Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai

  • Room Type : Superior King
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2

I chose “Pudi Boutique Hotel Fuxing Park Shanghai” because it was in the Xintiandi area that I knew well and has lots of restaurants. It was also reasonably priced, the reviews on a booking site were not bad, the design of the hotel was unique, and it looks interesting compared to an international hotel chain. I didn’t know about boutique hotels so much, so I wanted to try one too. I didn’t expect great service as I didn’t plan to go sightseeing and I stayed for just one night.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The name of the hotel is written on the wall in front of the entrance

A drive through, drop off point

The hotel is a modern building, but inside the hotel is totally different.

The front of the hotel has an oriental atmosphere.

There is lemon water that you can drink in the lobby.

Elevators on the ground floor. They are behind the reception area.

Elevator buttons on the ground floor. You need your key card.

Elevator floor button panel. You don't need to insert your key card.

Elevators on the room floor

Room floor corridor

What is the Superior King Room like?

The entrance door

The room was spacious. I think it was 80 square meters. The room looks nice, but there are scratches everywhere and lots of furniture is poorly constructed.


The entrance door seen from the bedroom

The bed

The mattress seemed to be quite old. The middle of it was sagging down. It might be painful for those who have back pain. It was ok for me, but I wanted a softer bed.

There is a plug socket on the left side table.

A desk and chair

A chair and a coffee table by the window

There is a bench by the window

The view from the room


The view of the bathroom

There is a separate bathtub and a shower room. The bathtub was big and the bath salt was prepared, but the water temperature was a little bit low.

Bath salt beside the bathtub

There is a shower booth by the bathtub

The water temperature in the shower room was also a little bit low and the water pressure was not enough. The bottom of the shower curtain seemed to have mould. I felt the bathroom was not hygienic.

The bathrobes are quite tired.

The washstand

Amenities are prepared between the sinks.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, a bar of soap are Italian brand called ACCA KAPPA, but I didn't like the smell so much.

Body lotion and a bar of soap

There were a sewing kit, a shaving kit, toothbrush sets, a shower cap, cotton swabs, cotton pads, a nail file, too.

A nail file, a sanitary bag, a shower cap and a sewing kit

A lot of bristles came out while I was brushing my teeth. I've never used such a horrible toothbrush.

A hair dryer

A toilet

Closet & Safety box

The closet has 2 sets of doors which can be open from the bedroom and the bathroom.

There are hangers, a shoehorn, a brush, an umbrella, a paper bag, a shoe rag, shoe polish cream, slippers and a safety box in the closet.

There is lighting in the closet.

One set of slippers are both for the right foot, so we could not use them.

The Safety box is a common type that sets the PIN.

There is a plug socket inside.

Coffee station

There is a mini kitchen on the right side of the entrance door.

The coffee station

Tea bags and instant coffee

A fridge

There were some drinks and a chocolate in the fridge.

There were crisps in the drawer in the kitchen.

Tea set and a minibar price list

A microwave

There were two wine glasses on the shelf.

Area around the hotel

There is a park which is good for a walk nearby. There is plenty of greenery there and I saw lots of locals. You will be able to have a nice time there when the weather is good.

Fuxing Park is nearby.

If you walk about 5 to 6 minutes, there are areas where stylish bars are gathered. Breakfast was not included in my booking, but there is Starbucks on the ground floor, and I was able to grab a coffee. However, you need to get out of the hotel as the entrance is different.

A downtown called Xintiandi near the hotel. There are lots of restaurants and bars, and it is a fashionable spot.


We went to the Longyang Road Station which is the last station in the city by linear motor car from Pudong Airport. The speed was displayed on the electric bulletin board in the car, so some people were taking photos. The time spent in the car was less than 10 minutes, so it was really quick.

The hotel is about 30 minutes by taxi or subway from the Longyang Road station. I heard that it is difficult to catch a reliable taxi at the Longyang Road Station, so I went to the hotel by subway as I didn’t have lots of baggage. I went to People's Square Station by the No. 2 line, change to Line 1, get off at the South Huangpi Road station and walk for 10 minutes in the southwest direction to the hotel. I recommend a car if you have a big luggage as it is difficult to change trains.

Staff & Guests

I didn’t expect the service, but the reception staff was thoughtful. When she saw that I was carrying 2 suitcases, she came out from the counter and opened the door for me.

I was able to communicate with staff members in English. We arrived the hotel early, but we were able to check-in and go to the room. We didn’t have any problem when we checked out, either.

There are lots of businessmen in the hotel. I saw lots of Westerners and didn’t see families. I think this hotel is not suitable for families with small children as there are only a minimum facilities in the hotel.


I will never stay at this hotel again. There are three reasons. The first reason is that I was not satisfied with the shower and the bath. The water temperature was low, and the water pressure was not enough. The second reason is that the maintenance of the room was not enough. I didn’t want to see a saggy mattress, an inclined TV and a mouldy shower curtain in the hotel.

The last reason is that the amenities are poor in quality. A lot of bristles came out while I was brushing my teeth and bathrobes are quite tired. Moreover, slippers were both for the right foot. These basic things were of low quality, so I wasn’t satisfied with the hotel even though it had a stylish design and the rooms were spacious.