Ramada Plaza Liège City Center

  • Room Type : Single room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 4

I chose "Ramada Plaza Liège City Center" because I had decided to go to Liege on business trip, but because I never went there, I reviewed reviews and photos on the net. When I looked at the picture, it is decisive that the room was very beautiful, the impression that the water is solid, and because it is a bit off the center, the price was not higher than I imagined. 【Official website】 Ramada Plaza Liège City Center

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

Entrance appearance

I saw the entrance from inside the hotel

front desk

lobby. From the entrance to the front desk area, the sofa was divided into two places and I thought that it was convenient when waiting for check-in and meeting.

There was a billiard table and it was playing freely. There was also a table tennis table in the lobby.

Luxury feeling drifts with a clean impression.

Front Floor Elevator Exterior

Inside the elevator

Elevator inner floor button

Room floor Elevator hall

Room floor corridor

What is the single room room?

Room entrance door appearance

View of the entrance door of the room from inside. The light which came in was out shortly and it was necessary to use it in the dark, such as closet etc in the evening. But overall there is no bad impression.

Although I have stayed several times in Europe, the hotel here was a waste of luxury for a waste on a business trip was a waste. I do not rub the carpet, it takes a little time to move the carry back instead.

There was a table and 2 chairs at the window.

View from bed side. Desk (dresser), chair, TV set up.

The beds were also ironed neatly, and I felt a very clean feeling. The mattress was also solid, so I could sleep comfortably. There were several kinds of pillows.

Viewing the interior from the window

The window was large and it was a low hierarchy room, but the light was fully inserted and it was bright.

View from the room

View from the room


Because the lighting is bright, there was a sense of luxury unlike a distinctive dark atmosphere like a business hotel.

There was a bathtub and it was quite large, so I slowly extended my legs and took a bath. Because there is a feeling of cleanliness, there was nothing to worry about, so I was able to take a bath comfortably almost as in Japan.

There was no problem with the water pressure of the shower, even if it continued to use it did not drop the water pressure and the temperature did not go down. When going abroad, you may be perplexed about how to use the shower, but here was no problem.


Vanity top

Amenity is imprudent compared to the impression of the whole hotel. If you are going abroad, you may not be in trouble because I think that you will prepare as appropriate, but there is no toothbrush etc, there is no convenience store in the neighborhood, so I think that preparation is absolutely necessary. In addition, I think that the solid soap that was placed was a substitute for the hand dope, but it was a bit inconvenient as it was not particularly the case that the soap was placed.

Hair dryer was provided.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Closet appearance

There was a hanger in the closet.

There was a safety box on the upper shelf in the closet. Although I am average in height among Japanese, the place with safety box is high, it is necessary to open it, of course, chair etc. are necessary to check inside.

Inside of safety box

Mini bar / cafe

In the cafe corner there was an electric kettle and two cups, instant coffee.

As there is only one water, when I was drinking coffee, I thought that the more nervous one needed to prepare the drinking water in advance.

There is a refrigerator under the desk (dresser).

There is a hotel with a mini bar, such as soft drink and sake in the refrigerator, but here was only one bottle of water and nothing was in the refrigerator.

Restaurant in hotel, shop

The restaurant was in the annex.

Breakfast entrance. We used breakfast buffet.

Bread of breakfast was very rich in variety.

There was ham, salad bar, egg etc. Also, by saying Belgium, it was possible to bake and eat waffle with self.

State of restaurant

There was bar, too.

Although I did not see a shop in the hotel, I was selling a small amount of snacks and drinks etc. next to the front desk. It seemed like purchasing only cash.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a courtyard when going to the restaurant in the annex, I think that it is possible to spend slowly and comfortably at the hotel.

Although I could not use it when I stayed, it seems there is a gym.

Hotel surroundings environment

There are supermarkets around the hotel to some extent, there are no shops that said this within walking distance. Because I am along the river, I think that it is possible to take a walk. In addition, every Sunday, it seems that the road along the river is blocked and a roadside shop opens and it has a festival. There is nothing to worry about due to noise etc. because it is in a calm place, but walking alone at night is not recommended. The bars and restaurants will be in the center, so it is about 2 km from there. So we recommend to take a taxi or bus.

Staff & Customers

The staff is clean and has a calm atmosphere. When checking in, it was overlapping and crowded with the group, but because it was handled carefully, I could check in more smoothly than I imagined. Also, we kept luggage after checkout. Even when I became together with an escalator etc, I was cautiously asking whether I am enjoying or not. Although I could not communicate in Japanese, I was preparing paper properly in advance, so I was able to complete the procedure fairly smoothly by presenting my passport. Although there are cases where people who speak only non-English languages ​​are at the front despite the help coming soon, I wrote the memo so that as you can see, there was nothing to worry about.

This time, since I was staying as little as 1 night, I did not have much chance to meet other customers, but there were more people who were traveling with their families than business. I do not see small children, I think that older people were numerous.


It is approximately 100km from Brussels International Airport, it took a bit of effort and time to move. When I use a train, there is a transfer and there are lots of luggage, so I used an online dispatch service and arrived at about 200 euro for about 1 hour. It takes about an hour and a half for a train, the nearest station will be Liege Palis. From there we recommend moving by taxi. Although I moved by train on the way home, there is a delay so we recommend to move with a margin.

As there is a hotel at a distance from the center, we recommend traveling by taxi or bus. I asked for a taxi several times at the front desk, but it came for about 5 minutes each time. It is also possible to walk as it is about 2 kilometers from the center. However, as I witnessed the scene of fighting behind the streets of the street several times, I felt better avoiding walking in the street.


Because the area itself called Liege is a countryside compared to Brussels, as a result of walking around the area, I felt the hotel was quite ranked as a result. Because there were many buildings where the surroundings were closed, we were a little uneasy until we entered the inside, but I was relieved to have a very high-class impression by putting inside. I think that the meal is also Thai rice, but white rice was also prepared and I think that we can have a delicious meal with Japanese as a whole. I think that it will be meaningful time to spend relaxingly in the room because the room is large, too. It is a bit far from the Liège station, but it was not too bad because it was not so expensive as the taxi from the station was so expensive. This time it was a stay on a business trip but I would like to stay at this hotel if I have the opportunity to come by sightseeing.