Riad Boussa

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Riad Boussa," an accommodation facility named Riad, that I thought was beautiful looking at the pictures, and that it was close to the main street, that the owner was a French woman so had a sense of security. Since I was visiting Morocco for the first time, I gathered information on the Internet. Riad was a building that refurbished the old mansion cleanly and there were many opinions that Riad was much better than an ordinary hotel. I thought that I can get a taste of the Moroccan culture by staying here, so I decided this hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Riyadh entrance. As a characteristic of Riyadh there is a thing that the appearance is quite refreshed. It seems that there is a purpose to protect from foreign enemies because it is an old building. Riyado here is also notable for its appearance only in concrete, and when I first arrived, a experienced a little of anxiety.

It was a beautiful Riad which was impossible to imagine from the design of the outside.  It was fashionable with the interior with both a French and Moroccan design.

There was nothing like that seemed like a front desk, the Moroccan staff sat on the sofa and served tea and sweets. It was very quiet and was a relaxing space just by hearing the sound of water flowing.

A view of the lobby from the second floor

The lobby is a colonnade.

There was a sofa, a chair, and a table on the corridor part around the stairwell of the second floor.

A resting space on the second floor corridor.

Table seat on the second floor corridor.

What is the twin room like?

There are 5 rooms in total, and it seems that each room has a name. Our room was "Paprika," and like a paprika, it was a red room. The room was small, but it did not feel narrow. It was a very fashionable and cute room with interior with both French and Moroccan design mixed together. My only concern was the light in the room was somewhat dark, but I thought that it we were lucky to be able to stay in this cute room at this price.

I entered the room and there was a bathroom on the right side and a bed on the left side. Air conditioning was also provided.

The bed was large and comfortable. There was a blanket which was just enough.

There was also a spacious chair on the right as soon as entering the room.


The bathroom was also a wonderful interior made with Moroccan stone or brick.

There was big bathtub in the bathroom, too. However, I think that it is better not to use it because it is a desert area. Water was bad, and when I took a shower the water did not drain well. In the shower, hot water sometimes turned into cold water, but it turned in to hot water again soon, but I was unstable.


The washbasin was wide and cute.

Sinks and faucets are gorgeous in gold.

Amenities only included shampoo, body soap, and hand soap. I felt that my hair was slightly dry after using the shampoo, but it may be due to the water. Morocco is dry and cosmetic products are fulfilling, so I thought it would be nice to have a body cream and so on.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Box

There was a vertically long closet.

There were plenty of hangers inside, and it was good that you could hang your coat and other clothes. I did not see a safety box.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was no restaurant, but if you make a reservation you can have dinner on the roof terrace. Without drinks, 30 euros per person, the menu was awesome. In our time there were 3 types of appetizers, main chicken dish, and dessert. It was very delicious and wonderful.

We brought alcohol into Morocco because they do not sell alcohol. I asked them to make  it cold beforehand, but they did not charge us. The terrace was cute, and most of all, very quiet.

Facilities in the hotel

I asked the staff of Riyadh to do our laundry. I ordered it in the morning and it was completed at night. All the clothes were carefully ironed.

Hotel surroundings environment

Leaving the hotel for about 3 minutes we goes through a narrow, dark, maze like road. I did not come across anyone dangerous, but if I were a woman, I might be a little scared after it gets dark. It is safe to go out in a lively street as you pass through there. It is about 10 minutes on foot to the main plaza and it is a lot of fun because they sell a lot of miscellaneous Morocco goods. Because the surroundings of the hotel is rather quiet, I thought that the balance between a quiet place and a lively place was very good.


Around the road

grocery store

carpet store

Staff & Customers

The service was wonderful. They asked us what time we were going to get up, and we told them a time but did not get up on time, but as soon as we sat at the table they prepared breakfast for us right away. They did laundry for us very well. They even ironed our underwear. For dinner, they chilled our wine free of charge. Since it was a small Riad, they taught us carefully about how to negotiate at stores, and also recommended some spots. I felt that the hospitality was as good as a luxury hotel.

There were young couples, elderly couples, and a woman traveling on her own, so it there were a wide range of guests staying here. I want to recommend it to those who want to experience Morocco in a quiet, homey atmosphere rather than a luxury hotel.


A car picked us up at the airport. It is nearly 20 minutes from the airport. A 10-minute walk from Riyadh, and will arrive at Souk which is the best sightseeing spot in Marrakech. There was souks, foods, drinks, miscellaneous goods, everything.  Public security is okay as it is lively late at night, but it was said that it is better not to walk alone if you are a woman. The access of shopping was very good. There was something like a kiosk near the hotel, and I bought water and ice cream. It was a 10 minute walk on the main street so I went shopping many times and was able to eat at restaurants and cafes.

Souk located about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Surrounding markets


Riyadh Bossa which stayed at this time was a wonderful hotel, and one of the best hotels that I have stayed at so far. I would like to recommend it to everyone. The first good thing is the cuteness of the interior. It was a nice interior that fused France and Morocco to the traditional Moroccan building called Riyadh, and I enjoyed just looking at it. The second good thing is the quiet atmosphere. It’s located a bit behind the boulevard, so it is very quiet. It is small hotel and there is also a colonnade, so it is necessary to speak in a loud voice at night, but it was good like a secret base away from the elevation. In the morning terrace, you can only hear the birds singing and the Muslim prayer far away. I could feel that I came to a foreign country. The third good thing was the wonderful hospitality. Through 3 nights 4 days, I was indebted to one young male staff. He kindly and friendlily responded to my selfishness requests, such as “I want the wine to be chilled” and “I want to eat breakfast on the terrace.” It was such a wonderful place that I wanted to go to Morocco again, just to stay in Riyadh.

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