Renaissance Resort Okinawa

  • Room Type : Deluxe Twin
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Renaissance Resort Okinawa" is located in Onna Village. The hotel is a large family-friendly resort, offering a wide variety of restaurants, outdoor and indoor pools, activities such as a private beach and a dolphin pool, as well as a wealth of activities.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

It was a big hotel even seen from the distance.

It is a straight building with white walls surrounded by nature, and I had the impression of it being a large resort in the southern country.

The entrance was also made with a sense of openness in the south of the country, surrounded by tall palm trees.

Passage leading to the entrance.

A look at the drop off area seen from the entrance.

The front lobby was an open-air room with a spacious and bright open-air ceiling.

Entrance seen from inside the hotel.

In the lobby, tall palm trees and tropical flowers greeted me.

There is a fountain with an object of a dolphin in the back of it, and it was exciting in a place where it was integrated with nature full of open feeling in the hall.

It looked like a beautiful zoo garden.

Cute birds greeted us at the lobby.

The birds seem to be resting at night.

There is a navigator desk in the lobby, which seems to be able to book various activity programs.

It seems that you can also book activities at the Marine Counter.


Front floor elevator

Elevator floor number button panel

You can see the beach from the inside of the elevator.

Room floor elevator

There is an open-air space, and the rooms line up on both sides.

Look down at the lobby.

Guest room floor corridor

Near the guest room entrance

What is a Deluxe Twin room like?

Guest room entrance door

Guest room card key

There was a closet and a bathroom on the left side of the room.

Evacuation route map

There was a full-length mirror on the right.

Guest room was large and cozy, and from the large window was the view of the sea. It was a room with a soft color scheme and a calm atmosphere based on white.

The bed had a soft mat that sunk only a little. There were oft pillows and hard pillows but they were both large.  

The bedside table had a telephone and control panels such as alarms and lights. There were other outlets on the bedside and there was no inconvenience.

There was also a TV, desk and chairs.

There were also a nightwear in the drawers of the TV stand. There was a nightwear for children as well.

There was free mineral water on the desk.

There was also an aroma lamp.

There was also a hotel guide.

There was also a sofa and a table opposite the TV.

The room also had a balcony.

A table set was placed on the balcony and I was able to relax while looking at the view of the sea in front of me. The chair was large and I could relax.

The view was the other side of the hotel beach and pool so it was a quiet area with no people around.  

The sea was also visible, and the front of the hotel, the surrounding mountains were in a position where visibility could be reached. It was a calm emerald blue sea, a green of mountains, and a place where you can feel the nature.

It was good to see the bottom of the clear ocean even in the distance, see the large fish schools when looking down, and see the fish schools that gradually change shape.


I felt that it was old in some places, such as around the water, but it seemed to be properly maintained and there was no particular problem. There is only one sink in the wash basin, but there is a cosmetic space on the side, and it was easy to use because it had a chair.

A set of toiletries and hand towels such as toothbrush sets, hair brushes, shower caps, razors, cotton, cotton swabs, L'Occitane shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body lotions and makeup soaps were provided in the wash basin.

There was also a hair dryer.

Bathroom door

In the bathroom, the bath and toilet were together.

There is a shower on the bath and there is no other place to wash, so it seems difficult to bathe in the room. The water pressure in the shower was strong and comfortable. Temperature control was the type to mix and adjust warm water and cold water, but I was able to adjust it easily.

In the bathroom, DHC shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared.

Bath towels and face towels were also prepared above the bathtub.

Washlet function toilet

Closet and safe

The closet had the right height and width.

There were also many hangers.

There was a separate trunk storage area and no luggage storage area. There were an iron, an ironing board, a shoehorn and a clothes brush.

Slippers, beach sandals were also provided, and beach sandals were also prepared for children.

There was a safe in the closet.

It was a security code type and was easy to use.

Mini bar cafe

There was an electric kettle in the cafe corner, and there were sanpin, hoji and sencha tea packs. There was drip coffee but it was not free. In addition, Awamori and cakes were prepared as a mini bar.

There was also a refrigerator.

In the refrigerator, Orion beer, green tea, sports drinks, mineral water and juice was prepared as a minibar.

Restaurant in the hotel

We had dinner at a building with a red roof called "Sea Breeze" which extended out above the sea.

Sea Breeze

There was a seat down the stairs and in the basement, and the inside of the store was like an aquarium surrounded by a water tank, and it was a charcoal-grilled restaurant where you could eat while looking at the fish swimming around.

We had breakfast at a Japanese restaurant called "Aya."

Inside of "Aya."

View from inside the restaurant.

Ryukyu breakfast where you can enjoy simple and gentle Okinawan food is limited to 30 meals a day, so it is better to go there early.

Rice and miso soup were free to order second helpings.

Sushi Bar Lloyds

French & Teppanyaki Four Season

All Day Dining Sail Fish Cafe

Tea Suites & Snacks Lobby Lounge. There were many other restaurants as well.

Shops in the hotel

There was a "Market Plaza" on the first floor of the hotel.

There were souvenirs of Okinawa such as Awamori, food, stuffed animals and a combination corner with drinks, sweets and daily necessities. There were various types of souvenirs.

There were also shops like North Face and Helly Hansen.

In the passage on the second floor, folk crafts of Okinawa were lined up for exhibition and to be sold.

There was a shop on the beachside called “Dolphin Island” which sold small items from the sea's friends and original T-shirts. There was also a shop called "Chula Style" that sells resort wear and accessories.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool. The pool was large, and white chairs lined up on the poolside. There was also a shallow water pool for children, and there was a water slider, which was a place for children to play.

There was also a shallow water pool for children, and there was a water slider, which was a place for children to play.

The indoor pool is not large, but it also has a shallow children's pool and a waterslide, so it was a perfect place for children to enjoy themselves.

The garden next to the outdoor pool is Wallaby Square. It looks like a little zoo, and seems to be a place where wallabies, birds, turtles and sea creatures live. It is free entry but there seems to be a program that allows you to feed and interact with the animals.

There was also a thalassotherapy salon. It seemed like there are various treatment menus.

There was also a fitness gym. It seems to be available from 6 am to 11 pm.

There is also a chapel in the facility, and you can have a resort wedding.

There was also a free self-laundry service. As it seems to be on each floor, it is quite convenient. Other than that, there was a hot spring on the 2nd floor of the building but I did not use it. It seems to be a facility that can be used for long-term stay benefits (club Saby).

The beach

There is a beach with beautiful white sand and emerald green sea.

A row of chairs and blue and white umbrellas lined up on the sandy beach, and the view was full of refreshing resort feeling.

The marine activities are fulfilling, and there are everything from thrilling high scores to small ones that are fine, so you can enjoy swimming outsde.

Marina counter. It seems that you can sign up for activities.

Also snorkeling and diving.

There were receptions of activities everywhere.

There is also a dolphin corner, and there seems to be a program that lets you interact with dolphins.

A corner with stingrays

Environment around the hotel

The surrounding environment is an impression of a natural, quiet beach resort area surrounded by mountains and the sea. There were other resort hotels in the area, but it was a quiet environment, as I did not think there were a lot of people because it was far away. There is a station called Ikan Ikui Market nearby, which is a lively place where you can have meals, as well as Okinawan agricultural products and souvenirs. The Onna Village Museum was also nearby.

Onna Station Ikanukui Market

Staff & customer base

The correspondence of the staff was neither good nor bad. At the time of check-in the room explanation was polite. When I arrived, I was allowed to leave my car at the entrance, but when I checked out I was given a key without any service and took my own luggage to the opposite parking lot across the road.

The customer base seems to be mostly family. There were many families with small children. I had the impression that there are many foreign tourists in Okinawa, but I did not see many foreigners and there were more Japanese people staying.  


I think it is a convenient place to have a car. I think it takes about an hour by car from Naha Airport. There were restaurants and cafes within walking distance, but it was easier to get there by car.


Overall, it was good. First of all, the facilities were fulfilling. The whole hotel was large, there were facilities to play at, beach, swimming pool, reef garden, and activities were substantial. There were several restaurants with different locations and atmospheres, so it was good to be able to choose. However, since there was no benefit for one night this time, chair & umbrella rental is also charged on the beach, and use of the facilities in the hotel, hot spring and lounge requires a card for long-term stay (3 consecutive nights). As it was inconvenient because I could not use it, it seems that it is good with some kind of privilege when staying. As there are only 3 small elevators and arrival was slow even in normal times, it may be a bit inconvenient when crowded. Also, I felt the structure of the building was old, but I think it was well maintained and it was a good hotel as a whole. There is a variety of experience programs, and the exciting atmosphere of a zoo and plantation is also an impression of a family-friendly hotel that is designed for children to enjoy themselves.