Regal Airport Hotel

  • Room Type : Single room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I decided to stay at the "Regal Airport Hotel," because it had very good access from the airport. I arrived at Hong Kong Airport late at night, and was scheduled to transit after that, so I was looking for a hotel as close as possible from the airport. This hotel is directly connected to the airport and the most important factor is that it was convenient to access. In addition, I thought that there was no worry about luggage or rain and there was little concern on security because of the distance of about 300 meters in the connecting passage. In addition, compared to a hotel in Hong Kong, there is an impression that the rooms and facilities are designed to be spacious and it is one of the reasons why that I felt that I could spend time calmly.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel appearance

The reception is located on the second floor and is directly connected to the airport communication aisle.

The 2nd floor entrance was smaller than I thought, but the ground floor to the 4th floor had become a blowout, and I received a fairly spacious impression in the corridor style.

First floor entrance

The hotel entrance on the first floor

The lobby

The ceiling is also high and open, designed so that natural light shines through. The entire floor felt very bright during sunny days.

State near the escalator from the first floor to the second floor

A Christmas tree was displayed in the lobby.

The front desk was a little deep and the space in front of the front desk was a bit narrow for the scale of the hotel.

front desk

Front floor elevator hall

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Guest room elevator hall

The elevator hall on the room floor is bright as it has windows and lights.

Guest room floor corridor

Corridor near the room entrance door

What is a single room?

Guest room entrance door

There was a card key slot on the left side of the room.

The room was spacious and relaxing. It is big enough even if there is desk and sofa. A lot of lights are installed, so the whole room is bright and you can read a book or work on a computer comfortably. Although the facilities themselves were not very new, and there were some deterioration and scratches such as the wallpaper and floors, but they were generally clean. The interior was a simple design, and I had a good feeling in the clean atmosphere.

The bed was large enough to lay sideways. The sheets, covers and pillows were clean, and I was able to rest comfortably.

There is a TV opposite the bed.

The desk is large enough.

There is also an outlet on the desk.

It is functional and you can do PC work etc comfortably.

Sofa and table

The room seen from the window

There is a window in the room. It can not be opened or closed.

I could see the courtyard of the hotel from the 5th floor from the window, and I could see the guests out there from time to time. In addition, I could also see the outdoor pool form ur window as well. The back of the building on the other side is the runway of Hong Kong Airport, and I was able to see the planes landing from time to time. I think I could enjoy the view unique to the airport hotel. Soundproofing was done very well, so the noise did not bother us.  


The bathroom as well as the rooms were a little outdated, but the facilities were clean and could be used without major issues or complaints.

There were no handrails in the bathtub, only a space for putting soap. The faucet was the type where you pushed up the lever in the bathtub and opened and closed the stopper, but it was sluggish and it was hard to drain water. The bathtub is a bit shallow, but I think the size is decent. There was no shower curtain, and only a partition like an acrylic board installed.

The water pressure in the shower was strong and the adjustment was smooth.

A view from the bathtub of the bathroom door



Amenities were prepared on the washstand. There were 2 sets of soap, shampoo & rinse, shower gel, shower cap and a toothbrush. The soap was placed in a plastic case and the others were placed directly. I think the quality was normal. I felt that the package was not elaborate, and considering the atmosphere and the scale of the entire hotel, I felt that the quality and type were a bit unsatisfying.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet large enough that was on the right side of the room.

The closet was equipped with slippers, sanitary bags, clothes brushes, an iron and an ironing board.

The inside of the closet

Slippers and brushes in the drawer

The safety box was of the type where you set a PIN number.

The safety box was also big enough.

Mini bar cafe

There was a cafe corner in the room.

There were 2 glasses, 2 mugs, 2 bottles of mineral water, an electric kettle and an ice bucket. All were clean and could be used without any problems.

The free cafe had coffee and tea bags and sugar. I felt that the content and quantity were good enough.

A refrigerator was also installed.

There was nothing in the refrigerator; no paid drinks or snacks.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There was a Western restaurant on the ground floor, and a Chinese and Japanese restaurant on the first floor.

Chinese restaurant "Rouge"

Japanese Restaurant "Airport Tavern"

"Cafe Aficionado" offers a variety of dishes served in a buffet style.

Breakfast is mainly Chinese and Western-style menu, but there is halal food and Indian rice, too, and I felt the wideness of the guest base.

The organic vegetables grown in the courtyard on the 5th floor of the hotel were provided and were fresh and very delicious.

There is a jewelry store next to the front desk. I received a discount ticket from the jewelry store at the check-in.

There is a sweets shop near the 2nd floor entrance. There were a wide variety of sweets, and I got an impression that there was a solid assortment.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool and an indoor pool on the third floor of the hotel. I could see some of the outdoor pool from the window of the room. Recliner chairs and a red umbrellas were placed by the poolside, and it looked like a resort.

Indoor pool. The pool seems to be integrated with the spa area.

Spa facility on the third floor

There was a sauna in the spa facility as well.

There was also a fitness center.

There was a business center on the second floor.

There is an exchangeable ATM, which seems to be used by many guests.

Environment around the hotel

I think that there are a lot of traffic because it is directly connected to the airport, but it is safe because it is a little independent location by the communication passage. There is no bustling and clutter like the downtown area, and I think the environment is quiet and calm. There were many convenience stores and restaurants inside the airport, so I was not particularly at a loss. The noise at the time of departure and arrival did not bother her me at all. It’s an environment that can be used for the purpose of resting before and after a flight, but I think it is not suitable for people who want to enjoy sightseeing and shopping in Hong Kong even if it’s near the hotel.

Airport information

Staff & customer base

All the staffs were very kind and courteous. Depending on the time zone, the front desk was crowded so that a long procession could be made, but depending on the content, it was possible to take care of things other than the front desk as well. In addition, there was always a staff at the concierge counter, and they handled with baggage. Every staff members speaks English. You can also use Chinese (standard language). If you can do either English or Chinese, I think that there is no language inconvenience.

I think that there is also a timely influence, but I had the impression that tourists and business customers were around 7: 3. Although the nationalities also appeared to be diverse, it seemed that the majority of tourists from the West and the mainland were from China. I also saw many pilots and flight attendants in uniforms.


As The hotel is connected directly by communication passage with moving sidewalk, I can access without difficulty. The guidance of the hotel was firmly on the arrival floor of the airport and I could arrive without getting lost. I think I’m not worried about security. However, there are no shops around the hotel (outside the ground floor), so I think it would be better to finish shopping, eating and drinking at the airport. It was convenient because shopping and meals were fully prepared at convenience stores and shops in the airport. Access to the city was very convenient. There is an airport express from the airport, and it takes about 25 minutes to reach Hong Kong Station. Based in this hotel, I was able to travel back and forth comfortably between the airport and the city.

Communication passage between the airport and hotel

Citigate Outlet


I am glad I stayed in this hotel. The first reason is for its good location. As I stayed for transit purpose, not for sightseeing purpose, I chose priority from proximity to the airport, but it was more comfortable than I expected. Rather than being inside the airport facilities, there was a sense of distance and independence due to the connecting aisle, so I was able to spend time calmly, without worrying about the noises. The second reason is that the entire facility is designed to be spacious, so I could spend time relaxing. In particular, the room was large, and it was large enough to work and read, etc. The public areas such as the lobby were also large and open. The buffet breakfast menu was abundant, and in addition to Hong Kong-like Dim Sum, I was able to eat vegetables, and it was appropriate for health management during overseas stay.