Red Planet Bangkok Asoke

  • Room Type : Standard double room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Red Planet Bangkok Asoke" because of the location and budget. It was in safe area, Sukhumvit. And the price is much my budget. This hotel is just 5 minutes walk from Asoke station. There is a department store called Terminal 21, and a lot of restaurants around Asoke station. it is quite convenient for shopping and eating. Since I have stayed at the Red Planet Hotel in Silom previously, and it is the reason why I chose.

Let's check the exterior of the hotel, entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

There was a parking lot in front of the entrance.

This is the entrance. It is so simple that I like it. The security staff  is always friendly. The security staff seemed to check and noted the number plate of entering car so that they can contact the car in case of leaving something in the car.

The entrance from inside.

I had to wait for a minutes because there are only few staff at the front desk, but they worked quickly when my turn comes. Even when I return to the hotel at midnight, they greeted me calmly.

The front desk and the lobby

It is so bright by daylight from glass wall.

The lobby

Front floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Standard double room

Room entrance door. The key is opened by tapping the card.

The bathroom is on the left of door.

I felt the room is a little narrow since there is not enough space to open the baggage. It was good that I didn't hear any noise and other guest's voice from outside since the wall seemed thicker. It is not inconvenience although there is no refrigerator in the room because we can purchase drinks and snacks at the reception.

Air conditioner switch is next the key slot.

The room is very bright and stylish. Also it is well cleaned even each corner.

A folding desk is attached on the wall.

Bed is good and comfortable like luxury hotel's one.

The upper part of the headboard was a big mirror. It might be designed to show a narrow room widely.

TV set is opposite the bed. A hanger rack was attached at the corner wall.

Hair dryer and full-length mirror are on the wall next to TV.

The view from the window is not very good, but it was a peaceful scenery since I could not see busy main street, Sukhumvit Road.


There was wash basin and toilet on the right side and a shower room on the left side in the bathroom. There is no bathtub.

There was no problem with draining of the water in shower room. It's comfortable to use as well-cleaned without molds and water scratches. However, it needs to be careful for not splashing the water because there is only half-sized partition between shower room and toilet area.

The shower was fixed type. The water pressure was sufficiently. 3 in 1 liquid soap is attached but I didn't use it.

Wash basin and toilet

A hand soap was also equipped next to the sink.

The sink was quite simple.

Amenities were only 3 in 1 soap and hand soap which is attached in the shower room and next to wash basin. It will be better to bring your own amenity. Others are 2 bath towels, 1 bath mat and 2 hangers.

Hair dryer is set on the wall.

Closet and Safety Box

There was no closet. A hanger rack is at the corner of the room.

It felt like insecure that the safety box is placed on the shelf of the bedside without any cover.

Locking and unlocking operations were also easy.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a shop next to the front desk. Ordering and payment will be made at the front desk. The price was not much different from convenience stores.

It is convenient because you can purchase drinks and snacks.

There is a long table and chairs next to the store. You can eat what you bought.

There were two personal computers at the business center. I didn't have a chance to use this PC since WiFi speed in the hotel was fast enough.

They seemed to have laundry service in the hotel. But I used outside laundry shop because it costs only 300 Baht per kg.

Hotel surroundings environment

The surroundings are very quiet and a bit dark. I don’t recommend for women to walk around alone. It may be better to pay attention to pickpockets and snatchers. However, I love this quiet atmosphere despite 5-minute walk from Sukhumvit Road. In addition, it is very convenient that there is a taxi service all the time in front of the hotel.

Alley around the hotel

Restaurant area in the vicinity of the hotel

Nearest restaurant

A view of the area around the hotel

Staff & Customers

The staffs were very friendly and good at speaking English. I enjoyed communicating with them. If you cannot speak Thai language, simple English skill is necessary to communicate with them.

I wish it had a refrigerator in the room and amenities like shampoo and conditioner.

I saw lots of 20's tourists from China and Japan. But I didn't hear noisy talking and voice that anyone having party in the room. It seemed that the ratio of male to female was also about half, so I think women can stay safely.


It took only 400 baht for taxi including highway toll from the airport. Intersection of Asoke and Sukhumvit road have heavy congestion every morning, evening and night. It is good choice to take airport link and MRT if you have just a few luggage.

Asoke Station of BTS is in 5-minute walk. Access by BTS to Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Siam is only within 10 minutes. It is also convenient to take MRT when you go to Silom. There is a lot of local restaurants and a big shopping mall "Terminal 21" around the hotel. This location is perfect for shopping and eating.


I would say it was very good in terms of cost performance. Generally I might not satisfied with cleanness and security at this price.

Sleeping on large bed with white sheets and pillows in very quiet environment was superb for me.

However, I wouldn’t stay here again for next time. Because there are many choices of hotels in Bangkok. It is a kind of joy of travels that you can try various hotel every time going Bangkok. I would choose for next time the room which has a refrigerator, shampoo, rinse, and other amenities. Of course it should be within my budget. Also it is one option to upgrade the room at this same hotel.