Seattle Ramada Tukwila South Center

  • Room Type : Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Seattle Ramada Tukwila South Center" because we were on a driving trip from Vancouver, and parking lots and internet was free, and the facilities as close as possible to the aviation museum scheduled for the second day. (The most important thing was that it had breakfast). I had I stayed in Renton, a neighboring town of Tukwila before, and it was a quiet and nice city. The hotel reviews were better than the surrounding hotels, so we decided here because it was a reasonable price compared to the larger hotel chain brand called RAMADA and other good hotels.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The building is three stories, and there are 146 rooms so it is wide.


The entrance seen from inside the hotel

Information board placed in lobby

the lobby

A view of the lobby from the front desk

We checked in around midnight, but even at night, there was a staff member at the front desk, so we could check in immediately.

There was free coffee and tea service beside the lobby and it was good.

Front Floor Elevator Hall. There are only two elevators.

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor buttons

Room floor Elevator hall

My room was at the end, so I had to walk a long ways before getting to my room. The building was old, so the corridor without windows was long and dark.

Room in the standard room?

Room door entrance

Room entrance door seen from inside the room

The building itself looked old, but the rooms were renovated and it was pretty clean

The room was bigger than I expected.

There was a one-seat chair beside the bed, but no table.

A view of the room seen from the bed

There is a desk and a chair opposite the bed and a mirror on the wall.

There was a TV opposite the bed and next to the desk.

The bed was large king size bed and I was able to sleep well. The linen was also clean, and the bed was not too soft  or hard so it was just right for me.

The whole room was a bit dark and the window was small.

There was a curtain on the wall on the window side, but the window was small and more than half was the wall.

The view from the room was a parking lot.


There was a bathtub in bathroom. Although the shower head was fixed on the wall, the water pressure of the shower was strong enough with just the right height. The water warmed up quickly.


It was good that the sink was long and various things could be placed. However, the space between the bathroom door and the sink was very small.

There were 3 types of towels for the number of people staying, and also spares.

There was a cup and an ice cooler on the sink.

Amenities were 5 kinds of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, solid soap, and a shower cap. The product brand was Wyndham Hotel Group which RAMADA developed by L'Oreal called MATRIX, and I felt comfortable using it. The toothbrush was not included in amenities, but a paper cup for the toothbrush was prepared.

The hair dryer was a fixed type and was strong enough. It was on the wall just out of the bathroom.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was a small open closet without a door. There was a safety box on the upper row. It was a bit high for me and I am 160 centimeters tall.

Iron and ironing boards were also set up in the closet, and I thought that it was a nice service for businessmen and long-term residents.

There were also hangers.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a home coffee maker in the cafe corner. Tea bags for coffee and tea were there. Also, a microwave oven was installed, and it was good that we could warm up food from take-away restaurants, instant noodle, frozen food etc easily.

Because it had a small sink separate from the bathroom washbasin, I thought that it was good to avoid having to use the water in the bathroom.

A refrigerator was also installed.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, and there was no mini bar.

Restaurants in the hotel

Breakfast was free for guests staying. However, there was not anything like ordinary disposable items such as sausages and bacon.

bread and serial corner

waffle machine

coffee corner

fruit & drinks corner

The breakfast venue. The venue was small for the size of the hotel.

Although it is a building separate from the hotel, there is a sports bar named O'beer right next to the hotel and it is open from evening until the night. I think that it is a nice facility for those driving a car. Even within walking distance there is a restaurant, so I think that lunch will be convenient as well.

Hotel surroundings environment

In the area around the hotel, there are many other hotels besides this hotel, there were 2 hotels just by seen from the parking lot immediately. On foot, this RAMADA hotel was No. 1, close to restaurants and convenience stores. There are shops such as subway and 7-Eleven within walking distance, and there is a big shopping mall called Westfield Southcenter at a distance of 5 minutes by car. There, restaurants like famous department store Nordstrom and UNIQLO, Japanese popular DINTYPHONE, Cheesecake Factory and so on also opened very late, so it was very convenient. Of course, I hough it was dangerous to walk alone in the evening, but I saw some people walking at noon and I think that it is safe because there was lots traffic. I think many people are driving cars, and it is also convenient to go to various places in about 10 minutes from the highway.

Shopping mall "Westfield Southcenter"


Cheesecake Factory

Downtown "Pike Place Market Front"

Aviation Museum

Inside the aviation museum

Staff & Customers

The hotel staffs were normal. Even when the front desk was crowded, the staffs worked smoothly with only two people. In the morning the cleaning staffs were everywhere and was silently working. However, I felt that there were only 2 people at breakfast and did not catch up with the replenishment of food. I had no problems. The information written on the information board next to the front desk was not clear (there was no shuttle bus time written on it) and you need to check the information again at the front desk.

Most of the customers seemed to have been more local people, neighboring Canadas, and South America. Because I stayed on the weekend on summer, most people were various family members, couples, or alone. The hotel has a large conference room and because it is near the airport it seems that there are many people using it for business.


I did not go to the airport this time, but it is located in a very convenient location, 10 minutes by car from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Also, it is very convenient because it is a distance of 5 minutes by car to the big shopping mall called Westfield Southcenter, 10 minutes to the famous aviation museum, and downtown Seattle 20 minutes by car. I could also go to the place where Jimmy Hendrix ‘s memorial is located in RENTON in the neighboring town about 10 minutes away.


I am glad that I got to stay in this hotel. The only problem was that it was old, but since cleaning was done perfectly, I never felt uncomfortable. And, although there was no luxury feeling like a resort hotel, it is close to downtown and other tourist spots and free parking lot, breakfast, and internet was attached, I was satisfied. One other disappointing point is breakfast. Because the venue was small and the tables were small for the size of the hotel, when I went to the venue I could not find a vacant seat. And there was only one waffle maker, and also the workers could not catch up with pancake and scrambled egg replenishment, so there were so ordinary foods like sausages and bacon, but only bread, cornflakes and fruits.

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