Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World" because it has great access. It is located in front of People's Square Station which is one of the main station from Pudong International Airport, so I thought I wouldn't get lost. It is only one stop by subway from the hotel to the Bund that you can see a panoramic view of Shanghai World Financial Center, too. Moreover, it is good value for money. It was attractive to stay in a luxury hotel for less than $200. Lastly, it was nice there were great facilities in the hotel. There is a swimming pool and a fitness centre, so I though I was able to spend a great time there.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The hotel looked high-class.

There were revolving doors at the entrance.

The lobby is very bright with goldish colour.

The lobby has a double height ceiling, so you can see the entrance from the restaurant on the 2nd floor. There is cloak in the lobby.

The reception. There is a cafe near the reception. You can have breakfast and light meal there.


Pictures and flower vases are displayed in the corridor.

What is the Superior Room like?

The entrance door

There is a key card socket and a bathroom on the left side of the entrance door. You will get 2 key cards. It was an air-conditioned room and it worked well.

The room was spacious, clean and tidy. You will get a paper at the reception which shows WiFi ID and password to connect the internet.

The bed was very big and comfortable. There were two pillows in the Superior Room, but one was enough.

A TV and a luggage rack on the opposite side of the bed

A desk and a chair by the window

Two chairs by the window

The room seen from the window

There was a window in the guest room, and I was able to open it, but the view was not so good as it was on the 8th floor. I was able to see a beautiful city view a little.


There was bathtub in bathroom. There was enough space to extend your feet comfortably.

The shower was a little bit old and it was hard to use because it was a fixed type. The water pressure was too strong, and it was a little bit hard to use.

You can switch from the shower to the tap by pulling the handle, but it took time to understand how to use. The shower at the pool was much easier to use, so there is room for improvement.


There was an arm mirror by the sink.

Amenities were prepared on the washstand. There was a shaving kit, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion and so on.

A hair dryer

Closet and Safety Box

There was a closet on the right side on the entrance door. The door of the closet was a mirror.

There were bathrobes in the closet.

An iron and an ironing board

Slippers and a safety box

The Safety box is a common type that sets the PIN.

Minibar & Coffee station

There was a fridge, glasses, snacks under the TV.

There were drinks such as a bottle of wine, juice and beer, chocolate in the fridge. They are not complementary.

A bottle of wine and spirits were prepared as a minibar in the drawer next to the fridge.

There were some snacks, too. There was a coffee station next to the closet, and an electric ketle and tea and coffee making facilities are prepared there. There were also 2 bottles of free water.

Minibar price list

Restaurants and a shop in the hotel

We had dinner and breakfast at the "Windows on the Park" on the second floor.

I chose buffet style. There was a wide variety of foods such as Chinese, Japanese, Western cuisine. If you have a buffet style dinner, you might not be able to eat breakfast the next morning.

Some food at breakfast

The "Lobby Lounge" on the ground floor

Inside the "Lobby Lounge"

I got brunch after checkout, but I should have had breakfast because there was an authentic hamburger menu.

There is a 360 degree revolving restaurant "Epicure on 45" on the 45th floor.

"Epicure on 45" is available for lunch and dinner.

"Sky Dome Bar" on the 47th floor. There seems to be live performances after 9 pm.

There was a shop called "Dingli Teashop" on the ground floor.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a spacious indoor pool on the 8th floor. It's a 25-meter pool. It is open until around 10 o'clock in the evening. You can borrow a towel there, and there is a dryer to dry our swimwear.

There is also a jacuzzi next to the pool, so you can warm your body. There seemed to be a sauna and a hot spring bath, but I couldn’t use them because of under construction.

A view from the pool

There is a fitness centre on the 8th floor. It is available from 6 am until 10 pm. I was very satisfied with lots of training machines.

Area around the hotel

It was surprisingly calm around the hotel compared to the Bund which is very busy with lots of people. It was like a high-class residential area from the station to the hotel because there were lots of luxury brand shops. I saw two-story buses, too. I felt the air was saturated with dust, but it was better than other areas and it was more pleasant place to stay. There were lots of shops and a food court till you get out to the ground level from subway exit, so you can enjoy shopping and eating around if you can speak Chinese. You can communicate in English at luxury brand shops, but basically you need to communicate in Chinese. If you can’t speak Chinese, convenience stores are very useful as you don’t need to talk.

Shopping mall in front of the hotel

Staff & Guests

When I confirmed to the hotel about my reservation by email, I got a reply in English soon. Moreover, I also asked about a fitness centre and a swimming pool, then my room was the same floor as them, so I thought staff members at this hotel can have kind consideration for guests. Staff members are friendly, and they will happily help you when you need some help. I paid the fee online in advance, so I just paid extra charges when I check-out.

There were many guests such as tourists, business users, families, people travelling alone, but I think that business guests were the most. It might be better to wear formal clothes because it is a luxury hotel.


I bought a combination pass of Linear motor car and Subway at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. I got on a linear first and went to Longyang Road Station, then I went to 7 more station from there to the People’s Square Station by subway. There is a shopping mall called New World City next to the hotel, and I thought that was the hotel, but shopkeeper kindly taught me the hotel is the next building. You can get to the hotel after you exit People’s Square Station from gate 7 and cross the zebra crossing. It is safe because there is a security guard by the entrance, but you need to be careful of the bikes when you cross the road as there are lots of bikes in the main city in China.

The hotel is next to the shopping mall and the street to the hotel is lined with luxury brand shops. There is a NIKE shop on the other side of the street and a convenient store nearby. I recommend to install Baidu map app when you go to China. I was able to get the Bund easily because it's only one stop by subway.


It was great to stay at this hotel. You can use this hotel at ease even in those who travels abroad for the first time or plans your trip by yourselves. You need to pay the fee in advance, so it was easy to know if I was charged something extra. Fortunately, I haven’t claimed a deposit so far. It was easy to get to the hotel because the hotel is close to the station. Moreover, People’s Square Station was less people than the Bund area, and I was able to walk with my suitcase without any problems. I stayed at 4 hotels in this trip to China, but this hotel was the best. It will be perfect if the shower problem improves. I would like to stay at this hotel again and go to the restaurant and the bar on the top floor next time.

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