Ramada Plaza Antwerp

  • Room Type : family room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 4 people

We stayed in a town called Antwerp in front of the border of the Netherlands in the northern part of Belgium with a family of four. "Ramada Plaza Antwerp" is a hotel that has a parking lot for people coming by car and that it is within 10 minutes to the center and the accommodation fee is not so expensive. Evaluation was not bad, and it was a relatively new hotel so it was beautiful and comfortable hotel as expected. I will show you what it was like staying here this time. If you are visiting Antwerp, please read this review to help you pick a hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Entrance and front check

The exterior of a the hotel was a mirror-like hotel made of glass.

The entrance was covered and the taxi was coming to the airport. A big shuttle was also parked at the entrance.

The entrance door was rotated and there was a door for the wheelchair next to it.

It was very beautiful facility. There was also a sense of luxury, the glass-walled wall made the lobby natural lighting.

The front desk was large, and there were always two or more staffs standing.

The sofa in the lobby was spacious and it was a good atmosphere with a grand piano. On the piano, there was a memo saying you can play it freely.

For those who had two large doorstraps inside the entrance and had large luggage, they assisted me in the rush.

What is the family room like?

The room that I checked in was a family room on the 8th floor.

There was a king size bed and a couch and table on the window side.

The room was very spacious. There was also a sofa which became a bed with a TV and a working desk, and it was enough for four people.

The interior was also modern and the carpet was clean.

The bedside point light was also nice.

There was also a table where you can put luggage and it was convenient to use.

A large and beautiful bathroom

Bathroom with a bathtub and a shower.

There was also a toilet.

There were only two bath towels on top of the bathtub, so it was troublesome to have to get extra.

The shallow sink sprinkled a little bit, but it was also cleaned cleanly and it was comfortable to use.

The attached dryer was not too bad.

Amenity was shampoo, body soap and hand soap. Other than shower caps, there was no conditioner or tooth brush set. It is necessary to bring other things on your own.

A little cafe bar

There were two sets of mugs, instant coffee, sugar and creamer, and it was a simple cafe bar with an electric kettle.

There was a glass and a bottle of mineral water in the refrigerator.

Closet and safety box

The closet was by the entrance with several hangers, an iron and an ironing board.

It was easy to operate the safety box.

The view from the room

The view from the room, there was a building immediately in front of us and it was on the 8th floor, but it was not a room that can say that the view was good.

Hotel restaurant

GOZO BAR is a bar with several kinds of Belgian beers. It looked like a lot of people were enjoying it.

Tiffany 'S was a restaurant where the event was held.

HUGO'S restaurant is a buffet style restaurant with international cuisine.

A breakfast buffet is also served here.

Mini shop next to the front desk

There was a mini shop next to the front desk, and snacks and amenities were on sale.

In the show window in front of the elevator, gifts such as watches, accessories, neckties were lining up. I wonder who is buying here for a moment? I have a doubt, is it safe also when necessary in case of emergency? If so, it is very nice.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness center and a sauna on the first floor.

Although it was not wide there, the fitness gym was very beautiful.

The meeting room was also equipped.

Sightseeing from the hotel to the city

From the hotel you can reach the center of Antwerp in less than 10 minutes by car. Because there are many parking lots everywhere, it was easy to go by car. Also, there is a bus stop in about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel so if you do not have a car you can go by bus in 15 minutes.

In Antwerp, there is no place that is noticeable famous sightseeing spot, but there are many famous painter Rubens' houses, museums, and there are many shops of townscape and Belgian chocolate shops. One of the most noticeable things is that the historic Gothic architecture at this Virgin Cathedral.

The square was dotted with interesting art, and the children were pleased.

At the square in front of the city hall there were a lot of people crowded with events of cycling professional road racing called De Ronde van vlaanderen (Rondo van Flandrellen).


It is a 22-minute drive from Brussels International Airport in Belgium, a 10-minute drive from Antwerp International Airport, and a bus and a metro for about 30 minutes to arrive.

Staff & Customers

The staff’s friendly atmosphere was very good, and they responded with a smile. There were many guests from Europe, and we saw a couple and family. There were also people with pets and seems to allow pets for night at 20 euros per night.


How was Ramada Plaza Antwerp? We used to stay at the passing point of the trip in Europe by car, but we were able to stay comfortably and the hotel better than expected. There was also a supermarket with deli in within 5 minutes on foot. If you are traveling to Antwerp, I recommend staying at this hotel.

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