Residence Inn San Diego La Jolla

  • Room Type : Executive Suite
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I was not able to make a reservation at "Residence Inn San Diego La Jolla", Marriott ,which was our original destination, was fully booked, we found a different place which was inexpensive they I found. La Jolla is a sightseeing area in San Diego that is a calm area. The hotel is accessible from the highway, and it is in a convenient location to go anywhere and a spacious space-making hotel so I chose this. It was convenient as a result to go to the racecourse of Delmer, horse race & concert and Petco Park in downtown. In addition to the size that you can call a friend with a kitchen, a separate living room and a bedroom, it was nice that there was privacy. This is what it was like staying here.

Hotel exterior, front and lobby appearance

The entrance

The hotel was not tall like other hotels and it looked like an entrance to the golf corse.  This is the front.

Front from the lobby which also serves breakfast venue. Refreshment water at the front desk and coffee station are available at any time.

Even if you do not pass through the front desk, you can access the room you will stay directly, so you will not go through the reception unless you have a special one. It seemed that only people who checked in came to the front desk. Even though there are many tourists, they also payed  attention to people on a business trip.

the lobby

Two-story houses are densely packed, and the style that cars are parked in front of the room.

What is the room of the executive suite?

This is the unit we stayed in. The outstanding stylishness is exceptional, and I felt relaxed feeling like being at home rather than a hotel. It is a basic two-story structure, divided from the 1st floor and the 2nd floor, roughly 4 to 6 rooms constitute one unit, and the hotel has many units on the premises.

Room door

I have stayed here before and  rooms are spacious.

It is a relaxing living room.

I do not cook, but a full kitchen was attractive.

There is a bedroom in the back of the living room.

First floor bedroom

There was another room to access the room by the stairs. In the big living room, the access to the upper floor and the loft was visible from down stairs got me excited like a kid.

Second floor bedroom

There is also a working desk.

Bathroom in 2 locations

There were two bathrooms on both the first floor and the second floor.

2nd floor washroom area

Bathroom on the second floor. There is also a bathtub with a shower and a toilet.

Similar to the bathroom on the first floor, there is a toilet, a bathtub and a shower.

There was also a hairdryer.

There was shampoo, a conditioner, a body soap equipped in the bathtub.

There was a large solid soap at the sink and a small body cream. The quality was not a good so I only used the solid soap. Every Marriott line has almost the same manufacturer's items, but I personally would like them to upgrade it a little more. I have used this shampoo once, but it made my hair dry.

Kitchen and cafe corner

It is a well-kept kitchen.

Cookware, knives and so on.

The fridge after putting things in it.

There was a very common coffee maker, with regular coffee, decaf, tea, sugar and diet sugar. There was salt and pepper with popcorn which can be made in the microwave. Coffee was unexpectedly delicious. You can order takeout from the bar and restaurant behind the hotel, so it was possible to have it deliver. But they only deliver until 11:00 PM.

Closet and safety box

In the closet beside the entrance there is an extra blanket and an iron.

1st floor bedroom closet

Closet on the second floor

There are drawers beneath the TV. There was no safety box.

Breakfast at hotel

Breakfast was included in the plan. Although it was slightly crowded, it is a buffet style so you can get what you want and eat without having to wait. The staffs had to bring in fresh food often.

Waffle maker

Pork sausage and turkey sausage

Yoghurt with fruits and  bagels

There were several kinds of cereals.

Boiled eggs, spinach, and salsa. There is a taco sheet next to it, and you can also make a breakfast burrito.

An example of breakfast. It is a sufficient volume.

Shops in the lobby

Coffee station at reception. You can use it freely at any time.

There is a snack corner next to the front desk where you can buy ice cream, beer, wine, snacks and candy. There were no souvenirs. There were also eye drops and aspirin. It is only good for when you forgot something. Because it is expensive, I think that it is better to run take a car and run to the nearest supermarket if possible.

Around the hotel restaurant

Duke's La Jolla is an restaurant that is an 8-minute drive from the hotel that serves Hawaiian cuisine.

I ordered crab cakes

Terrace seating had a nice view.

It is about 2 minutes from the hotel to the highway, the bar & restaurant Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery on the way. It is open until late and will deliver to the hotel. (However, until 11 pm) It was quite a nice restaurant.

Facilities in the hotel, swimming pool and fitness

There is a deck on the upper floor of the reception.

You can also use the BBQ space.

Pool in hotel. Most residents go to the beach, so there is a depth for adults, but it was dedicated to children. There was a float that someone left there this day, so everyone was using it.

There was a jacuzzi.

It is a narrow gym, but had dumbbells which is enough for training.

The business center had two computers and a printer installed free in the front area. There is also a laundry corner, so you can use it freely.

Hotel surroundings and destinations

The hotel is surrounded by the University of San Diego so it has a safe atmosphere. I also felt a calm atmosphere seeing some green while being near the highway. It’s not downtown, so the restaurants close early and you have to drive the car if you go to the restaurant at a later time. There was a big shopping mall behind the hotel, I bought beer, water and snack at the supermarket. I saw a lot of people exercising outside in the morning because it is a perfect area for running and biking. There were no people who were begging in this area so it is a safe neighborhood.  There are many people going in and out of the hotel during the day, and there are many people who are not in their room if there is no particular use, so it is silent at 10 o’clock.

You can also go see the gas lamp in downtown San Diego.

The destination is a big horse race place 15 minutes by car! It is a Del Mar race hall.

It is easy to buy the tickets which is only 2 dollars. The staffs were very kind and helpful.

Del Mar race track landscape.

After the horse race there is an annual concert. Some people enter from the final race looking forward to this. This day was a concert of Ziggin Mary said to be the god of reggae.


Access from San Diego Airport is about 15 minutes. Accessible from the entrance of the highway from the hotel to the baseball field in the racecourse within 30 minutes so it was stress free.

It is more convenient to go places by car.

Staff & Customers

The staffs were always friendly and if I had something to ask, they always made sure that I had no more questions which was vey kind of them. We had various conversations during the front check-in. I got an the impression that they are like this to everyone. At breakfast, when I told the staff they were out of orange juice, she responded immediately with a smile. Even when I asked for an additional hanger, she brought some to me immediately. I think there are also somewhere close to Sea World. In addition, there are many foreigners who can drive a car and down town and a lot of people familiar with the area.


I was glad that I got to sat in this hotel. First of all, I was able to invite a couple of friends over thanks to the room upgrade that they let me know it in advance. In addition, it was good that each one of us enjoyed ourselves comfortably while maintaining privacy. Also thanks to the well-equipped kitchen system in the room I could make a simple meal even after returning at the end of the concert at midnight. While staying in a tourist area, you can just relax at the hotel instead of forcing yourself to go out.

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