but I think that it worths visiting once. Regarding bath and toilet, the sound leak is so terrible and I felt it uncomfortable even though I was with my family. Except the room toilet, you can only use toilet on the 6th floor except, and there were some times when I went all the way to the 6th floor for toilet.