Pan Pacific Singapore

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Pan Pacific Singapore" from our company's recommended hotel list. As the international conference was held in this hotel, the organizer recommended to stay at this hotel as well. In addition, we also had another academic conference in the next building. I thought it would be possible to attend both. For these reasons we decided to stay in this hotel.

Check it out the entrance and reception

The exterior is not flashy but also old.

There is a fountain before the entrance. Taxis are always standby at taxi queue, so you can grab a taxi anytime.

The entrance is bright and the ceiling is so high, that makes the lobby seems opened space. The staff is always there and greeting to me when I was there.

Entrance door

The sofas and chairs in the lobby are fashionable and comfortable. It seems good to have a meeting here.

The lobby is with high ceiling up to the 36th floor.

Welcome drink vendor in the lobby.

Front desk

There is a bar "Atrium" in the lobby on the first floor, and there were many round table with unique shaped shade.

The lobby viewed from the guest floor

Ground floor elevator hall

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

The Deluxe Room

Room door

Entering the room, bathroom and closet are on the left.

The room is neat and tidy. It seems enough space to stay 2 people.

The bed is large and clean, sleeping there should be comfortable. You can sleep and refresh as the cleaning staff made the bed and keep clean everyday.

Painting is decorated on the headboard.

Two bottles of water are on the bedside table.

I was surprised to see that the wall of shower room is glass! But it makes the room seem wider.

There was a TV on the wall.

There was a receptacle under the TV.

There was a desk and a chair beside the television. There was a mirror next to the desk and it was useful.

There were two sofas and a table in front of the window.

The window is quite big and well-lit, we could wake up feeling good in every morning. The curtains can be controlled by remote.

I could see Singapore city into the distance. But since there are no famous building in this view, it is not kind of photogenic.

View from the room

We could see a part of pool.

The night view from the room is superb!

View of around the hotel


There is no bathtub in the bathroom ,only a shower. However, there were three kinds of shower. One is attached on the wall, the second is hand shower and the third is rain fall shower.  Water pressure and temperature can be adjusted.

Seating space in the shower booth.

The space seems opened and bright because of glass wall of bathroom.  The marble floor als o helps luxury appearance.

Bathroom view from room

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared at the bathroom. Their packages is stylish and looks luxurious, and the organic fragrance made me feeling relax.

The toilet.

Towels were prepared under the wash basin. There were bath towels, hand towels and face towels.

Amenity was prepared on the vanity top. There were toothbrush, soap, body cream, shower cap, glass and cotton swab. A hair dryer is also equipped.

Closet and Safety Box

The bathroom door and the closet door are actually same sliding board. When the closet is closed, the bath room is opened.

There were hangers, an iron ironing board, a bathrobe and a laundry bag in the closet.

Iron and ironing board

There is also luggage cabinet which has enough storage space.

A drawer under the luggage cabinet.

Safety box is above luggage space, but it is a bit difficult for me to reach it as the shelf set higher position.

Mini bar / cafe

There are a cafe corner and a refrigerator in the shelf under the TV. There are glasses, cups, and TWG 's tea bags. I had no chance to drink, but I heard from hotel staff that mane of guest brings them to home as souvenir since the tea is supplemented everyday. Since water and tea are prepared, we didn't have to go to supermarket as soon as we arrive at the hotel.

Refrigerator and electric kettle. We can make hot water in the room, it is good to relax with tea once arriving at the hotel or at night time.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a bar "Atrium" on the first floor.

The bar counter at "Atrium" is length of 44 m It is the longest length in Asia!

"Atrium" sofa seat

Individual table at "Atrium".

There was a gourmet shop & cafe "Pacific Marketplace" on the ground floor.

The cakes can be taken away and they have also tea, wine and tableware.

On the third floor there was a buffet restaurant called "Edge".

You can enjoy a variety of cuisine from Singapore, China, Murray, India and Japan.

Fruit corner

You can see the chef and their cooking in open kitchen.

Cantonese restaurant "Hai Tien Lo" on the third floor.

Japanese restaurant "Keyaki (欅)" on the 4th floor.

Facilities in the hotel

Outdoor pool on the 4th floor. I thought that it would be possible to enter inside for non- hotel guests, the staff at the entrance may ask whether they are stayers or not. It is lighted up at night, but I think that there were not many people. You can also overlook the pool from the room. There is a pool bar behind the pool and some the couple stayed lying on the pool side and were drinking cocktails.  It is opened from 6 am until 10 pm.

There were many parasols and deck chairs on the poolside. You can use the towels from towel counter.

There is also a cabana, so it seems to be able to enjoy with private space.

They have facilities that can used for meetings and events.

Hotel surroundings

There is a convenience store in front of the hotel and also a big supermarket called “Giant” in suntec city. To buy small souvenirs and daily use items is quite easy here.

Taking taxis is also easy and convenient,  so we are satisfied with the surrounding environment.

Staff & Customers

All the hotel staff were kind. The reception staff was easy to hear because it was English that was not so habitable. Since the staff is assigned every area in the hotel, I could reach them every time when I am in trouble. So I felt they are always helpful. They seem to have some Japanese staff, they could help us when we ask Japanese staff at reception. Some of other staff also talked to us in simple Japanese and we can see some Japanese introduction,  I think it is friendly hotel for the guest who are not familiar with English.

I saw lots of Japanese and Chinese tourist.  And some business persons from Europe and US .


I could arrive from the airport in about 20 minutes. It might take 30 minutes if there is traffic jam in the morning.  Because it is directly connected with Marina Square and suntec city, it is quite convenient to shop. It is close to sightseeing areas such as Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, ans Gardens by the Bay. Then it would be possible to visit tourist spot if you have free time during business trip.


It is nice to stay at this hotel. The reasons are the cleanness of the room, variety of dishes in breakfast and good location.  The facilities including the reception desk and entrance is always neat and tidy. At breakfast, they have various kinds of cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, American and French. We did not get bored of the menu every day and greeted a pleasant morning. Since it is located very convenient area, you can just drop by tourist spot when you have a time. In addition, you can enjoy the hotel facilities like pool, spa and restaurant since it has some choices.

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