Polynesian Residence Waikiki Beach

  • Room Type : Twin Room (with kitchenette)
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

This hotel is 10 minutes walking distance from the central of Waikiki. Why I selected this hotel, there are good location, good security around the hotel and minimum amenities available. We spend day time outside and do not stay the hotel long time so it is okay even if the hotel is simple. This hotel does not require resort fee and a deposit when I booked on online, so this is also the good point I selected this hotel.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The entrance is like the one of an apartment, it located between shop and shop. It is a clean entrance without any garbage, it makes me good feeling. I also felt the goodness of security thanks to lighting properly in the evening. There are no bellboy and concierge desk, it is simple enough. but that is no problem.

The Hotel entrance.

Inside looking from the the entrance

The entrance from inside of the hotel

The reception desk.

Lobby in front of the reception

The state of the lobby as seen from the entrance side. Next to the lobby is an elevator and a staircase.

Inside the elevator

Elevator inner floor button.

The Elevator hall on room floor

The rest area on the guest floor

Corridor of room floor

The room. It's twin room with kitchen!

The appearance of room entrance.

The looking to room entrance from inside. There is a kitchen and a minibar just beside the entrance door.

It is not a so big room, but the minimum necessary furniture is complete and there is a sense of cleanliness. It was a room with enough space to spread large suitcases and to organize luggage.

There is a TV set opposite the bed.

On the left side of the TV there is a desk and a chair. Since the mirror is installed on the wall, it can be used as a dressing table.

The outlet plug on the desk. I received good impression that there are surplus even if we charge all mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, Wifi routers etc.

The bed was a fluffy and bed of exact hardness. Four pillows were placed in one bed and there were two kinds of hardness, so I felt comfortable sleeping.

Bathroom and amenities

It was a bright and modest sized washbasin. And even if my husband and two people were using at the same time did not become cramped.

There are two types of shower. There are rain shower and removable type shower, water pressure is properly maintained. It was good because the flow of water was properly maintained and there is a place to put shampoo etc. was also established. But the door of the shower room is somewhat bad, and water goes out during showering, so we had to devise to cover with a towel.

Toilet with hot water wash function

Viewing the door from inside the bathroom

It was arranged with the amenites of Tommy Bahama. There was shampoo, rinse, body soap, bar soap. In Hawaii, I applyed the sunscreen firmly every day, so it consumes a lot of body soap to drop it off, but it was very good because they are replenished new one after cleaning everyday. There was no toothbrushes.

There was also a hair dryer. The wind power was strong and I was able to dry it in a short time.

The kitchen and the mini bar

There are a kitchen and a mini bar just beside the entrance door.

Cooking utensils such as pots and frying pans and dishes are also in place.

There are also glasses, cups and Tapper.

There is a microwave oven and a cafe corner opposite the kitchen.

The cafe corner are capsule type coffee machines, 6 coffee and coffee of decafé, 6 capsules of tea are always prepared and the taste was delicious, too. It replenished properly at the time of cleaning. Also, I wanted to drink tea rather than coffee, so I left a memo to housekeeper give me tea a little more.

The refrigerator is installed in the TV stand.

There was nothing in the refrigerator (drinks in the photo are purchased by yourself).

Closet and safety box

There is one drawer, iron and ironing board in the closet, and the hanger is also well placed.

The drawer in the closet

Safety box.

Inside of safety box. The size was also exactly right.

The view from the room

There is a veranda in the room. Because the sun light from the window also enters, the inside of the room is not dark.

There is nothing on the veranda. It was simple in concrete style. Sun shade is attached in the veranda.

The view from the veranda was towards the courtyard (pool side) of the hotel, so the view was not so good. but there is no worry seen from people, it is not side of the main street so it is quiet and easy to spend.

The view from the veranda.

Shop and Restaurant in the hotel

Unfortunately, there were no restaurants or shops in the hotel.

Facilities in the hotel

Because it is a very simple hotel, there is no business center and laundry. However, when we go to the beach we can lend a chair and a towel, so it’s great point.

I did not enter the pool, but I could see the children playing in the pool from the balcony. There were a chair and a parasol on the poolside so some people had a relaxing time.

Hotel surroundings

In the vicinity of the hotel, there were drink stores, ABC Mart, Ramen shop, Eggsund Single, Bill’s and other famous restaurants and crowded every day. I felt that the surroundings were safe even though it was night. Most of the shops close at midnight, but there are Seven Eleven in the place about 2 minutes on foot from the hotel so it was very convenient to go to buy something needed.

Waikiki Beach

Pool with plenty of sliders "Wet'n'Wild Hawaii"

Near Diamond Head Visitor Center

The shop "Victoria secret" unlaid in Japan

Staff & Customers

Staff was very friendly and will greet you properly each time you pass through the lobby.

I also saw a young couple, family and married couple. and I saw people of various nationalities.

Access to the hotel from airport

We arranged by taxi dispatch application and arrived in about 20 minutes from the airport.

The bus stop was nearby and there were buses for Ala Moana Center and outlets and it was convenient. It was a 5 min - 10 min walk to the city center of Waikiki, so it was a location that you can go out immediately after you go back to the hotel.

Summary of Polynesian Residence Waikiki Beach

It was nice to stay at this hotel. It was good that the entrance and the guest room as shown in the photograph which was published when i am reserving with Expedia. This hotel has no restaurant, beach, concierge, but there were plenty of eating and drinking establishments and we could go on foot to the beach, so we did not feel any particular inconvenience. Cleaning of the room was also an attentive staff who can take care of putting my memo with a word, and It cleaned up every day. This time, I felt the location is good, the goodness of the surrounding environment, the goodness of the correspondence of the staff for this hotel, so I can recommend this hotel to my friends.

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