Hakone Okudo Tea Dormitory Rikyuan

  • Room Type : Japanese Room (10 tatami mat)
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Hakone Okudo Tea Dormitory Riyuan" because I saw it being published in a magazine that there was a reserved open-air bath. Also, when I saw the photos posted on the online travel reservation site, the food seemed simple and delicious. The room rate was reasonable for the hot spring, and I felt that it was very close to the Oji Prince Museum, which I wanted to visit, and that it was convenient for sightseeing. There are various plans available, and the meal plan included a course with Wagyu beef that I wanted to have it, so I decided to stay at this hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance was smaller than I had imagined, but the short curtain at the entrance stood out.

The corridor leading to the entrance of the building was very tasteful and beautiful. There was no useless decoration, and the simplicity place was nice.

There was also a bench.

The entrance to the building was like an old-fashioned house.

Entrance door seen from inside the building.

There was nothing to be said about the front desk, but I entered and passed through a room. The desk is dug up so you can relax.

I received matcha and yokan, and the check-in procedure was done.

I could relax because there are Hakone tourist books and souvenirs. In addition, the floor was warm because the floor was heated.

Coffee and tea can be taken freely, and they can be brought home.

It seems to have been selected as one of the top 100 Japanese hotels and ryokans selected by professionals.

There was a petit shop in one corner of this room. Women can choose their yukata here.

Corridor in the building.


State of front hall room.

Japanese Room(10 tatami mat size)

Guest room entrance door.

The door was not an auto lock but a doorknob.

Guest room looked older than I imagined and was not so wide either.

There were two rooms, one for the evening meal and the other for a futon.

There was a TV and a telephone in the room with a table and a seat where I had my meal. The TV was not big.

There were also smartphones that could be used freely.

There were 2 heaters and the room was warm.


The comfort of the bed was very nice and fluffy. As I was 7 months pregnant, they added a pillow for me to hug.

The room also had a window.

The Shoji opened.

Because the room was on the second floor, the view was not wonderful.


There was only a wash basin and a toilet in the bathroom.

Minimal amenities were also provided on the wash basin. There were toothbrushes, hair rubber, razors and cotton swabs. Also, as a common thing, there was a cleansing bottle and latex. There was exactly the same thing in a reserved outdoor bath and a large public bath. It was an impression that nothing was wasted and there was a minimum required, so I felt that I had to bring what I needed. None of them were particularly high-level supplies, but I did not have any problems with them.

There was also a hair dryer.

The toilet was a washlet function toilet.

Closet and safe

There was a closet, but it was not very big.

Four hangers were prepared inside.

The safe was a common type of setting a PIN number.

Inside of the safe.

Mini bar and cafe

Besides pots, there were plum kelp tea and rice crackers as tea sweets. The same thing was said to be in the store.

A refrigerator was also installed.

Beer, sake, soft drinks were prepared as mini-bar in the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

I was able to have dinner in my room.

There were many ingredients that I heard of for the first time, and I felt that the nutrition was very abundant.

There were a lot of delicately simmered vegetables rather than typical hotel-like appetizers, sashimi, tempura, pots and rice.

All the dishes were very delicious.

Japanese beef yakiniku.


Savory egg custard.

Chopsticks rice and kenchin soup.

Breakfast was served at the on-site restaurant.

On the way to the restaurant, you can see the rice cooked from the corridor.

State of banquet hall.

State of breakfast seat.

Breakfast was delicious too.

There was a shop in the corner of the room where I checked in on the first floor, but the number of items was very small. Rather than being this ryokan original, it is the extent that some of Hakone's specialties. When I bought a souvenir personally, I felt that it would be better to buy it at a souvenir shop such as at Hakone Yumoto.

Facilities in the hotel

There was also a reserved open-air bath in the building (right back).

A private outdoor bath was a 40 minute unit for one set. There were only 8 rooms, so it was not particularly crowded, so I checked in and booked one.

The private open-air bath changing room was very large and also had amenities.

I went out of the dressing room right away. As the temperature was low, my body got cold quickly. The hot spring had a big red umbrella and the atmosphere was very good. The temperature of the hot water was also very comfortable at the appropriate temperature. There was one shower outside, but I went to the public bath and washed my body because my body was cold.

Large public bath (left side). There was also a hair dryer at the dressing room for the public bath.

The size of the large public bath was full when three people entered it. The water pressure in the shower was very high and I could wash comfortably.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel was very quiet and no noise bothered me when I slept. I felt surrounded by green and the air felt clean. There were many houses and other buildings. In addition, there were many slopes in Hakone, but there were not many steep slopes around this ryokan and it was flat. Convenience stores and souvenir shops were not within walking distance, so those who want to use these are more convenient to have a car. It is also nice to take a walk outside on sunny days. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see Mt. Fuji from here.

Prince of the Stars Museum.

Staff & customer base

The staff’s response was very polite and positive. At the time of check-in, they explain carefully about the hotel one by one. In addition, the staffs who served dinner talked to us every time. There were also many foreign staffs working.

There were a wide guests, such as couples and families. There were also foreign couples from New York and the rooms were full. Recently, the number of foreign guests seem to be very large, accounting for 20 to 30 percent. There were many types of plans, and there is something that suits each customer group, so I felt that there was a wider customer group.


It is recommended to go by car or bus as it is far from the Hakone Tozan train station. Tourist attractions in the vicinity include the Prince of the Stars Museum, the Hakone Museum of Glass Art and Hakone Laric Art Museum, which are recommended for those wishing to visit them.

Prince of the Stars Museum.



It was nice staying at this hotel. The main reason was the food. It was interesting that there were a lot of ingredients that each meal was very delicate and many that I had never eaten before. Because it was healthy Kaiseki, I was able to get nourishment gentle to my body. There were many types of dishes, but because each amount was little, I was able to eat satisfactorily. In addition, I thought that it seemed to be good for my body because there were no additives such as this hotel homemade pickled plum and ginger ale. The rooms and the public baths were not very large and the view was not good, so I felt that it is recommended for those who enjoy a nutritious meal rather than enjoying the rooms. I think that the price is also relatively reasonable. The staffs also responded sincerely and it was a very satisfying trip.